Fiction crossdressing woman with me


The doctors at Curves lnc never messed around. I was given a five star service from
entering until I left the building. I conference called with Dominic in order to choose a
face and body that both fit my personality, and worked with one another. He was a
busy man, and thus couldn’t attend, but was helpful enough to pencil me in during
work time to help me out. Without having anyone else to speak with, he kind of under-
stood that l’d be going alone if he didn’t pitch in.

One I decided on all the optional perks and the overall appearance, I was sedated,
and three operations performed on me one after another. The first was the gene
splicing, wherein my genetic code was rewritten from base, the second was the
actual sex change operation, and then the third was a cosmetic operation in order to
make me look as much like my target body as possible. They did a find job, and when
I awoke to a ringing head and soreness everywhere, I looked just like I’d imagined I
would. Dominic was there too, for support as my bandages were removed. He had to
leave swiftly afterward as l was having two outpatient examinations that would re-
quire privacy. ! had breasts! I had a vagina! I looked so beautiful I just wanted to cry!
When I left the centre, I found another fine car awaiting me outside. The hospital had
provided some basic clothing, but I was going to need to buy some for myself. On en-
countering Dominic in the back of the limo, I suspected something was up. I didn’t
expect it to be so positive though! We spent the day walking between all the clothing
stores that Los Angeles had to offer, and when a billionaire’s with you, it would be
rude of him to expect me to pay.

We caught lunch at at a sushi restaurant, where I saw two members of the Avengers
quite inebriated, and Superman sat alone, with a sad look on his face. On the way out,
two paparazzi shot us leaving, which gave me a bright red face, and a broad grin on
Dominic’s. I hadn’t expected that! We drove around for a while longer, until we
stopped at quite a bright and sunny, picturesque location, where Dominic turned to
me. I was quite breathless by this point, and was beginning to find myself in an odd
mood. There was something about him I’d not noticed earlier, something I wasn’t sure
how I felt about.

He asked me what I did for a living, back in the world. I told him I was an office man-
ager, nothing special. I did some lT work on the side, but I couldn’t call myself particu-
larly skilled. He told me why he was asking, and then it call revealed itself from there.
He didn’t want to see me go back to my home town, continue in my dumb old job and
live a dumb old life. He’d invested in me, and he wanted to make sure the investment
paid off. That meant, if I wanted it, there was a job for me at his company in the direc-
tion and improvement department. He wanted my input.

I just had to say yes. The chance of a lifetime on top of the chance of a lifetime?
What had made me such a lucky guy? Girl I mean… From that day l was a girl.