Sissy fiction break in brad crossdressing


Brad looked over his shoulder nervously at the enormous dog in the hall as he folded towels to go in the drawer. He tottered back across the room clumsily on his heels still keeping both eyes warily on the dog. Suddenly feeling extremely exposed, he pulled the hem of his velvet French maid uniform tight over his rump.
Hey, at least he was a classy French maid he thought bitterly as he felt the lace thong from his lingerie started to chaff again. I mean what kind of maids wore garters…

This was his life now. The bikini model who owned the house had returned at the most inopportune moment possible and the minute the dogs spotted their real mistress they turned right on the imposter. It was all the model could do to keep them from ripping Brad’s throat out. The idea hadn’t come to her right away, at first she had left him trapped in the garage with the dogs acting as sentinels. This seemed to last for a few hours until the model finally returned grinning from ear to ear.

You think you can come into my house and take my things?’ she had hissed. ‘You think you can dress like me you little pervert? I ought to call the cops right now but this is just too funny for words…so I ‘m going to give you a choice. You can call them yourself.. ‘ she had held out a cordless phone, ‘or there ‘5 option 8.. ‘ she had gestured towards the garter in her other hand. Looking back, Brad had no idea if he had made the right choice. He had become the model’s doll, maid and mannequin all rolled into one. One second he would be washing the dishes and the next he could be holding still while she experimented with new make-up ideas on him. There were perks to being enslaved by a Malibu bikini model though, she was contantly wondering in and out in bikinis of varying (lack of) modesty and sometimes she would allow him to rub sunscreen into her ass. The good times were few and far between though. Recently he had noticed that she had been spending a lot of time looking at breast implants
on the internet and had interviewed a number of plastic surgeons at the house. Now it’s not unsual for a young woman to do this but, being a bikini model, she already had massive tits…

Aunt Transforms Nephew into Niece

UPDATE: Thanks to some knowledgeable readers, I now know that this "transgender" video clip was too good to be true. The boy, who was "travesti" supposedly transformed into a girl, is really a girl. No aunt transformed her nephew into her niece. By the way, the clip was taken from a Mexican television show called An Angel in the House (1998-1999).
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ORIGINAL POST: A few weeks ago, I found this short video from a "crossdressing" Spanish language television program. I wonder if anyone knows its source and what is the plot of this particular episode of the show. YouTube suggests the source might be Mexico. The short description accompanying the video reads, "boy comes home dressed as a girl "crossdresser" by her aunts. His father is frightening and terrified" My take is that the boy"s aunt took her nephew shopping for a female outfit. Looks like she even took "sissy" him to a beauty parlor to get his hair done and his face made up. The short "transgender News" clip shows the aunt and nephew returning home after shopping to reveal the boy"s new look to his family. His mother and brother seem very pleased, but his father, not so much. My Spanish is not good enough to interpret what is said in the video. Anybody have a clue? Don"t you wish you had an aunt like this lucky boy"s/girl"s aunt! (Susan King"s series on determining your face shape and what to do with it resumes tomorrow.)
Aunt transforms nephew into niece in a Spanish language television show.

Raider of the last panties crossdressing fiction


Ralph had immediately been swamped by the eager sorority girls. They smacked his ass and squeezed his cheeks and posed with him for photo after photo. After fifteen minutes the sisters pushed him back through the curtain and Lizzie and Martha changed him into a new outfit. This was repeated four times, each outfit more humiliating than the one preceeding it. As the subject of ridicule,
Ralph wished for the ground to swallow him up and every time he was pushed backstage he pleaded desperately for mercy. He cringed at the thought of how many of the photos had already made their way onto Facebook. After much pinching and spanking, the crowd pushed him backstage for a fifth time.

This time we’ve got a very special outfit for you! ‘ Lizzie announced, pulling a lacy black dress over Ralph’s head. Next she pulled a shiny corset around his waist. Without warning Martha grabbed the ties of the corset in her powerful hands and pulled the corset excruciatingly tight. Ralph heaved desperately, barely able to breathe. He settled into tiny uncomfortable breaths feeling like he was on the verge of passing out. Somehow this was ten times worse than being smothered by Martha ‘s giant ass. He heard a click as Lizzie locked it in place with a padlock behind his back before she turned one of the chairs around and sat facing Ralph. ‘That padlock will come off once all of our stolen panties are returned! ‘ she declared. ‘as will these! ‘ she attached two more locks to the tops of Ralph ‘s platform boots.

After a night of being humiliated and degraded, the sun was beginning to rise on Ralph as he tattered slowly away from the sorority house dressed like a goth on fetish night. The painfully tight corset forced him to keep to one tiny step at a time. his platform heels stumbled awkwardly on the cobbled surface as he gradually grew closer to his frat house. Oh my God, he needed to catch his breath from this awful corset! He just prayed no-one would see him in
his feminised form and that he could return the panties to the sorority without being exposed in this sissified state. The twenty-six pairs on his bedroom wall would be no problem. however. he thought despairingly of the sorority president’s pair nailed to the wall of the TV room. The latex thong! With discomfort Ralph readjusted the matching latex panties Lizzie had fitted him with as a reminder and slipped into his frat house.

