10 Summer Essentials for your Transformation (Male to Female Transgender / Crossdressing Tips)

  crossdress Summertime is a great time to step out en femme, but let’s face – the warm weather definitely has its challenges. For one thing, it’s hard to feel your best as you’re sweating off all of your makeup. And for another thing, it’s just too darn hot for shapewear, hosiery, and all the other accoutrements you might rely on to create your perfect feminine image. The good news is that with a few small tweaks, you can look as flawless and feminine in the summer as you do the rest of the year. Here are 10 warm weather essentials for your male to female transformation.

1. Sweat-Proof Primer

crossdress The best tip for summer makeup is to wear as little of it as possible. The next best tip is to use a primer to reduce shine and keep your makeup in place. Here are 4 primers worth trying:
  • London Stay Matte Primer
  • Hourglass Veil Mineral Primer
  • Smashbox Photo Finish Foundation Primer
  • PhotoReady Perfecting Primer

2. Foam Breast Forms

crossdress If you wear breast forms, then you know there’s nothing worse than how hot and sweaty they can make you feel in the summertime. Instead of your usual silicon breast forms, opt for foam breast forms for a lighter and cooler feel.

3. Summer Fragrance

crossdress Fragrances can change on your body when the temperature rises – making heavy, musky fragrances overbearing in the summertime. Switch to a lighter, fresher scent for the summer like Escada Turquoise Summer or Coconut Sunset Fragrance Mist.

4. Blotting Papers

crossdress Blotting papers are a girl’s best friend in warm weather. Use them to absorb excess oil from your face instead of adding powder, which can lead to a cakey look.

5. Cotton Underwear

sissy   Natural fabrics that breathe are the key to staying sweat and odor free. This applies to everything you wear, including your undies. Make sure you have a collection of cute cotton panties for the summer. A cotton bra can also be a lifesaver.

6. SPF Moisturizer

crossdress The truth is, you should be using sunblock on your face all year long to protect you from wrinkles and premature aging. But it’s especially critical during the summer months.

7. Flattering Sunglasses

crossdress Sunglasses are a summertime essential. The trick is to choose frames that flatter your face for the most feminine look. Since many crossdressers and transgender women have a square face shape, here are some tips to keep in mind:
  • Look for sunglasses with a rounded shape.
  • The larger your face, the larger the frames should be.
  • Choose frames that extend past the widest part of your face.
  • Avoid anything with a square shape, which draws unwanted attention to the angles of your face.

8. Anti-Frizz Spray

crossdress Heat and humidity leads to frizz, which makes summer hairstyling a real pain – whether you sport your own natural hair or wear a wig. To control frizz and maintain shine, use a smoothing spray such as M Frizz Control for natural hair or HD Smooth Detangler for synthetic hair.

9. Exfoliating Body Scrub

crossdress Baring more skin in the summer means more shaving. And that – combined with sweat – can cause ingrown hairs and breakouts. Exfoliating is your best bet to keep pores and hair follicles clear. Use an exfoliating body wash a few times per week. it is a good one.

10. Maxidress

crossdress The #1 rule for dressing in the summertime is to think loose and cool instead of tight and hot. It’s not about baring the most skin, but wearing clothes that allow your skin to breath. A maxi dress is a summer essential that every girl should own. Choose a style that skims your body to smooth over figure flaws and create a feminine-looking body shape. Sexy Straps Wrapped Chest Crop Top 50%OFF crossdress Tranform yourself when you step into our perfectly fitting Sexy style lace wrapped chest vest, made especially with transwomen and crossdressers in mind.
Share your summer look!
While summer might bring its own set of beauty challenges, it’s also a liberating time to step out en femme. There’s nothing like enjoying a carefree, balmy evening and feeling the warm breeze around your bare legs.    

7 Tips for Feminizing Your Body Movements (MTF Transgender / Crossdressing Tips)

The way you move is a huge part of your feminine image.
But what if you feel you have all the grace of a truck ?
The good news is that there are some simple techniques for feminizing your body movements.
Now let’s talk about how to make your gestures and deportment more graceful and feminine.
Here are my top 7 tips for feminizing your body movements:

1. Slow down

Most of us have a natural tendency to speed up our movements when we feel nervous or self-conscious. This makes your actions appear jerky and clumsy.
Avoid rushed movements. Here are some no-no’s:
  • Leaping out of your seat
  • Plopping down into your chair
  • Wolfing down your food
  • Slamming down your glass
  • Instead, slow down! Every move you make should be deliberate and precise. Take your time as you sit down, stand up, gesture, and reach for things.

