Sissy fiction The Gold Diggin’ Monster (TG Caption)


Ellis Hording. She got out of the pool, her huge breasts bouncing around wet. She called her butler over:“Fanso! Can you give my hair I quick brushing.”

He responds.“Of course Madam.” He walked over holding a brush, and begun to comb her hair.just then, Mr. Hording,a tall handsome man walked out of his giant Mansion. He looks at his wife:

“Honey.Your body looks just as stunning as ever. Especially those breasts of yours.”

“Aw.Thank you honey” She said with a smirk.

Her husband walked back inside of the house, and she dried off.“Fanso, could you give me some private time for a bit.”

“Of course Madam.” Fanso said and walked inside of the house.

Ellis lied down on her pool chair, and looked around.just then, her body begins to mumble and moan. Loud grumbling noises are heard from her body, as it moves uncomfortably on the chair.Then a giant, grotesque monster leaped out of her body, and Ellis went unconscious.

“Perfect! My plan is working.” The 8 foot monster said with a growl. He looked down at the body he was inhabiting.“Soon. I’ll have all the riches to myself.”
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The monster was an ugly creature with the ability to go inside and control the bodies of human women. He had used his powers to possess the body of a busty, beautiful bride of a billionaire. He had been living inside of her for month, plotting to eat her husband, and claim all of the money he own for himself. just then footsteps were heard from the house.

“Ooo. Better get back inside.” The monster jumped inside of the woman, and opened her eyes agaIn.

“Honey.” Her husband said coming from the house.“Have you seen my that giant 8 foot cake I had in the freezer?”

“I think Fanso had a little bit of snacking.” She said with a sly smile.

“Alright.” He said scratching his head.“How could one person eat that entire thing?”

just as he walked back inside, a loud monstrous burp came out of Ellis’s body.

“Hehe. Got a little hungry hubby. . She said with yellow demon eyes and sharp crocodile teeth.That’s the demon inside. . .or weird forest monster to be correct. . .or weird, gold digging, man-eating, cake eating,forest monster to be correct.

Get Your Booty in These Booties (Male to Female Transgender / Crossdressing Tips)

Get Your Booty in These Booties! crossdress Booties are perfect for this chilly April weather we are having! Pairing them with a cute work, weekend, or date night outfit will add some sass and a little height to your look! With a pair of full or semi coverage boots, you can keep your feet warm, while still rocking a flawless style. Trust me anyone can put together a cute ankle boot outfit. Many people think they look weird in ankle boots or think that they do not own any pants that go well with them. But, as long as you follow the “do’s and don’ts of ankle booties” list below you will be an expert in no time. crossdress   Following these simple rules will guarantee you a flawless finish to your outfit and gain you some serious style points. Be sure to remember these tips for future reference. Below are some great outfit ideas for any occasion! For the office: crossdress Booties are perfect for the office, just be sure to keep the style of the boots simple. You don’t want to come into work with rhinestone, cutout booties, now do you? Save those bad boys for a night out. You also want to make sure, the height of the heel isn’t too tall. You want to make sure you are comfortable at work so, short heeled booties are perfect for a little height and comfort. The photos above depict two different work outfits that incorporate awesome booties; one more casual and laid back, while the other is sleek and chic. Notice how the boots are simple, they’re short heeled, and how both transgender woman are wearing pants that are cuffed or stop a half inch above the boots. Following the do’s and Don’ts list above will always help! Weekend Casual crossdress These are some great weekend casual outfits that are very comfortable and chic at the same time. You can see four very different ways of how to wear ankle boots with shorts, jeans, pants, and skirts. Just remember to keep a short heel on your boots for day wear. You don’t want your feet to be worn out by the middle of the day. Evening crossdress K Jenner knows how to rock ankle boots, alright! A lot of my fashion inspiration comes from K and I would 100% wear any of these outfits out with my girls on an evening out. The booties are such a nice touch. The evening is when you break out the stiletto booties you have been dying to wear! They look classy, add some nice definition to the leg, and look sexy! Smooth black underwear hip pads T-11B SISSY Wonderful rear Padded Panties, pushup panty available with buttocks, black colours, sizes  M, L, XL,3XL,4XL,With the pads you create wonderful feminine curves, allowing the perfect curves for us transgender women or girls at any time and any place.

Crossdress fiction sissy versus sissy


See you later.” Three words that set the cogs in motion…of everything that would transpire, but more specifically and crucially, the gears in the minds of Jared and Rory as they watched Aunt Clarissa leave for work. She wasn’t their real aunt of course. most aunts aren’t. she was one of those aunts who were actually just an unspecified family friend. the title of ‘aunt’ bestowed upon them to ensure respect. With Clarissa the title just stuck. even when the boys reached their late teens. It made even less sense when you realise that
Jared and Rory aren ‘t even related and that Clarissa was the mutual best-friend of their respective mothers, who over the years had made the most of their friendships by sending the boys to stay with their ‘aunt’ near the sea whenever they felt like a quiet weekend.

