Sissy maid fiction still not crazy


How long has it been sincel last saw that damned infernal ‘device? Six months? Eight months? A
I don’t know. I lost track of how long. Especially after my stay at the hospital for my ‘psychological

But that should have been expected. After all. a strange girl appearing in a house where the owner is
hissing, and claiming to be the missing owner. A girl who legally does not exist, and claims they were
transformed into a girl by a device that could not possibly exist and no one can find. Who can blame
people for wanting me in a ‘psych ward’ having my head examined.

I won‘t say what I went through there though. To be honest, I don’t even want to think about what I
went through. Even if it’s understandable and people m eant well, it was its own form of hell.
Instead, I like to think about what happened afterwards. About when I managed to finally convince a
family member that l was who I said I was. About how I knew things that no one else could of known…
Or at least things that few people should have to think about how that set things in motion for me to get set free. To try and start a new life to go with my new form. And l won’t lie, my new female form has set me free in many ways.


I feel happier as a girl. I don’t know why.
I also feel more complete as a girl. I don’t know why I feel that way either.
But in the end, I’m enjoying my new life. Something I’d of never thought possible back when l was a
guy. Which at times kind of makes it hard to say that I’m ‘still not crazy’.