3 Things You Should Never Do While Wearing Extensions (Male to Female Transgender Crossdressing Tips)

transgender tips
We like to think that hair extensions are a girl’s best friend! They are the ultimate accessory and so here are 3 things you probably didn’t think of that might be ruining your investment:

1. Never color or perform any chemical process while your extensions are installed

transgender tips

If you want to color your extensions or get a relaxer to get your edges smooth, always do this before you get your extensions installed.

Chemicals like hair color have to be washed out of your crossdress hair in a certain time and you run the risk of not getting it out completely if you try to do the job while your extensions are installed.

Don’t risk seriously damaging your hair by taking this shortcut.

2. Don’t be rough when detangling


Hair is best detangled when wet and when some type of moisturizer is used (like conditioner). Even though it’s not ‘your hair’ always take care in detangling your extensions.

Pulling on your extensions will stress your hair and even though you might not feel it, it can thin out the areas of your hair that are most vulnerable, like your hair line.

So always treat your extensions the same way you would your own sissy hair.

3. Don’t forget to treat and protect your extensions


Heat damage, split ends and frizz are really annoying side effects of not properly maintaining your hair.

Extensions are especially prone to this because the hair is no longer receiving nutrients, so always use your heat protectants, do a deep conditioning treatment every crossdressing now and then and trim the ends to prevent split ends.