2. Keep your knees together and your elbows in

I know you’ve probably been told this from Day 1, but it’s easy to let old habits slip in – especially if you spend most of your time in “guy mode.” That’s why you need to be conscious about keeping your knees together and your elbows in.
Why elbows in? Because it’s easy to be clumsy when your limbs are spread out all over the place. Keeping your elbows close to your body will instantly make your gestures more graceful.

3. Stretch out

It’s impossible to move gracefully if you have a tense and tight body. That’s one reason why dancers spend so much time stretching.
You too should make stretching part of your normal routine – particularly before you present yourself as a woman. Here’s a 10 minute full-body stretching routine you can try:

4. Don’t fidget


Fidgeting makes you look awkward and insecure, so avoid nervous movements like:
  • Twirling your hair
  • Biting your nails
  • Shaking your leg
  • Tapping your fingers
  • Compulsively checking your phone
  • Instead, practice the art of graceful stillness! You will look confident and in control of yourself.

5. Study graceful women


There’s a lot to be learned from studying poised, elegant women. Pay attention to the way they move and carry themselves in public.
See the video below for a fabulous example of the ever-graceful Marilyn Monroe. Notice how elegantly she sissy sits and stands, how deliberate her gestures are, and how she never fails to keep her knees together.

6. Take dance classes


If you’re really serious about becoming a graceful, elegant woman, then I highly recommend taking dance classes. The grace and coordination you’ll learn through dancing will carry over into your day-to-day life.
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Any type of dance class is helpful, be it belly dance, salsa, or ballet. If you’re shy about showing up for instruction en femme, take salsa classes in “male mode.” You’ll also get some awesome hip movement training!

7. Practice


Finally, remember that being graceful takes practice. I recommend practicing your movements and gestures in front of a mirror. Or, better yet, record a video of yourself so you can evaluate your movements objectively.
Here are some specific movements to practice:
  • Sitting down
  • Standing up
  • Gesturing as you speak
  • Shaking hands (or doing the air kiss)
  • Table manners
  • Getting into and out of a car

4 Top Cross Dressing Tips(Male to Female Transgender / Crossdressing Tips)


Crossdressing is becoming ever more popular and accepted within today’s more modern and accepting society. However, for the majority of crossdressers and transgender people it is very important to not only dress in women’s clothes but to totally pass as a member of the opposite sex without any question. If you’re like me, when I first started out, it was hard to be recognised and even laughed at behind my back as a man dressing as a woman. Therefore, I took steps to learn how to cross dress and develop my crossdressing techniques, cross dressing tips, new tricks to pass and feminization methods so that no one could even tell that I wasn’t a genetic woman.

Learn to dress appropriately within certain limits


You must learn to dress appropriately within certain limits and follow a general dress code that any other female would follow for example a shopping trip, a night out or travelling and do not overdress for a casual outgoing or overdress for a night out on the tiles.

Developing a good dress sense 


You can find many high street and online shops to get your cross dressing supplies and generally they are very friendly and staff are helpful.

Knowing your dress size and body shape 


When learning how to cross dress, and having dress and shoes size information at hand saves humiliation when shopping and also enables you to buy clothes that can fool the eye into making you look slimmer and more feminine. However if you do not have any idea of style or how to cross dress convincingly and credible you may fall into the trap of buying clothes that can make you look bigger than you are or indeed look more masculine

So what cross dressing traps should I then avoid?

Buying crossdresser shoes that are too big or too small just because you like them a lot and you don’t normally see shoes in a large size so you think you can cram into a smaller size. Seeing a pair of sexy boots at the charity shop and buying them in such a rush you don’t try them on because you are scared that someone will think you are buying them for yourself.

Avoid too much makeup at all costs.


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How to cross-dress for beginners (Male to Female Transgender / Crossdressing Tips)


Make-up is a key tool in the cross-dresser’s A
Cross-dressing is the act of wearing specific clothing, make-up and/or accessories typically worn by the opposite gender. This is often done with the intent of being perceived by others as a member of that gender. Cross-dressing is done for different reasons, ranging from costumes to gender identity and presentation decisions. The degree of cross-dressing can range from a man simply donning a dress or a woman wearing overalls — to a complete transformation makeover.

