5 Makeup Rules ALL Transgender Women Need To Know (Male to Female Transgender / Crossdressing Tips)

crossdress Let’s be very clear, makeup can is not an easy art and takes a lot of practice to even start to get good. There is so much to learn about "transgender" brushes, styles, techniques, and products. “What brushes do I buy?” “How do I find my color?” “How do I make my eyeliner NOT look like I put it on while being violently shook?” Luckily makeup can be conquered and you can learn this mystic art that many didn’t get taught when most girls learn. So get a jump start with these need-to-know rules that "sissy" will expand your makeup game.
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1. Not All Makeup Brushes are Created Equal

crossdress This is one that almost every woman has to learn at some point. No matter how good you get, bad tools will never get you as far as proper ones can. This doesn’t have to mean you have to spend "crossdressing" obscene amounts of money on a single tool, but you will spend a bit more on many than you expect. I’ll put it this way, if you find a 47-brush kit on eBay for $7.95 shipping from China- don’t get your hopes up. They will work, provided the heads don’t fall off and the brush strands don’t shed, and can be good practice brushes. Much like an old beater car though, once you get the hang of it, you will want to move up quickly.

2. Beauty Blenders are Great, But You Don’t Need One

crossdress You’ve probably seen these glorious little spongy applicators with a rounded bottom, flat edge, and pointed tip. They are amazing for application, blending, and finishing your makeup and are very cool tools. You know what is also cool? That package of 40 sponge triangles you’ve seen in the "crossdresser" drugstore . They are incredibly similar material, and also offer a flat edge and a point for application. And as an extra bonus, if you fold it over- you get a rounded bottom ABSOLUTELY FREE!

3. Brow Abuse is Real

crossdress There is a term I used to hear alot in the early 2000’s for women that over-plucked their eyebrows. It was called “Bleething”, as in Yasmine Bleeth. You have no doubt seen what I mean. Thinning and attempting to even your eyebrows until your forehead appears to have alopecia. And the kicker? If you do it too much, they won’t grow back right or at all. Learn the right "TIPS" brow shape for your face, and stick to it. In fact, you are in luck. Thicker, fuller, and more natural looking brows are now “on fleek” (or “perfect looking”, for English speakers). Back away from the tweezers, and go to a professional waxer to give you a perfect starting point to maintain your brows for best results.

4. Better Skin = Better Makeup

crossdress In everything, the better the surface you are working on- the better the final product. Your face is no exception. If you want the best look possible then you need to make sure you are laying your work down on the best canvas you can. So develop a "crossdressing tips" skin care routine. There are a ton of products out there just ready to overwhelm you. Just know this, good skin care starts with three basic rules. Clean it. Moisturize it. And drink lots of water. Seriously, if you aren’t doing these things as a core routine, then it doesn’t really matter what you do- you’ll never reach your skin’s full potential. And don’t sweat the $40 container of face moisturizer. Yes, some of them absolutely rock. But you can set a good base just by starting to apply plain old moisturizer in the morning and at night.

5. You Have to Learn the Basics

crossdress In order to truly be good at anything, you have to know the basics. This is doubly true for makeup. You need to know how to care for your skin, you have to be able to apply foundation smoothly, you have to be able to blend, etc. If you can’t perform a basic lipstick application, I don’t want to see you going anywhere near attempting pin-up style makeup. If you can’t blend your eye shadow, you have no business trying to recreate the skyline from Aladdin on your eye lid.

6. You Are Already Perfect

crossdress This is the most important rule you need to know. Because if you don’t see how perfect you are already, then you will never be happy with what you see- no matter how much much makeup you put on or how well you apply it. Beauty comes from confidence and personality. That is what shines out. All makeup does is help you express who you feel you are to a greater extent. So if your nose is a little crooked, who cares? Straighten it with contouring, or just rock your own unique nose. Skin isn’t perfect? Spoiler alert- no one past the age of 11 has perfect skin. Trust me- they might have been born with it, but baby, now it is definitely Maybeline. You can always find flaws, so start looking for what you love so you can enhance it and show it off to the world.

Prison’s next top transgender model fiction


The Network was on a roll and Prison’s Next Top model was their latest show. It was their most ambitious project yet and was attracting record viewers.

The concept was that every week three ‘sponsors’ would select an inmate of their choice from the local prison system to he their model for the week.

They could use their own funds to modify their ‘model’ in any way they pleased and then it was up to them to secure modeling contracts…female modeling contracts. The two inmates to earn the least money for the week
would he returned to prison in whatever state they were left in whereas the winner would he released into the custody of the sponsor. The price of freedom was literally what you were willing to do to get modeling deals.

To much anticipation, the premiere finally arrived. Three hopeful convicts were chosen from a shortlist of thousands and for seven days they worked their pantied asses of for contracts. Today we’re to look at the two that
didn’t quite make it.

On the left is Patrick, who was imprisoned on drug charges and was sponsored by a small time agency who sourced models for fetish websites. As a low budbet site they were unable to afford more than a wardrobe change and a makeover, hoping that Patrick’s youthful looks and new latex outfits would he enough to attract some punters. Sadly for them, and Patrick, it wasn’t and they only earned around $390 for the week. Now Patrick sat in a holding cell shuddering at what his fellow inmates were going to make of his new appearance.

Even less fortunate was kph, on the right, who was strangely sponsored by a Japanese exchange student named Aiko Yoshihiko. Upon being chosen, Rob a mere shoplifter, was feminised by Aiko in a collection of cosplay style
outfits. To his dismay; Aiko made no attempt to make money out of this and simply seemed to enjoy Rob’s predicament. She took hundreds of pictures for her blog and at the end of the week she kissed him on the lips and thanked him having made absolutely zero money. Now still in his last outfit, he held the bars of his holding cell and watched nervously as the smirking guards prepared to release him into general population.

Transgender fiction the viewing


The newlyweds strode up the driveway and were greeted by a rather flustered looking real estate agent.

Look l know we agreed on a viewing today but we’ve had a bit of an incident here last night. It seems a sorority from the local college broke in so they could hold a party. We’ve been cleaning all morning but the place is still a bit of a mess. I totally understand if you want to wait until another day or view a different property,‘ blurted out the agent.

No I think it will be ok. It’ll give us an idea what the place will look like once we have kids.’ the couple laughed loudly.

Twenty minutes later and the viewing was going surprisingly well. The Chapmans loved the living room and the way kitchen had one of those islands.

You know the sorority party is only half of the story,‘ explained the agent, ‘a bunch of guys from the local high school got wind of the party and organised a raid. It’s not clear what happened but there were water bombs and firecrackers everywhere. It’s usually such a nice neighborhood though ls wear.‘

Next the group headed to the large bathroom. The agent pushed open the door and brought her hands to her face in shock. There next to the bathtub lay a slender looking girl dressed in a cheer leading uniform. Her wrists and ankles were bound together and a piece of electrical tape covered her mouth. The agent frowned angrily, grabbing the girl harshly by the shoulder and ripping the tape from her mouth.

You university girls think you can get away with anything. Well not this time young lady! What’s you your name? You’re in big trouble!‘ M-m-my name is N-n-n-na than, I g-g-go to Newport H-h-high School,’ he stammered.