A Guide on Male to Female Shoe Sizes (Male to Female Transgender / Crossdressing Tips)

Sissy Shopping for shoes might seem intimidating, but this article will ease all your worries! You will be a woman’s shoe buying natural by the end of this short article. It is honestly very simple once you figure out and remember the math of it all. A good idea "crossdresser Tips" would be to keep a short little note in your phone so whenever you’re out and see a cute pair of shoes- you can easily remember how to calculate your perfect womanly size.
Tips So, let’s get right into it. For most brands males should add two full sizes to their normal male shoe size. Yes you heard me right- two full sizes. If you are shopping for open-toed shoes you "sissy" can get away with only adding 1.5 to your normal shoe size since the open toe will allow more room. Refer to the size chart below. Tips dragqueen Shoes However, figuring out the sizing isn’t the only thing CD and trans woman "transgender" have to worry about Shoes It is a very known thing that men tend to have bigger feet than women. With that being said, many women shoe "travesti" brands don’t usually make sizes over 11 or 12. So, men with a 14 shoe size will normally have a harder time finding cute shoes that fit. sissy A good, specialist crossdresser store focusing just on male to female transgender clients and crossdressers will offer selections of footwear they know will fit. The better one’s will also know the differences between individual models to help ensure you get the right size first time. For example, although we know the general rule of +2 sizes from male size to get the correct shoe sizes works for most there are exceptions. Even a manufacturer has size differences in their own range of shoes. Glamour Boutique test all shoes with staff and customers in their showroom store so they know if fit is correct or not. As a result, one or two shoes have a note telling you to go as much as 3 sizes up because we know they run small. Tips So, I would suggest to any CD or transgender woman to find a dependable shoe brand that manufactures larger and wider shoes. This will take much of the guess work out of shopping and help ensure the shoes will not only fit, but feel comfortable. Better yet, if you are within driving range, come visit one of the few dedicated crossdresser shops in the USA where you can actually try products before you buy. sissy So, next time you are struggling to find cute, affordable shoes that ACTUALLY fit – remember that Glamour Boutique has a wide variety of shoes made for CD and transgender woman in mind. With sizes up to 17 and wider widths to choose from – you will never go wrong.