Things you need

  • MEN (to appear as women):
  • Dress
  • Women’s shoes


Wear an outfit that’s tight above the waist, but loose below it.
Observe outfits on mannequins or advertisements to confirm that you will be dressing appropriately. This will help provide some context for what to where. An easy rule of thumb for first time cross-dressers is to wear something tight on top (to show off your bustline) and loose on the bottom (to hide your bulge).

  1. Purchase everything for your cross-dressing adventure. Try on all the clothing to ensure an adequate fit. Give yourself extra time to get ready if you have never cross-dressed before.

  2. Shave everywhere. While actual transgender women possess a full range of body types, from hairless to hairy, societal expectations of smooth skin make it easier to be perceived as a woman if you have no body hair. If your body hair is particularly thick, use an electric trimmer before doing a smooth shave, or spring for a waxing session.


  3. Get into your underwear; panties and bra. According to the YouTube video, “How to “Tuck” For Drag,” tight underwear helps hide your “bulge.” Wear pantyhose to cover up any hair stubble or for extra help maintaining a smooth crotch area. Fill your bra with your stuffers.

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  4. Put on your women’s clothing.


  5. Style your hair as close to your head as possible, using hair clips and styling gel. Then, don your wig by gently pulling the front and back edges of it to widen the opening and slip the wig over your head. Tuck any stray hairs underneath the wig, and pin the wig to your head with additional hair clips.


  6. Brush concealer on under the inner corner of your eyes and gently downward across the rest of your face.


  7. Apply lipstick, starting at the centre of the lips and moving outward. Lightly rub your lips together to distribute the lipstick, and pat against a napkin or tissue to ensure you don’t end up with too much.



How to Find a Girl Who Likes Crossdressers (Male to Female Transgender / Crossdressing Tips)


So you’re a young male cross-dresser, and you find you’d like a girl who not only accepts your cross-dressing, but gets pleasure out of it, too? This guide is largely written for guys in urban areas, but some of it will work for rural guys too.

1) Get dressed up, and take a good long look in the mirror.


Be completely honest with yourself, do you look good? A guy who looks good cross-dressed is much more likely to get a girlfriend who enjoys seeing him cross-dressed. Slender guys usually look best, but if you are a bit brawny don’t give up hope, a skirt on a topless muscular guy can look very alluring to the right woman.

2) Work on your appearance.


 In order to get a girl who likes cross-dressers it may be necessary to make certain changes to your look en femme. Most girls who like cross-dressers don’t like breast forms or things that alter your shape, so it might be wise to eschew these when trying to get involved with a girl.
It’s also important that you not be extremely hairy as girls who like cross-dressers rarely like excessive hair. Shave your arms, legs and chest at the very least. Growing your hair out is also a good idea, as girls who like crossdressers often prefer men with long hair.
 It is also a good idea to perfect your makeup skills, and build a wardrobe that is hip and not too frumpy or fussy(no little girl dresses unless you’re going for gothic lolita, and not too many prom dresses, sorry) think along the lines of classic pumps, a little black dress, maybe a corset, or low rise girl’s jeans and a crop top paired perhaps with a feather boa or a mini skirt.
It’s also important to pluck your eyebrows, if you can’t get away with arching them, just pluck the stray hairs to clean them up a bit. Consider tailoring your look towards a gothy or glam rock-y audience as women associated with these sub cultures are most likely to be interested in androgynous men.

3) Study The Masters.

So, you look the part (mostly) now it’s time to do some fine tuning, and have a look at the sort of girlie guys girls love. Don’t pretend to be someone else, but strive to figure out their appeal.
Brian Molko of the Band Placebo, David Bowie during his younger years, Michael Monroe of the Band Hanoi Rocks, Sean Brennan of the band London After Midnight,
Mana of the band Malice Mizer, Jeffree Star,and Johnny Depp are all androgynous, and have all cross-dressed… and women find them incredibly sexy. Watch the Rocky Horror Picture Show,
 Tim Curry has the attitude down pat, though perhaps a little campier than most women like.

4)Get The Attitude.


First of all, it helps if you’re not exaggeratedly feminine when cross-dressed. It’s okay to be girlie when cross-dressed, but don’t overdo it.
Don’t scream when you see a spider, buy the girl you are with a drink, don’t mince around and take tiny steps. Doing that makes you look either like a queen, or just plain silly, not to mention acting like that is a kind of a misogynist view of women. Instead be yourself, don’t just talk about nail polish and purses.
Girls who like crossdressers are most likely to be attracted to smart, sensitive guys who share their interests (masculine and feminine) So don’t start beating guys up pointlessly, and don’t talk endlessly about sports unless she loves them too. Since girls who like androgyny are often involved in the rock music scene learning to play an instrument can be a valuable skill.

