Sexy crossdress fiction L


L-L-L-Lucinda! ‘ he shouted into the mirror triumphantly before raising his hand to his
mouth on realisation that nothing had happened. He could see Brie behind his reflection
sighing in exaggerated mock exasperation. His ex appeared to be enjoying this just as
much as was hating it.

It’s funny… ‘ she giggled, ‘…and not just in a ‘I turned my pathetic ex-boyfriend into a
bitch trussed up in latex’ kinda way. It’s funny… ‘ she began again, ‘…because it was your
inability to say another four letter word beginning with ‘l.‘ that broke us up in the first
place! I loved you Luke! Do you know that? I freaking loved you! Nothing compared to
how you made me feel..not even my powers. Speaking of which…how are they making
you feel now?‘ Luke squirmed at hearing the question, buckling slightly at the knees
causing the tight latex of the dress to screech across his ass. His huge breasts rose and fell
with his heavy, frustrated breathing, tormented by his inability to do the one thing that
would cancel out the spelL..say his own name.

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Lutthhhinda,‘ he raised his hands to his throat in shock at the lisped squeak that had
escaped his plump glossy lips. His eyes shot accusingly at Brie.

Oh didn’t I tell you?‘ she taunted, ‘with every failed attempt, you become a little bit more
like the latex bimbo you see before you in the mirror. Luke gazed despairingly at the
humiliating reflection before him, the shiny rubber that encased his body only matched by
the muscular waxed legs that sat atop towering platform heels. He pursed his bloated lips
together in concentration, considering another attempt before thinking better of it. ‘Do
you know how much you affected me?‘ asked his torturer, ‘do you know why this and why
now? Well, I just got dumped again. Dumped for crying out in the throes of passion. Can
you guess what four letter word I screamed out in ecstasy while another man was inside

Luthinda?‘ Luke lisped sadly. Brie appeared to lighten up at seeing her ex-boyfriend now
have to try visibly harder to focus. ‘Pwleeath… ‘ he moaned, ‘pwleeath let me say Luthinda
again…urrgggh I mean Luthinda. Arrrggghhhh… ‘ he let off a loud high-pitched scream of
frustration, slumping forward and almost causing his giant breasts to pop out of his dress’
Okay, okay…‘ Brie giggled, ‘…cool it will you, here, you can say your namgain!

T hhamks! ‘ the latex babe smiled emptily, ‘eerrrmmm…whatwa?«” {awa-