Ten Quick Makeup Tips To Know (Male to Female Transgender / Crossdressing Tips)

Tips The BEST quick tips. Tips The most difficult part about looking like a woman is usually "travesti" applying make-up because it requires a lot of practice and skill. Be patient and learn from your makeup disasters. It is okay to fail, as long as you get back up and try again. sissy We asked all our makeup artists to give us 5 Quick Tips that can help any girls life easier. We took all the lists and have condensed all the suggestions down to what we consider are the Best 10 Quick Make-Up Tips. drag queen Make the most of your best features. Make your best "crossdresser tips" features stand out. Big beautiful lips need color, long elegant eyelashes need mascara, high cheek bones need blush, and beautiful eyes need eye shadow to match. sissy Use the correct makeup tools. This will help so your makeup doesn’t streak and is evenly applied where it needs to be. tips Buy make-up remover. This is the most effective way of getting all your makeup "crossdressing" off fast. Soap and water will dry out your face. sissy Always Dress your Lips: wearing bright lipstick can camouflage skin flaws. So, pick a pretty pink, or red and look your best. sissy Invest in a Smokey Eye Kit: Having one of these kits is perfect for mastering a perfect ‘going out’ look. Great for practicing! TIPS Always Wear Primer! Always prime your face before applying any makeup to ensure your makeup stays on all day. TIPS Always wear something on your cheeks! Wearing blush or a simple bronzer will give your face dimension and make it look more lively. When the face is all one color it could give off a sickly look, "transgender" and no one wants that. Keep Blotting Papers Around. Especially in the summer, carry some of these in your purse to blot sweat or water off your face without smudging or taking off your makeup. Always Moisturize. Moisturizing will leave your skin looking healthy and flawless! Always stock up on Beard Cover! running out of this product would be a complete disaster. When you see your bottle is half empty, that’s the time to buy more.