Cross dress fiction tongue tied


Good afternoon, you’re through to UltraReal Bodysuits Customer Care, my
name is Felicity. How can I help you today?
Hello?…Sir?…l ‘m afraid I didn’t catch that… Could you perhaps speak up a
Okay, still not hearing you. I think maybe we have a bad connection. l’ll try my
best to help you anyway. I ‘m just running your phone number through our
secure customer database.
Okay, here we are… l have you down as a Mr. Brad Keegan, is that correct sir?

Okay Mr. Keegan…it says here that you are currently in possession of one of
our rental suits, a classic from our vintage collection. I can see that you also
took out one of our accessory kits, BDSFem, our premium goody bag of whips,
chains, gags and locks, perfectly crafted to give you the best feminine bondage
or even self-bondage experience money can buy. Can I assume that it is to your
satisfaction, sir?
Hmmm…l see we’re still really struggling with the line. Oh hey, there’s an
as terix next to your order…there’s a note here saying there was a set of
hancuffs missing from your accessory kit. I guess that’s why you’re calling.
Yeah, one of our clerks apparently found them in the back after you left, they
must have fallen out of the box.

Okay, I ‘m authorised to refund some of your payment to compensate for the
missing cuffs. In the meantime, it’s company policy that I advise you not to use
any replacement non-official UltraReal handcuffs instead as our products are
specially designed to fit to get her perfectly and it is highly possible that the
fail safe release to our accessories may become jammed when used with other
products. You’ll do that for me won’t you, sir?
Excellent. Okay, if there’s nothing else, please remember to return your suit by
4pm today and remember any wearing of the suit after that deadline with
result in the activation of our security mechanism which locks the suit
permanently. …..nnnnnnn…hhhhhllllpppppp…
Thank you sir. Have a great day!