5) Don’t Be A Sissy.

The word sissy is a misogynist one, suggesting that femininity and weakness are similar, and a lot of girls into feminine guys are feminists so keep that in mind.
If you’re a forced feminizing fetishist prepare for a lot of disappointment. Girls into feminine guys don’t want very submissive men. So it’s important to be an independent person, and one willing to play both submissive and dominant roles sexually.

6) Go Out And Find Your Girl.

Finally, once you’ve perfected your girl-winning look, and attitude, go out to some clubs, live music venues, or other hangouts associated with either the goth or glam subcultures.
Ideally do this wearing feminine clothing and makeup if you feel confident, and know it’s safe to do so, proceed to see what girls are checking you out, flirt with the ones who are, if you have common interests get a number, if not, then it won’t work out.
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Best Tips for Fuller, More Feminine Lips (Male to Female Transgender / Crossdressing Tips)


Full lips are a symbol of youth and beauty. Women naturally tend to have fuller lips than men, so lips can give you a more feminine appearance.
For crossdressers and transgender women, this detail can have a big impact on your overall look!
But who wants to risk trout pout with painful, expensive injections?
The good news is that there are some simple, non-invasive ways to plump your pout. Here are 5 ways to get fuller, more feminine lips:

1. Exfoliate your lips


Dead skin cells on the lips can give you a dry and chapped look. Exfoliation removes the dead cells so your lips can hold onto more moisture, giving the lips a more luscious look.
Exfoliation also increases circulation to the lips, making them look fuller.
The easiest way to exfoliate is with a soft toothbrush. Gently brush over the lips to remove dead skin cells and follow with lip balm to hydrate. Do this once or twice per week.
2. Try a lip pump

There are a number of devices out there that can temporary plump the lips using suction to draw fluid to the area. This creates a plumping effect that can last for several hours. Some examples:

* Luscious Lips
* CandyLipz
* Fullips.

The drawback to these devices is that they can cause bruising or even serious injury if they aren’t used correctly. They can also leave unattractive red marks on the face.
If you decide to try a lip pump, be sure to follow the instructions carefully.
3. Boost collagen

Collagen is a protein in your body that helps keep the skin and lips plump and smooth. As you age, your body produces less collagen, which can lead to thinner lips and more wrinkles.
Luckily, there are ways to increase collagen naturally:

* Take a collagen supplement. These are inexpensive and easy to find in any health food store.
* If you’re not a fan of pills, try eating bone broth soups or fruits and vegetables with vitamin C. These foods support natural collagen production.

4. Enhance your lips with makeup

The right makeup techniques can work wonders on your lips. Remember, there’s an art to applying makeup! It’s all too easy to cross the line into artificial looking clown lips.
5. Use a lip plumper

There are loads of cosmetic sissy lip plumpers on the market — and some of them actually work!
The best lip plumpers contain ingredients like hyaluronic acid to draw moisture to the lips or peptides that increase collagen. These plumpers create lasting results without causing long term damage.
You should avoid products that contain irritating ingredients like cinnamon or cayenne. These ingredients cause swelling which make the lips look fuller, but they dry the skin out in the long run.

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How to Become a Sexy Crossdressers (MTF Transgender / Crossdressing Tips)

So readers you wanna be a sexy & hot crossdresser like a real woman her is a few tips :
Want to know the secret to becoming a sexy crossdresser?
Here’s what it’s NOT:

  • Wearing super short skirts.
  • Wear Stripper heels.
  • Pouting your lips and sticking your butt out.
True sexiness is a state of mind if you feel you are sexy then you are its all depends on your mind 7 thinking.
There are lots of small things you can do to boost your feminine sex appeal – without crossing the line from sexy to slutty.

