Lemon Meringue Pie Crossdressing

Wednesday was going to be a very big day out en femme for me. I was going to take the train to New York City to attend a conference "sissy" with my boss and her boss: three business women in The City for the day. Needless to say, I was looking forward to the trip, but late on Tuesday, the conference was canceled and so was the trip to NYC. Handed a lemon, I decided "transgender" to make a lemon meringue pie. Wednesday morning, I phoned my boss and told her I was taking a vacation day. Then I shaved, showered, did my hair and makeup, dressed "crossdresser" (new sweater dress from Dress Barn, black opaque tights, black Payless Karmen pumps), grabbed my coat and my bag and headed to the malls. I arrived at the Westfield Mall in Meriden (CT) a few minutes after it opened. Usually, the mall is very quiet when it opens on a weekday, but it was very busy yesterday. I assume the now perpetual Black Friday had something to do with it. Wow! How I have changed! Only a few years ago, I would carefully strategize my mall visits. I would use an entrance with the "travesti" least amount of foot traffic and sit in my car until I was sure no one else would be entering at the same time as me. After the all-clear, I would enter the mall and avoid any males who might be traversing the mall and I would avoid eye contact with any "crossdressing" human being I might encounter. I would be all business and go directly to the store(s) I was interested in visiting and not browse, window-shop and enjoy my shopping experience. crossdress That version of Stana is so foreign to me now. Now I do the mall just like a typical civilian woman does the mall and I enjoy every minute of it! "News: Westfield Mall is in decline. JCPenney closed its doors earlier this year and its large footprint remains unoccupied. There are other vacancies throughout the mall and most of the replacements, if any, are of the dollar store variety. dragqueen However, one replacement is now a favorite spot for me to shop: Fashion to Figure. They have a nice variety of clothing for fuller figure girls like me, yet their price tags are very reasonable. And they were having a buy one item and get the second item at 50% sale. news I spent an hour trying on clothes in Fashion to Figure and cashed out with three new dresses and one new jumpsuit for $125. (I hope Stana gets invited to some holiday parties this year because two of the dresses are too party to wear to work.) By the way, the sales associate was so helpful and enthusiastic. She picked out some excellent items for me to try on and when she helped zip me into one of the "crossdressing news" dresses, she noticed I was wearing my Squeem (she was wearing hers, too), yet she was mum about the stray hairs poking out from the top of my Squeem. After Fashion to Figure, I exited Westfield and headed to West Farms Mall to continue my day out en femme.
The Prancing Elites

Milady’s Merchandise

Jaye Anne wrote, “Maybe this will be of modest interest to our more self-conscious  sisters” “Yesterday I went shopping at about 9:30 AM (at Walmart) and in drab, purchased three panties and a new shade of lipstick (I am partial to L"Oreal lipsticks). I checked out "sissy" and paid the checkout lady, a woman of about 60. She didn"t blink an eye, was friendly and wished me well. “My point for telling this story is that "transgender" people in general and women in particular don"t care. They do their job and are happy for the sale.  I have, in the past, had the same experience with a skirt and blouse at Lane Bryant.” I added my two-cents’ worth. And if they do care, they "travesti" usually keep mum because it is none of their business. On occasion, I have had cashiers comment (always humorously) about buying stuff for milady. When they do, I tell them the purchase is for me and show them my photo en femme on my iPhone. That "crossdressing" usually blows them away! dragqueen By the way, regarding the image above: Crossdressing new" 1) I’d like to try that while shopping in girl or boy mode, but 2) What are the health issues? A little Googling came up with "crossdresser" "How to Try on Cosmetic Testers in Store."
Winner of the 1972 "Miss America" pageant at Bryant (AR) High School. Starla sent me this image and remarked, "His Mom looks elegantly coiffed and attired. Like mother, like son?"

