So sexy beautiful legs (Male to Female Transgender / Crossdressing Tips)


Beautiful women legs are such a nice eye catcher. Well manicured, good shaped and sexy legs are one of the most essential things for a nice female attidude for me. Here are some tipps I discovered for crossdresser and transgenderCrossdress tips can highly recommend:

Cardio Training

Cardio training like jogging, running on the cross trainer but also walking push the blood circulation perfectly. Your sissy muscles are trained and it will tighten the tissue with time.


To stretch your legs regulary will help to “pull your muscles in the length” and will help your muscles to cool down after workout. Great for nice defined crossdressing legs.
Peeling and massages

Peelings will rub the dead danders away on your legs and gives you back a softly skin like a baby. After this use a good lotion and your legs will be soft like silk. Massages are great for the circulation of the tissue, toxic substances are tranported out of the cell and finally your leg skin will looking rosy and alive.

Hot-and-cold shower


Taking a good hot-and-cold shower is the good old home remedy. Of course it needs overcoming and is nasty at the crossdressing begining but it works wonders.

Model Susan Wayland shows her sexy long legsLeg make-up

The ultimate kick for nice legs are still nice panty hose isn’it? They give them a tightly and wonderful firm look. Fair shades giving the legs a harmonious look and the darker shades looking additionally so hot and sexy.

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AND last but not least high heels are very important when we are talking about legs. There are the ultimate must-have to train the legs of a woman a bit. Everyone who had already walked in high heels through the city for hours can surely agree with me. And high heels are THE key to make every leg sexy.

Crossdressing Mistakes You Should Try To Avoid(Male to Female Transgender / Crossdressing Tips)


None of us are experts especially at crossdressing, in fact we all learn and make mistakes every day right? Here are some mistakes we all need to remember to try to avoid



As stated in an earlier post, do NOT skimp on your wig. The party store is where you buy themed paper plates not your wig. Invest in a good quality wig either online or even better, in person. Make sure it fits your face shape, and looks natural on you.



Go easy on the eyeshadow & liner. some crossdressers put waaaayy to much eyeshadow on. Eyeshadow ONLY goes on your lid and should not be caked on above or in the upper inner corners of your eyes. Same goes for the eyeliner..some gals go a bit too crazy with this stuff and feel they must black out their entire eye..keep it natural looking. And last, Mascara avoid the clumps! Check out all the eye makeup tips Here



This is another area that you should not skimp on. Get yourself some quality foundation & beard cover. It is after all the “foundation” that the rest of your makeup will be going on. Avoid caking it on, blend it correctly into your skin and neck as well..dont forget the sides too ! Take photos of your makeup when finished and use them as a reference to see how well you are covering up your beard. There are many techniques and products for this, you can find a bunch of them right here . Dermablend, Ben Nye, Mac Full Coverage Foundation, Kroylan TV Paint Sticks,..and remember the phrase ” Cover Girl Does Not Cover  Boy”

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The girdle adds 1.25-inches to each hip, .75-inches to the side of each butt cheek, .5-inches to the back of each butt cheek, .5-inches to the outside of each thigh and .25-inches to the inside of each thigh. The girdle tapers to a thin .125-inches in the crotch and at the openings.

One of these days we will all get it right. xoxo

My sexy transform roommates comics 6

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Crossdresser fiction the perfect woman


Everybody knows about the dark story of Victor Frankenstein, but
almost no body knows about the story of his great grandson Marcus
Frankenstein, the lecherous genius.


Because the only thing he was interested in was the female body,
though not in a scientific perspective. However this was going to
change when he shows to the world his greatest creation.

After along research of his great grandfathers text, he not just
managed to replicate the process, but also improved it… a little. And
with that knowledge he created the perfect woman.

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“What the…?” she said as she awoke.

“She is alive!” he exclaimed excited.

“Why do I have boobs? And this hair? I’m a woman!”

“Not just a woman, the perfect woman!”

“But I’m a guy!”

“Exactly! The most gorgeous body that no guy can resist controlled
by the only kind of brain that understands the desires of a guy. You,
babe, are the perfect woman! Stella!”


“No time for buts, let begin with the practical test,” Marcus
sentenced taking off his pants leaving his creation speechless.

My Sissy girlfriend helping me crossdress fiction

I play dress up with my sister a lot i love it when she puts makeup on me and treats me like a little girl i like it the best when her friends where all over and they all dressed me up
Even my Sissy girlfriend encourages crossdressing! Helps you put on makeup panties and bras! Having 2 girls are really accepting of my sissy side and want to help you explore all of your feminine desires! Doesn't every sissy wish they had friends like these? Smooth black underwear hip pads T-11B SISSY Wonderful rear Padded Panties, pushup panty available with buttocks, black colours, sizes  M, L, XL,3XL,4XL,With the pads you create wonderful feminine curves, allowing the perfect curves for us transgender women or girls at any time and any place. When will girls understand  that there nothing sexy  about girls forcing themselves to  giggle  like a 2year olds .... even for a sissy . I'm 100% straight and I'm a sissy boy I love to wear women's lingerie panties and  more and I look really damn good in them girlfriend helping crossdress, girl helping crossdresser, sissy girlfriend encourages crossdress, its ok to dressup like a sissy,  

Sissy fiction The Gold Diggin’ Monster (TG Caption)


Ellis Hording. She got out of the pool, her huge breasts bouncing around wet. She called her butler over:“Fanso! Can you give my hair I quick brushing.”

He responds.“Of course Madam.” He walked over holding a brush, and begun to comb her hair.just then, Mr. Hording,a tall handsome man walked out of his giant Mansion. He looks at his wife:

“Honey.Your body looks just as stunning as ever. Especially those breasts of yours.”

“Aw.Thank you honey” She said with a smirk.

Her husband walked back inside of the house, and she dried off.“Fanso, could you give me some private time for a bit.”

“Of course Madam.” Fanso said and walked inside of the house.

Ellis lied down on her pool chair, and looked around.just then, her body begins to mumble and moan. Loud grumbling noises are heard from her body, as it moves uncomfortably on the chair.Then a giant, grotesque monster leaped out of her body, and Ellis went unconscious.

“Perfect! My plan is working.” The 8 foot monster said with a growl. He looked down at the body he was inhabiting.“Soon. I’ll have all the riches to myself.”
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The monster was an ugly creature with the ability to go inside and control the bodies of human women. He had used his powers to possess the body of a busty, beautiful bride of a billionaire. He had been living inside of her for month, plotting to eat her husband, and claim all of the money he own for himself. just then footsteps were heard from the house.

“Ooo. Better get back inside.” The monster jumped inside of the woman, and opened her eyes agaIn.

“Honey.” Her husband said coming from the house.“Have you seen my that giant 8 foot cake I had in the freezer?”

“I think Fanso had a little bit of snacking.” She said with a sly smile.

“Alright.” He said scratching his head.“How could one person eat that entire thing?”

just as he walked back inside, a loud monstrous burp came out of Ellis’s body.

“Hehe. Got a little hungry hubby. . She said with yellow demon eyes and sharp crocodile teeth.That’s the demon inside. . .or weird forest monster to be correct. . .or weird, gold digging, man-eating, cake eating,forest monster to be correct.