15 Items You Should Always Keep in Your Purse (Male to Female Transgender / Crossdressing Tips)

crossdress One of the perks of being a girl is getting to carry a purse. More than just a stylish accessory, your purse is a toolbox for your femme self. And while a cluttered bag isn’t chic, there are some essentials you shouldn’t be without. You never know what "transgender" life will throw at you – and a lady is always prepared! Read on for 15 things worth keeping in your purse at all times.

1. Cell phone

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How did we ever survive in the pre-cell phone days? My phone is always the first thing I pack.

2. Lip gloss or lipstick

crossdress A moisturizing lip "sissy" gloss or lipstick in your favorite shade is a femme essential.

3. Mints or gum

crossdress Freshen your breath on the go by keeping "travesti"  a stash of mints or gum on hand.

4. Nail file

crossdress Don’t let a broken nail cramp your style.

5. $20 cash

crossdress Even though most of us rely on credit or debit cards, you never know "crossdresser" when you might need some cash.

6. Hand cream

crossdress Avoid that "crossdressing" dry hand feeling with a tube of hand cream.

7. Blotting paper or powder

crossdress Reduce shine on the go with blotting paper or powder.

8. Bobby pins

crossdress These come in handy if you need TIPS to secure your wig or tame some loose strands of hair.

9. Compact mirror

crossdress A must-have for checking your teeth or makeup.

10. Stain removal pen

crossdress The sooner you treat an unexpected stain, the less likely it is to be permanent.

11. Band-Aids

crossdress Not just for cuts and scrapes, a Band-Aid can relieve blisters caused by new shoes.

12. Safety pins

crossdress Those can be a lifesaver if you break a strap or pop a button.

13. Emergency info

crossdress Not to be a downer, but if anything should happen, this could literally save your life.

14. Advil or Tylenol

crossdress Keep a couple painkillers on hand in case you get a surprise headache.

15. Healthy snack

crossdress Hunger can sneak up on you, so keep a healthy snack bar or some nuts in your bag.