1. Wear sexy lingerie

It’s hard NOT to feel sexy in a pretty bra and panties.
Wearing something sexy will make you feel sexy. That’s great in and of itself, but feeling sexy also improves your confidence and improved confidence means better success in all aspects of your life.
You should also get rid of any lingerie that doesn’t add to your sex appeal. This includes anything that’s worn out or that doesn’t fit properly. If it doesn’t make you feel hot, don’t keep it!
Gorgeous lingerie puts you back in touch with your sensuality.
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2 The second one is that you should always Make seductive eye contact:

The way you make eye contact communicates your level of confidence, femininity, and sex appeal.
It’s important to make eye contact, but at the same time, you don’t want to overdo it.
Here are 3 seductive eye contact skills to practice:
  • Look people in the eye, but break contact every 5 seconds or so. Staring too intensely can creep people out.
  • Try the triangle technique. When you are listening to somebody, look at one eye for 5 seconds, then the other eye for 5 seconds, and finally the mouth for 5 seconds. Continue rotating your gaze in this pattern.
  • Look from the side. To appear more flirtatious, try a sideways glance instead of looking at somebody straight on. Do this while smiling and raising the eyebrows slightly.

3. Try a sexy workout


A fit, toned body is undeniably sexy. But that doesn’t mean you need to spend hours on a boring treadmill.
Instead, why not try a “sexy workout?”
Belly dancing, dancing, or cardio striptease will help you burn calories while channeling your inner seductress. These workouts will also help you achieve more feminine and fluid body movements.

4. Wear red



Secrets to Look Glamorous Instantly (MTF Transgender / Crossdressing Tips)


We are sure when most of you see the hot Hollywood and Bollywood divas, you too yearn for their glowing skin or glamorous body on which everything seems naturally beautiful. Ladies, we have found out some cool makeup tricks that can make you look as ravishing as your favourite diva. So, take a look as we reveal the red-carpet secrets that will help you get a glamorous look instantly!

Luscious Lips


Are you ready to learn the right process of getting perfect red carpet worthy pout? Firstly, moisturise your lips with Vaseline or lip balm. Keep it on for a few minutes before moving on to applying the lip pencil. Line your lips on the outer edge of your natural lip line. Now go for a glossy lip colour in your favourite shade. Glossy colours reflect the light, thus giving an impression of fuller lips. Also, it is always a good idea to apply your lip colour with a lip brush for precision.


Sweat-free makeup


Here is a bizarre makeup tip for all you ladies. Apply some unscented deodorant to your face before applying foundation to maintain a sweat-free look for your party. We suggest that before applying it on your full face do a small patch test as these products weren’t really designed to be used in this fashion. The idea sounds promising as these antiperspirants could keep droplets of sweat from forming on your crossdress upper lip, forehead and nose.

Perfect matte makeup


Here is a trick that many stylists use to make sure that the celebs makeup looks matte and not cakey in bright lights. They dip the makeup brush in some moisturiser, before dipping them in makeup powder, like foundation or blush. But, always remove the excess moisturiser from the brush. Another way to add shine to your crossdressing look is to prep your face with a gel moisturiser before applying your foundation and blush.

Bid farewell to acne


Here is another whacky trick of red carpet brigade. Nasal sprays are vasoconstrictors that essentially shrink blood vessels. These act as a topical steroid for that red pimple that has decided to mar your party plans. They soothe the acne inflammations and could also reduce puffiness. Well, another famous trick that many divas secretly swear by is using menthol toothpaste on zits to get rid of them and their redness.

Make your makeup stay for long


Many Hollywood beauties and their stylists swear by this trick. Step into a hot steam shower for 10 minutes after completing your entire makeup. Well, you obviously have to make sure that your face doesn’t get wet. The steam from the hot water will set your transgender makeup for long hours and would leave you with a fresh and dewy look.

Double chin go-go


Here is a temporary, quick fix for those of you who feel that their double chin will mar their picture perfect look. Fix the double chin by rubbing a cellulite or eye cream along your entire jawline. Make sure that this cream contains caffeine. Caffeine in it will help to suck excessive fluids out of this zone and reduce puffiness. But remember, this effect will only remain for three to four hours. Well, if time seems enough then go dazzle everyone with your beautiful face.

Keep your feet happy too!


You don’t just take a pretty face, but even your pretty feet to the party then why not spare some attention on your feet as well. Well, your beautiful face will not be able to hide the discomfort you feel in your killer heels. So, get yourself a pair of fancy shoe pads that are available in fun patterns. It will give your feet a good hold on your heels, and your toes will not come diving out of the sissy  peep-toes. It really isn’t pleasant to see one’s feet hang over the sole of the front-open sandals.

