Sissy fiction The Gold Diggin’ Monster (TG Caption)


Ellis Hording. She got out of the pool, her huge breasts bouncing around wet. She called her butler over:“Fanso! Can you give my hair I quick brushing.”

He responds.“Of course Madam.” He walked over holding a brush, and begun to comb her hair.just then, Mr. Hording,a tall handsome man walked out of his giant Mansion. He looks at his wife:

“Honey.Your body looks just as stunning as ever. Especially those breasts of yours.”

“Aw.Thank you honey” She said with a smirk.

Her husband walked back inside of the house, and she dried off.“Fanso, could you give me some private time for a bit.”

“Of course Madam.” Fanso said and walked inside of the house.

Ellis lied down on her pool chair, and looked around.just then, her body begins to mumble and moan. Loud grumbling noises are heard from her body, as it moves uncomfortably on the chair.Then a giant, grotesque monster leaped out of her body, and Ellis went unconscious.

“Perfect! My plan is working.” The 8 foot monster said with a growl. He looked down at the body he was inhabiting.“Soon. I’ll have all the riches to myself.”
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The monster was an ugly creature with the ability to go inside and control the bodies of human women. He had used his powers to possess the body of a busty, beautiful bride of a billionaire. He had been living inside of her for month, plotting to eat her husband, and claim all of the money he own for himself. just then footsteps were heard from the house.

“Ooo. Better get back inside.” The monster jumped inside of the woman, and opened her eyes agaIn.

“Honey.” Her husband said coming from the house.“Have you seen my that giant 8 foot cake I had in the freezer?”

“I think Fanso had a little bit of snacking.” She said with a sly smile.

“Alright.” He said scratching his head.“How could one person eat that entire thing?”

just as he walked back inside, a loud monstrous burp came out of Ellis’s body.

“Hehe. Got a little hungry hubby. . She said with yellow demon eyes and sharp crocodile teeth.That’s the demon inside. . .or weird forest monster to be correct. . .or weird, gold digging, man-eating, cake eating,forest monster to be correct.