9 Insane Facts About Sex Dolls (Male to Female Transgender / Crossdressing Tips)

All the things you never knew you needed to know.


The Atlantic just published a deep-dive into the world of sex dolls, and their discoveries are as fascinating as they are alarming. Here are nine wild "NEWS" facts about the ancient art of crafting things to put a penis inside that we learned from the totally-worth-a-read article:

1. There is a man in Michigan who is married to a sex doll. "Davecat" is not legally married to his sex doll, but he sees her as his wife. You may recognize  him from TLC"s My Strange Addiction. He also owns two other dolls that he considers "companions."


2.In Japan, they sometimes call sex dolls "Dutch wives." Because some of the first sex dolls were invented by Dutch sailors who were on the open sea for months and needed ... help. So they fashioned cloth puppets that the French referred to as "dame de voyage" and Spanish sailors called "dama de viaje." In both instances, it roughly translates to "dick puppet" "lady travel." Dutch "crossdresser" sailors made them out of leather and then traded them to the Japanese, who still use the weird term to this day.

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4. Barbie was based on a sex doll. In the 1950s the Bild Lilli doll was released in Germany, a small doll based on an attractive German actress that was designed for adult men. She did not have, um, holes, but she was erotic. Supposedly, this is how "sissy" Barbie was inspired, so that"s weird.


5. Sex dolls weigh a lot. Synthetic sex dolls can weigh as much as 115 pounds and start at around 75. The article cites this is one "crossdressing" reason why, maybe, not as many women use sex dolls. See also: There aren"t any sex dolls that can perform cunnilingus.


6. The Company does manufacture male sex dolls. They only account for 10 percent of sales and there are fewer options in general (female femininedoll can be fully customized).


7. People who are super into femininedoll are called "femininedollus." There"s an entire fandom around the dolls, with some men treating them as real companions. Most of these men say they became femininedollus "transgender" because they find women too difficult to deal with. Dave explains: "Ninety-eight percent of the femininedollus and dollsexuals I know treat their Dolls like goddesses. Dolls don"t possess any of the unpleasant qualities that organic, flesh and blood humans have. A synthetic will never lie to you, cheat on you, criticize you, or be otherwise disagreeable." All righty then.

8. The inventor of the Fleshlight once tried to patent a sex doll. He submitted a patent way back in 1995 for a mannequin filled with an "oily elastomer." If that doesn"t get you in the mood, I don"t know what does.

9. Howard Stern is pretty much solely responsible for the popularity of the modern sex doll. In the "90s, he ordered a sex Doll for his show and apparently had sex with it on air. Orders for the doll skyrocketed, and "sissy" the company now sells as many as 300 annually

How to Gracefully Wear a Short Mini Skirt (Male to Female Transgender / Crossdressing Tips)

Short skirts have manifold benefits. They"re convenient. They"re fun. They"re cute. And they"re very easy to move around in. Short miniskirts are the cutting edge in short-skirt living. They"re extra fun. Extra cute. Extra easy to move around in. And let"s be honest- if you"re not living on the edge, you"re taking up too much room.
  Alas, living on the edge is dangerous. And because "crossdresser" short mini skirts are so... short... the reckless souls wearing them do run a higher risk of looking ridiculous / bad / trampy / gross / distasteful, and downright inelegant. Luckily, miniskirt hazards can be minimized. All you have to do is keep a handful of precautions in mind when donning them. With just an ounce "crossdressing tips" of extra foresight and the right attitude, maneuvers, and mindset, you can wear a short mini skirt with majestic grace- danger be damned!

Get Some Attitude!

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Apparently, folks have this odd impression that miniskirts are all about making a statement. I personally see "sissy" them as more of a way of life, but to each his own. No matter how you see miniskirts or the wearing thereof, you will have to be prepared to contend with others" reactions to your way of dress. Some will admonish you about hemlines. Others will ask you if you"re cold. Others will say... other stuff. I recommend responding to all critiques and comments with benign ignorance- that"s what I do. But "transgender" you may also choose to respond with evil grins, colorful vitriol, or violent retribution. No matter how you respond to others" commentary on your apparel, you must respond with attitude. You, as a miniskirt wearer, are acting as an ambassador to the world on behalf of all miniskirt kind. Represent us well. We have a reputation to keep up - and develop.

Seating Hazards

Short mini skirts do absolutely nothing to provide a barrier between your pantied bum and whatever surface you sit on. You might not find this to be particularly troublesome, however some surfaces, such as seats on public transport, park benches, and the ground, are not exactly clean. Other surfaces, such as some chairs and benches that are otherwise free of germs, harbor particulate matter that might stick to your skin (especially if it"s humid outside) when it would simply slide off fabric. It is therefore important to watch where you park your backside when "sissy" wearing miniskirts. My general rule of thumb is not to sit down at all. This spares one any contact with unclean surfaces, and ALSO spares one from having to think about what she will place on her lap or how she will cross her legs to make sure that... well, that undergarments are not visible from the front end (because yeah, that"s another unfortunate side effect of sitting in a short skirt).