My Worst Nightmare Crossdressing

I was out all day Monday. (That’s me in the photo before going out.) In the morning, I did outreach at a Human Sexuality class at Southern Connecticut State University. After the class, the professor "sissy" took us out to dine at a local New Haven eatery. And after dining, I planned to return home. Before starting the car, I called home and discovered that my presence was not required at home as early as I had previously thought, so I had more "travesti" time to spend out en femme. I pass a DressBarn on the way home, so I decided to stop and shop. After shopping at DressBarn, I returned to my car and it won"t start! The dashboard "transgender" lights up, the radio plays, but when I turn the key, all I get is a loud ticking noise. I have AAA, but I am a little concerned about dealing with AAA en femme. As I am sitting in my car contemplating my next move and occasionally turning the ignition key to no avail, a small red pickup "crossdressing" truck parks next to me just as I am cranking the ignition for the umpteenth time. Two young fellows get out of the truck. They do not ask me if I needed help. Instead the driver walks to the front of my car and signals to me to pop the hood. I gladly do so and the two of them poke around the engine compartment, but do not find anything amiss. I have a set of jumper cables, so we tried jump starting the car, but that does not work.   Since my car has a manual transmission, they suggested rolling the car and popping the clutch to start it. (I had not done that in years and had completely forgotten that trick.) So they gave my car a little push. The car started rolling across the parking lot and I am trying to pop the clutch, but I am not getting the job done. Just as I am about to run out of parking lot, I remember that I have to pop it into second gear, not first gear, and "crossdresser" as soon as I did, the car started. I waved my hand out the window to my two "good Samaritans" and headed straight home with my fingers crossed that nothing else would go wrong with my car. I made it home without issue. This morning, I popped the clutch again to start the car and drove it to my dealer to get it fixed (my car needed a new battery). I always worried about having car problems when "crossdressing newsen femme. I thought it could be the worst thing that could happen. Now I am not so sure. Maybe it is better to be a woman than a man when car problems strike. Would those two fellows be so quick to come to the rescue of a tall middle-aged guy as they were to come to the rescue of a leggy middle-aged blond? I don"t know and I am not anxious to find out again. (Notary Sojac: This is a redo of a 4-year-old post.) dragqueen
Professional femulator James Ross and son

Sissy inverted tg caption fiction


It wasn’t long before Aaron and Chloe found mensselves arriving at the studio again, ready for Grace’s last outing as a model. Aaron had agreed to do thls last shoot only because lt pald cash. lle could bare belng a gothlc doll for a day lf lt meant that he ended up with a thicker wallet afterwards.
The two of them were greeted at reoeptlon by the photographer from the Angel’s Grace shoot whose name was Darren. He handed Aaron. fully dressed as Grace. a sheet of paper and explained it was [mt legal jargon that she needed to sign.

Aaron made up an liledble giriy scribble to function as Grace’s signature and signed at the bottom. Taking the sheet from
Grace. Darren led his model to the back room to get dressed.
Chloe couldn’t wait to see how Aaron would emerge this time. Whilst Aaron got dressed, Darren explained to Chloe. who was allowed to wait ln the stwio this time, that they were doing an outside slnot today. Chioe wasn’t sure how Aaron felt about this, but he’d been out as Grace before. She was sure he wouldn’t mim.
The two of tlnm were interrupted by the click-clack of heels on the concrete floor. Chloe was surprised the last time sin saw
Grace emerge for her shoot. but this time she was speechless. Aaron had been squeezed into a latex outfit. complete with skyscraper inels and some bizarre chain accessories. Aaron’s hair had been lengthened again but hadn’t been dyed, some blonde extensions adding a bit of colour this time. l-ils makeup was flawless again and Chloe hid a snigger as she saw the ridiculom spiked collar her brother was wearing. “Come on,
Darren said as he moved towards the door, “Jump in the car and we’ll get going.

Chloe had to hold Aaron steady as he teetered towards the car outside, surprised that he was keeping upright in tin enornnus ineis. ills face was fixed into a scowl and he refmed to speak to Chloe during their short car journey. lt’s not my fault that you’re a fetish model, she thought. Again. she felt slightly envious oanron’s figure in the tight clothes. As if lnr borther was a prettier girl than she was!
They pulled over on a country road and Darren explained he wanted a few shots of Grace in front of a creepy looking tree.
They stepped out into the freezing autumn weather and Aaron positioned himself on the empty road. Chloe could see him shivering the latex doing little to keep him warm in the cold.
Darren muttered about Grace’s shivering but seemed satisfied with the handful of photos he had taken. Luckily for Aaron, they were done within the hour.
On the way back to the studio, Darren handed Aaron an evelope, thanking Grace for the shoot and apolodsing for the cold. The envelope felt lnavy in Aaron’s hand and his mood brightened a little. Darren explained that the fetish shoots always paid well and If either of the two girls were desperate for some extra cash, to let him know and he’d set somean up.
Chloe didn’t think she’d ever be desperate enomh to dress up in skimpy audits, but stranger thing had happened.
Stranger thing would continue to happen to Chloe and Aaron