Sissy fiction genetic makeup


Martin sat fidgeting in the waiting room, struggling to contain his anxiety. This was it! If this job interview didn’t work out, his visa would expire in three days and he would be on his way back to Germany. Back to his life of no job, no friends and no girlfriend…it literally was all or nothing. The potential job at hand was an IT programming position for the non-committally named ‘TicTechToe’. It sounded like some kind of games company but, to be honest, Martin would take anything.

Finally, the office door opened and a short bullish blonde woman invited him inside. She spent the next hour and a half barking question after question at him, which were seemingly focussed more on his character and trus two rthiness than his impressive coding skills. Martin answered the best he could but was starting to many that he wasn’t getting much opportunity to sell his strengths.

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Right! ‘ the woman woman punctuated crisply. ‘Because we are a company that
works closely with the military on top secret projects and because you are a
foreign national we have some added disclosure forms for you to sign before we
can offer you the job!.’
l’m h-h-hired?’ stammered Martin in disbelief.
Not until you sign here. here, here. and here,’ she replied curtly. ‘Basically. you
are being given a three year contract, but if at any time you are found to be
sharing info about your work here, you will be immediately charged with treason
by the US government. The project you are about to embark on is strictly top
secret! ‘ Martin gulped and carefully signed each of the papers. ‘Alright. let’s show
you what you’ll be working on, shall we?’ the woman proclaimed with an
uncharcteristic brightness. She then led him out of the office and down to a
basement level via an elevator. The doors opened into a large futuristic laboratory
and Martin was escorted to a state-of-the-art workstation. ‘What we do here is to
provide American Intelligence Agents with 100% foolproof aliases.’ she explained
punching some code into the computer. ‘We have developed a procedure that
allows us to temporarily manipulate a persons genetic code as simply as we could
all  ercamputer code. We can literally change who people are! Here, mtch this!