Why Does My Wig Keep Falling Off?

Why Does My Wig Keep Falling Off?crossdressing

I love long, flowing sensuous hair – there are few things that make me look or feel more feminine, and few things I enjoy more than spending an hour or two in the salon. I used to wear my hair long, but as with any marriage compromises are agreed upon. In my case I agreed to wear a wig instead and cut my hair short after my wife expressed her (quite vigorous) dislike for my long hair. It was a sacrifice I made out of love, though part of me was looking forward to the plethora of styles and lengths that would become available to me overnight. I could also be a bit more adventurous in my choice of style, as I had made a (somewhat half-hearted) effort to avoid too much suspicion in male mode. Feminine face-framing bangs (fringe for those across the Atlantic) were now available to me – oh joy!

Crossdressing with a Wig

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What I didn’t bargain for is the hereto forth unknown fear of falling off. This dreaded disease is caused by a gnawing fear that your wig is going to fall off. Symptoms include an obsession with keeping your hair far away from anything it could catch in, a reluctance to experiment too much with the hairbrush and a near constant maneuver I call ‘check the hair is still there’. So my journey begins to find out how to keep my hair on my head.

I found a few articles on the Internet such as how to wear a wig and crossdresser wig care.

The first step is to find a style that you like, and that suits your face. Ideally you would do this in person to get a look that works, but if you’re still not comfortable trying on a wig in public many websites have good return policies. Reputable stores such as Amazon have a large wig selection that is worth looking at as well.

Wig Styles


How To Wear a Wig

1.Choose a wig that fits. Many wigs have straps that can be adjusted to achieve a better fit, just make sure there isn’t too much space left inside the wig that will leave a bubble.


2. Wear a wig cap if you don’t want your hair to show through, or blend your hair together with your wig for a more natural look


3. Center the wig on your head before putting it on. Many wigs have a parting or some indication of the center.

4. Put the wig on by pulling it over your head and then pulling the back of the wig down to secure it


5. Make sure the front of the wig aligns with your hairline and that the wig is snug on your head


6. Secure the wig with bobby pins to ensure your hair doesn’t escape

And viola! There you have it. If you’ve put the wig on correctly it should both look and feel natural, and you shouldn’t be worried about it falling off (at least not most of the time). This takes a lot of practice, I still struggle with wearing a wig, but the more I wear it the easier it gets.