Clarissa rather resented this and found the boys to be brattish and obnoxious, but she put up with them to keep her friends happy. However. things began to get too much as the boys got older and became more interested in the attractive mature woman’s ‘private’
affairs, culminating one morning when she found them rummaging through her toys, her face turning as red as the thick dildo in Jared’s hand. ‘I ‘ve had it with you brats! ‘ she screeched, the boys cowering fearfully sissy before her, ‘…ok, here’s the deal… ‘ she softened a little, ‘…one of you is getting that where the sun don’t shine.” The boys gulped audibly and clenched their bottoms. ‘Which, however, is up to you…by the time I get home tonight, whichever of you is the most adorable little sissy will get his bum cherry taken by big red
there. ‘ She nodded at the phallus in Jared’s grasp as she began to throw on her coat, ‘…see you later.”

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You know what this is, right.” it was ten minutes later and Rory was handing a cup of coffee to his friend, it’s divide and conquer. She expects us to turn on each other. All we have to do is show solidarity, go about our normal day and when she comes home, stand together firmly as she left us. There’s room for two alpha males here.

Well I sure don’t want my ass cheeks divided and conquered by that thing… ‘ he looked nervously at the crimson sex toy still lying on the counter. ‘You know what Aunt Clarissa is like…she really knows how to get her way… ‘ He raised his mug to his lips and took large mouthfuls of hot latte, drinking almost a third thirstily. The room began to spin and out of the corner of his eye he noticed the packets of pills sitting next to crossdress the coffee machine. It was all he could do the shoot a betrayed look at Rory just before he slumped forward
onto the kitchen table…

Jared awoke in a large bedroom. He quickly realised it was Clarissa ‘s and as the details of her promise began to reform in his brain, panic set in. Fortunately, a digital alarm clock on the dresser assured him that it was only midday, still, it was not only clear that Rory had gone back on his own idea to ‘stand together’ but that he had also struck first. Hestitantly, Jared picked up the hand mirror next to the clock to survey the damage…

Feminine crossdresser fiction why did the sissy cross the road


An orchestra of engines and blaring horns played a chaotic symphony on the busy road and even with a blindfold padlocked into place, Paul felt well and truly like he was in a front-row seat. Through glossy purple painted lips he lamented the day he ‘d told his girlfriend Rita that he wanted to spice up their sex life, and slowly he lifted one high-heeled leather boot off the curb and stepped out into the street.

Add a little danger…that’s how he ‘d worded it. I want to add a little danger to our intimacy. Foolish words… Of course, Paul had meant danger that came packaged with a pair of furry pink handcuffs but little did he realise Rita had much bigger ideas. When Paul had refused to break into an abandoned building Rita had drugged him and taken him anyway. Unsuprisingly, the mind blowing sex that followed was enough to quell his anger. The feminising started soon after, Rita taking him to a baseball game dressed as a cheerleader and keeping him content with regular reaches under his flouncy sla’rt. lt wasn ‘t quite Paul’s thing but the upshift in their sex-life kept him around. Still, at the back of his mind he feared the day when Rita would take it too far…today for example….

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Paul took another tiny step into the street, both his own terror and the ridiculous elevation of his heels preventing him from anything more. It was a cold day and the tiny minisla’rt that was wrapped tightly around his ass was hardly ideal but the thick pantyhose and fur jacket kept him warm crossdressing whilst completing his female look. Suddenly, a barbaric drilling sensation filled his ass. He moaned aloud as he felt like someone had just turned a blender on in loins. Pushing his nylon covered knees together, Paul bent forward and forced his butt in the air in a vain attempt to relieve the intense pressure scrambling his asshole. This was his signal to stop moving. As he writhed and trembled,sissy somewhere deep in his conciousness he heard a eardrive past right in front of him and then as soon as it was gone, so was the vibrating. Time to go again. How had Rita referred to it? Buttplug Frogger? The fullness of the plug remained but with the earth-shattering juddering paused for the time being, Paul forced himself onward with renewed determination. His heart was pounding in his chest and he could feel sweat running down the inside of his fur coat.
Nearly there! ‘ he heard Rita call from somewhere in the distance. He did” sound ‘nearly there’… The powerful quivering returned almost lmocling him off his feet and brought with it a new feeling…pleasure. Waves of pain and ecstasy crashed through him simultaneosly, challenging his ability to stand still and avoid becoming roadla’ll.
He felt like he was going to come right there in the street. a pathetic little sissy all trussed up in nylon and far with a butt plug jammed up his ass. Just hold on, he told himself, a few more seconds for the car to pass… And that’s when he heard it…a sound any boy growing up in the country knows all too well. Even Paul’s panting screams were drowned out by the sound of the farm tractor slowly making its pass it front of him.

