How to Be Girly and More Feminine (Male to Female Transgender / Crossdressing Tips)

How can you be girly? The answer involves embracing the typical girly girl and feminine image. This includes wearing the right clothes, obsessing over makeup and beauty, and doing all the other girly stuff that you possibly can. From tips on your wardrobe and accessories to tips on how you can behave, this post is the ultimate guide on how you can be more feminine and become a complete girly girl.
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Crossdressing come together fiction


Frank and Louise were having serious man’iage problems. Their
communication had completely broken down and they spent more time
arguing than not. they just couldn’t see eye to eye on anything anymore. In
one last attempt to save their failing relationship. Louise found a local
alternative therapist online that promised to repair their mane and
restore their love to what is was when they first met. With some persuasion
Frank agreed to give it a go.

Please promise me you ‘ll give this your 100% and do whatever they say,’
begged Louise as they walked side by side up the drive to the clinic. Frank
sighed wearily but vowed quietly that he would as he held open a glass
panel door for his wife. They were greeted by a severe looking woman in her
3os, upon seeing the arrival of the couple her face broke into a hard smile.
Ah, if it isn’t the Watsons. we’ve been expecting you. Follow me and we can
get started immediately.‘ she led them into a small reception. ‘You are here
because you wish to save your relationship. well that’s what we do here but
we do have conditions. If this is to work you must do what we say to the
letter, and you must do it together, that’s the key here. Ok, first you must
bare yourself to your partner and strip away everything material that
separates you.’ Frank looked at Louise with discomfort as she slowly began to
remove her top. She gazed pleadingly at Frank for him to do the same and
soon enough they both standing opposite each other as naked as the day
they were born.

Okay, good,‘ resumed the hard-faced woman. ‘This first activity is designed
to recreate the beginnings of your relationship, you will be stepping together
into the unknown with no control over your situation except for the knowledge
you will be doing it together. I would like you to walk into the next room and
put on whatever uniform is waiting for you to prepare for the first task.’
Nervously the nude couple stepped into the next room, it was completely
empty but for two small boxes in the centre of the room. They walked over to
examine the contents. On seeing the pink and the latex Frank’s eyes went
wide. No way was he doing this!

Frank you promised you would do whatever it took remember, ‘ pleaded
Louise as she examined the duel pair of handcuffs that lay between the

Saturday going out crossdresser-Sunday crossdressing Short-Shorts

I canceled my Fantasia Fair trip because I can"t leave my "crossdressing" blind dog with my MS"d wife for a week. I thought by now that my dog might be better acclimated to her blindness (she lost her eyesight July 4th weekend). She has  improved "crossdresser" , but not enough so that she would no longer be a burden. So I pulled the plug and will miss the Fair again this year.
8 8 8
On the other hand, I have an opportunity for a girl"s "transgender" evening out this Sunday!
8 8 8
A few days ago, I ran into one of my best friends from high school. We went to different colleges and our separate ways after high school, so we had a lot of catching up to do. It was great "NEWS" to see him again and it brought to mind the last time I saw him. It was over 20 years ago. My wife and I were shopping in a department store and as we queued up to check out, I noticed my friend in the next queue. He was with his wife who was standing in line behind him watching as he placed his purchases on the counter and waited for the cashier to ring him up. His purchases were a half-dozen women"s dresses and he looked sheepish making the purchase (been there, done that). I did not say a "sissy" word to acknowledge my presence because I did not want to embarrass him in case the dresses were for him.   How do you broach the subject with someone "travesti"  you suspect is one of us? If I encountered him while I was out en femme, I would not think twice about saying hello. That sure would be an ice breaker!
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Marcin Rogacewicz femulates Debbie Harry on Polish television"s Twoja Twarz Brzmi Znajomo.

How to Paint a Dandelion on Your Nails (Male to Female Transgender / Crossdressing Tips)


The Beautiful "Weed": Dandelion

Taraxacum officinale, or the common dandelion, is an herb that is seen as beautiful by some and simply a nuisance to others. While many people think of "crossdressing" this plant as just a weed, it"s also used in food and medicine.
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Dandelions, especially when they"re in their seed dispersal state, are very popular in the art scene, being "transgender"  the subject for tattoos, paintings, photography and, of course, nail art!

You Will Need:

  • Your nails painted a color that will let the dandelion really "pop"
  • A thin nail art brush
  • A nail polish color that will show up against your background color
I chose to use black and white because I love the silhouette look "crossdressing" that only black on white can create.

Step 1: Painting a Solid Background

To make your dandelion the center of  the "crossdressing" show, begin by painting your nails a plain, solid color. You can paint them a lovely blue to represent the sky, green to represent grass, or just simple, elegant black and white.

Step 2: The Stem

Tips Tips
TIPS: Using a thin nail art brush, paint the stem at a slight angle (for a more natural look). It should hit your nail around halfway to allow room for all the fluff later on. To keep your stem from being too thick, make sure to wipe any excess polish off of your brush.

Step 3: The Center

With the tip of your nail art brush, stipple on some polish around the end of your stem to form the center of the seeds. It should roughly be a circular shape, but don"t concentrate too hard on getting it absolutely perfectly round. Tips Tips Tips

Step 4: The "Parachutes"

Using a brush that is almost completely dry (you don"t want there to be lots of paint or else your seeds will come out like huge blobs), draw very thin lines radiating from the center of your flower. Try to make them slightly angled, even crossing over each other in places, to create depth, variety, and a more realistic look. When you"re all finished, it should look something like a bursting firework or a spider with lots of legs. Tips Tips Tips

Step 5: Completing the Fluff

With the tip of your nail art brush, dab on little dashes around the outside of your flower at the tips of the thin lines you just drew. Avoid pressing down too hard or too many times on a certain area. To make your flower look three-dimensional, lightly dab on a few dots in the body of your flower (as if you can see through the thin seeds to the other side). When you"re finished, your dandelion should be fluffy and completed. Tips Tips

Step 6: Adding Grass

In order to keep your dandelion from feeling lonely, you can add blades of grass using quick upward sweeping motions with the tip of your nail art brush. Overlap a few of them for a three-dimensional illusion. Also, pressing down at the roots of the grass and letting up the pressure as you approach the tip of the blade creates a natural look. Try to make them sway in the same direction as your "travesti" flower to make it seem like a gentle breeze is blowing through the area.