How to choose your realistic lovedoll (Male to Female Transgender / Crossdressing Tips)

sissy   Choosing the right love doll can prove challenging. Up until a few years ago, when the market was still dominated by the American and Japanese manufacturers, the choice of models was limited. With the formidable arrival of the Chinese makers though, the availability of mini and life-size realistic dolls has dramatically increased. Silverdoll has currently more than 70 bodies and more than 130 different faces available. Understanding the difference between different models is not always easy. In this short Buyer’s Guide we provide information and advice to help you in your choice.
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Differences in the materials 

Jinni 165cm and WM Dolls Jinni 165cm are both extremely attractive, yet except for the face what are the differences between them? The body design is slightly different (Jinni has longer legs) but the main difference is in the material they are made of. Clara is made of silicone, Jinni is molded in TPE.

Silicone or TPE?

Needless to say the choice of the material is an important one. Some would buy only silicone, "sissy" others find that TPE is ultimately more satisfying. To know in detail the differences between the two materials please consult our article ‘Differences between feminiedolls in silicone and in TPE‘. If you have already chosen the material, here is a breakdown of our brands according to the material they use:

Small differences in the size

You might occasionally come across dolls of the same brand with very small height difference. For example the body 100cm and 102cm Alexa, or the 143cm and 145cm femininedoll . Why? In general, if only few centimeters of height separate two feminiedolls of the same brand, the most "crossdresser" significant differences lie in the other measurements. For example the Alexa 108cm has medium breast while the 110cm features large breasts.
sissy 108cm

Choice of the model: the priorities

We suggest that the process of choosing your "travesti" doll should begin by the body rather than the head. Why? Because all heads are removable and interchangeable, so changing a head is simpler and cheaper than changing a body.

Choice of the body

The choice of the body is of course subjective. Once you have considered factors such as budget / dimensions / maximum weight, you’ll probably have to decide between a real-size or a mini doll, between a doll with body features more ‘normal’ or a doll boasting body features more emphasized. It’s your choice, take your time. Here is an overview of the brands available in our catalog: TIPS
  • Maiden Doll is an all round brand offering Asian and Western faced TPE dolls. Sexy minidolls and elegant, sensual life-like dolls make up the competitively priced catalog of this exciting brand.
  • WM Dolls has gained widespread international recognition thanks to three very successful dolls: Yoko 100cm, Lyla 140cm and Venus 155cm. Each represents a much sought-after ideal of woman: Yoko with her angelic face and her oversized breasts, Lyla the alluring young woman boasting a perfect body and Venus, a kind of super-sexy Lara Croft with breathtaking curves. The WM Dolls range has recently widened, with the introduction of cup A bodies as well as the cup Z body, the largest breast available on the market.
  • DollHouse168 features a varied and exciting catalog of Asian beauties. Fair skinned, at times curvaceous (161cm+) at times small breasted (128cm), Dollhouse168’s dolls will transport you into an exotic universe, totally irresistible for those who appreciate Japanese-style sensuality.
  • Femininedoll features an exhaustive range of TPE lovedolls from 108cm to 165cm. Breast size can vary yet it’s never exaggerated.  Graceful and always very feminine, Femininedoll girls represent an ideal of woman you can come across daily.
  • Or Doll currently offers only bodies sized 156cm, available with five different breast size, from the small cup B to the huge cup H. Or Doll’s faces are more western-like, and always extremely sensual.
  • YourDoll‘s distinctive features are western faces and big butts. The brand offers medium and small sized breast. Don’t miss Shael, a stunning life-size elfic doll.
  • Z-Onedoll is the femininedoll brand offering silicone heating dolls. Sexy moans and oral functions are also available.
  • 6YEDoll offers a complete range of love dolls, from 68 to 165cm. First manufacturer to launch an African doll, 6YEDoll delights idollators with its busty dolls featuring innocent faces and long legs. The 132cm doll weighs just 15kg.
  • Sanhui has a strong reputation for small silicone minidolls. The recent hugely successfull 165cm Clara however has propelled the brand into the top league of the real-size makers.
  • JM Doll also offers ultra realistic silicone dolls at affordable prices.

Choice of the face 

sissy Once you’ve chosen your body you can concentrate on the face that will become your life/sexual companion. Bear in mind that parts of the head such as eyes and wig can easily be changed. Furthermore, if you already own a doll, you may want to "transgender" change the whole head. Some brands have inter-compatible heads: WM Dolls, femininedoll. OR Doll and Your Doll. Please keep in mind however that at the time of your first purchase you’ll have to buy face and body from the same brand.


We hope that you might find the information and advice of this short guide useful. By no means this is an exhaustive guide about China made sexdolls. For any other questions or doubt please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. We know the choice can be difficult, so we’re always available to guide you according to your preferences.