Tame the slippery sole with sand paper


Having trouble walking without support? It is not a pretty sight if you are finding something to grasp while juggling your clutch and coordinating steps to ensure you do not become the reason for people to laugh at. New shoes often have slippery soles.
Just create a grip on your new shoes or the less worn sandals by scrubbing a piece of sand paper on the base.

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Transgender fiction grandpas new body


Sometimes I really hate my grandfather, especially when he does things like this.

Every so often, my grandfather would come over, enjoy dinner, and sleep at my family’s house before returning back home. The only problem is, since he’s a bodyhopper, sometimes he likes to possess a person’s body when he comes over. He says that food and drink taste different in different bodies or whatever.

I put up with it for a while now. It’s kind of a family secret. Recently, however, I invited my girlfriend over for dinner, but I completely forgot grandpa was already here.

When I brought the groceries in from the car, I saw my girlfriend Stacie checking herself out in the bathroom with the door wide open.

Obviously, Stacie never does this, which left only one possible conclusion.

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Waist contracting design use built in wire to make your waist as slim as woman, reveal the most attractive woman curve.

“Grandpa! What are you doing!?” I told him angrily.

I couldn’t believe he’d do this – and to my girlfriend too of all people.


What?” He laughed, his deep, baritone voice coming out of Stacie’s little, pink lips. ”Can’tl meet your girlfriend?”

“How about the normal way? Like everyone else does?”

“No way, that would be too boring. And besides…” he said, looking up at me. He cleared his throat and switched back to Stacie’s feminine, sexy voice. ”… If you let me stay a little bit longer, I might make it worth your while.” She giggled.

Top 10 Dos and Don’ts (for Crossdressers and MTF Transgender Women Transformation)


So many things go into being a woman… makeup and clothing are just the beginning!
To help you be the best version of yourself, here are my top Top 10 Dos and Don’ts (for Crossdressers and MTF Transgender Women Transformation).

1. DON’T compare yourself to cisgender women
Comparing yourself to cisgender (genetic) women is a good way to set yourself up for disappointment. Remember, they have a lot of advantages – including being born and raised female!

Instead, focus on being the best feminine version of YOU.

2. DO find female role models
While you shouldn’t compare yourself to other women, it IS a good idea to observe and learn from them.

When you see a transgender woman who looks put together, observe the details. How does she dress, speak, move, and behave? You don’t need to be a copycat, but incorporate some of these details into your own image.

3. DO invest in great shaping wear
The shape of your body broadcasts your gender, so one of the most important items to invest in is great shape wear. This is even more essential than spending money on expensive clothing!
Depending on your natural shape, you may want to invest in the following:

  • Breast forms in an ideal shape/size for your body
  • Waist cincher
  • Padded panties (with butt and hip padding)
  • Control top pantyhose

4. DON’T forget your voice

There’s nothing quite as jarring as a beautifully made up woman with a voice that doesn’t match.
While it’s not essential to have the most perfectly pitched voice, putting some effort into a congruent voice will have a big impact on your image. Check out Fundamentals of Your Feminine Voice for a great starter program.
5. DO dress age appropriately
Dressing appropriately for your age is a style must for every woman – you included.
This is NOT to suggest that you have to look like a frump if you are above a certain age. You simply need to choose pieces that reflect the best version of you without looking too young or too old. See my 3 Rules for Dressing Sexy at Any Age for more on this topic.
6. DON’T overdo it
The biggest mistake you can make is overdoing it. This applies to all transgender women!
Wearing too much makeup, dressing too sexily, and over-exaggerating your movements are all no-nos. These big mistakes attract the wrong kind of attention. Instead, think subtle and stylish.
7. DO get a second opinion
It’s hard to see ourselves objectively. That’s why everybody needs a trusted friend for a second opinion. If you don’t have a girlfriend you trust nearby, find a forum or even post your images in the comments section here for an objective opinion on your image.
8. DO choose your environment wisely
Your safely is the most important thing, so needless to say, you should choose your environment wisely. If you go out en femme, do so in a safe environment where you are likely to be met with acceptance and support.
9. DO practice your moves
Your body language and movements communicate more about you than almost anything else. Pay attention to your movements by keeping them fluid and feminine. Check out these articles for more tips:
5 Male to Female Movement Mistakes to Avoid (MTF Transgender / Crossdressing Tips)

10. DON’T forget to have fun

Whether you’re at home or in public, being a woman is supposed to be fun! Drop the guilt, the comparisons, and the need for perfection and enjoy being the woman that you are!

All The Best Girls.. !!