Transgender fiction grandpas new body


Sometimes I really hate my grandfather, especially when he does things like this.

Every so often, my grandfather would come over, enjoy dinner, and sleep at my family’s house before returning back home. The only problem is, since he’s a bodyhopper, sometimes he likes to possess a person’s body when he comes over. He says that food and drink taste different in different bodies or whatever.

I put up with it for a while now. It’s kind of a family secret. Recently, however, I invited my girlfriend over for dinner, but I completely forgot grandpa was already here.

When I brought the groceries in from the car, I saw my girlfriend Stacie checking herself out in the bathroom with the door wide open.

Obviously, Stacie never does this, which left only one possible conclusion.

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“Grandpa! What are you doing!?” I told him angrily.

I couldn’t believe he’d do this – and to my girlfriend too of all people.


What?” He laughed, his deep, baritone voice coming out of Stacie’s little, pink lips. ”Can’tl meet your girlfriend?”

“How about the normal way? Like everyone else does?”

“No way, that would be too boring. And besides…” he said, looking up at me. He cleared his throat and switched back to Stacie’s feminine, sexy voice. ”… If you let me stay a little bit longer, I might make it worth your while.” She giggled.