How to Shop For The Right Bra Size (Male to Female Transgender / Crossdressing Tips)

crossdress Every woman, young and old, realizes wearing bras is a necessity. It’s proximity to your skin can ultimately lead to some discomfort when you are wearing the incorrect size, both in the bust and the straps. Imagine being in discomfort the entire day, all because you are not wearing the correct size. Perhaps you too have experience this discomfort, which is why you went online searching for bra sizing articles like the one you are reading here. For many of you, you had your bra size measured a few years back, so you thought you knew your correct size since then; however crossdressing, it is important to remember that your size will fluctuate over time so that prior sizing may not be right today. The changes become more evident when you experience weight loss or weight gain and during pregnancy, but even when you feel you are maintaining your figure it’s important to know that you may still need to update your bra size. Research from the bra industry shows that 8 out of 10 women do not know or get their bra size correct. This is surprising, since a sissy bra is one of the most intimate items in a woman’s wardrobe, and you wear one every single day. Having the incorrect bra size can lead to problems with sagging breasts, shoulder pain, and even tightness in the chest area. Thus, it is of high importance to buy the correct size bra to avoid these common bra sizing problems. This will hopefully lead to you being more comfortable and confident in your daily look.

How to Determine Your Correct Bra Size

– Take a measuring tap and measure around your chest, directly under the breast. – Determine your chest size in inches and add 4 inches to this number if it was even or 5 inches to this number if it was an odd number.
  • Example (even #): You measure 32 inches, so your band size will be 36 inches.
  • Example (odd #): You measure 31 inches, so your band size will be 36 inches.
– Take a measuring tap and measure over the fullest part of your breast all the way around your chest. – Use this measurement to determine your cup size by subtracting this number by your band size.
  • 1 inch, you’re an A cup
  • 2 inches, a B cup
  • 3 inches, a C cup
  • 4 inches, a D cup
  • 5 inches, a DD cup
  • 6 inches, a DDD cup
Example: You determined your band size to be 36 inches and your cup size measurement is 39 inches. Subtracting the cup size by the band size leaves you with 3 inches, therefore, your bra size is a 36C.

Always keep in mind that bra manufacturers will produce different sized results, even though most bras come in standard sizes. Thus, it would be best to try on several sizes, checking for fit and comfort. The best part of knowing your correct bra size is that you can shop online at discount lingerie boutiques to help save money on buying bras. Lingerie boutiques like B and H are great sites to check out to shop for bras online. In addition to these great lingerie boutiques, try browsing the bras being shared here at View all women’s bras here. Have you struggled to find the right bra size? Share your experiences and tips with other transgender women below.  

Crossdresser fiction mousy looking woman



Oliver’s French tipped fingers ached. worn and bruised just like the real
things…just like the rest of his body…well. this body he had woken up in. But. in
spite of his initial instinct to run, he had picked up that broom and now the
previously disgusting workshop glowed around him. He pulled up a stocking that
had begun to droop a little and snapped it back into place and carefully placed the
broom back in the corner to admire his work. His satisfaction was short-lived and
he was brought crashing back down to Earth as he remembered the predicament
he was in. The sound of a key turning caught his ear and he watched with baited
breath as a small, mousy looking woman let herself in…

Oh my… ‘ The Mannequeen’s eyves went wide as she saw the spectacular state of
her workshop. ‘I don ‘t believe it… ‘ she shuffled farther into the room and Oliver
could see that she wearing an ill-fitting cardigan and rather unflattering brown
slacks, ‘…you did it… ‘ She paused as if realising the repercussions of what had
happened for the first time and rubbed the inside of her jam-jar style eye-glasses.
In contrat to Oliver’s voluptuous painted ones, her lips were naked and chapped
and she was chewing them furiously, apparently caught in a conflict of conscience.
But…l can ‘t let you go… ‘ she stammered, ‘…those girls…that website…you have to
pay! ‘ Oliver moved towards her but stopped in his tracks when she pulled a key
fob from the pocket of her cardigan.

lady… ‘ he cried out. pausing with shock as he heard his voice modulated by the
suit for the first time, ‘…I don’t know what you think you know…but l ‘m telling
you. I don’t know anything about no website. I haven ‘t done anything except clean
that school every daymand now your stinking workshop.

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Don’t lie to me?! ‘ she screeched, ‘I did my research…l don ‘t make mistakes. I
tracked your website to an ISP at your address. lt’s yours…and so is this lovely
new body‘!.’ ‘ The Mannequeen scowled cruelly and slammed her thumb down on
the key fob. immediately causing Oliver to spasm pathetically in his prissy
uniform. He could feel a searing heat enveloping his body and he knew that it was
the bodysuit bonding to his skin forever. Finally. when the burning subsided he
just stood there open-mouthed contemplating a life as a busty young woman.
Now get out of here… ‘ she screamed. ‘…before I give you some gas that makes
you feelas sluttyasyoulookt.”

Oliver stepped out into the blinding sunshine, the evening sun warming what was
now essentially his own skin. His heart still pounded wildly but his mind had begun
to focus. Revenge…revenge on the Mannequeen. but that could wait… He fished
workshop from his apron. First he would get revenge on the real owner of that