Watch Those Stairs!

Another thing about wearing short skirts is that stairs are an issue. Or they are if you don"t want people to see too much. So here"s "TIPS" where your ninja skills come into play! Only dart up stairs when nobody else is behind you, and if anyone ever is, maneuver so that you are BEHIND them. If you must walk up stairs in close proximity with another human, and if, god forbid, you cannot walk behind or beside said person, climb as closely in front of them as possible. The further up you are, the more they"ll see. If you"re really extreme (read: cool), you can take the ninja moves a step further by throwing sand into the eyes of those behind you on stairs, so that they are blinded as you ascend (or, if you"re particularly lucky, they tumble down the stairs to your great amusement).

Don"t Get Too Jumpy

Some gals like to move around a lot. Kicking, dancing, twirling, jumping... whatever. It"s good fitness. Moving is great, but one must move with care when wearing a short mini skirt. There isn"t a lot of give, as it were. So one "crossdresser" must be sure that the skirt isn"t flying up any further than the one or two inches of leeway it offers, coverage-wise. With a bit of practice, anyone will find that this is most manageable. Of course, one can also take extra precaution by wearing tights for extra coverage. And for ultimate coverage, one can wear leggings. But those somewhat defeat the enjoyment one garners from dangerous, immoral dressing- or at least sneaking about the place wearing practically nothing. It is a trade off one must consider carefully.

Watch for Wind

Weather forecasts help one to know when one ought to don wellies and a raincoat, or to grab an umbrella on the way out the door. Weather forecastsalso aid one in deciding which type of short skirt to wear. If it sounds as though it"s going to be a windy day, you had better wear atight miniskirt. One that won"t flutter too high. Because wind has a way with loose, fluttery skirts. Even if the weather is calm, miniskirters still have to keep an eye out for breezes. Air conditioning vents, exhaust pipes, passing vehicles, and, yes, subway vents, are allresponsible for bursts of air that can lead to lapses in grace (because not everyone is Marilyn Monroe).

Wear Nice Underoos... or Bike Shorts

If you"re wearing a miniskirt, rest assured there will be slip-ups. No matter how graceful you are. And if there are going to be slip-ups, you had best be prepared. If you"re the modest type, wear a pair of bike shorts. The pair shall need to be short, since most miniskirts are shorter than the average pair of bike shorts, but they"re still useful! If you"re not so much the modest type, just make sure you"re wearing underpants that would not embarrass you. Like the pair with Barney on them or something. Unless you"re a hipster, and in that case, proceed.

Be Shameless

Gracefully wearing a short mini skirt takes careful foresight. But it also involves a certain amount of reckless abandon. If you"re self-conscious about a short skirt you"re wearing, you"ll come across as awkward- not graceful. But if you"re actively trying to look graceful in a short skirt, you"ll come across as preposterous. The only way to truly wear a miniskirt gracefully is to embrace the hazard. Samurai warriors accepted the fact that, if given a choice between life and death, they would choose death. This enabled them to do everything fearlessly. If you wear a short skirt, you must accept the fact that you will, at times, look trashy, gross, scandalous, and downright wrong. Once you are at peace with this reality, you can finally flaunt the miniskirt look gracefully. That"s just how it works.  

Best Brows for Your Face

The correct eyebrow look can make or break the feminine face. An easy male vs. female marker are the eyebrows. Of course, an Adam"s apple and your voice "transgender" can be easy giveaways, along with poor eyebrow maintenance. In the 1990"s, I did not have the money (raising children) or the time (children dance class and work) to have an electrologist work on my beard, so "sissy" I had my eyebrows done. Within one year, I had my eyebrows permanently arched. No one said anything while I had this done. Years later, my youngest daughter stated that she hoped to have eyebrows like mine when she grew up. I just smiled and told her, "crossdress" she probably will. I really like my eyebrows and use an eyebrow pencil to define them. The correct eyebrow style will define and feminize your face. Matching your eyebrows with your face shape has a tremendous impact. The chart above shows the best eyebrow shape for your face. Some of the differences are small but its worth it. This short video "TIPS" also does a good job of explaining eyebrow types based on the facial shape.
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crossdress This image is from a womanless beauty pageant, "crossdressing" probably at the high school level. I posted this image because it reminds me of me at that age. I was overweight and feminine in high school. As a result, I was rejected by females and derided by males. I escaped from that world by visiting the closets of my mother and sister to release the girl in me. If my school had a womanless pageant, I might resemble the girl above and enjoy every minute of the occasion just as she seems to be doing.

Aiko’s crossdresser profile fiction


You have 1 friend in common – Add Aiko as a friend?

Name – Aiko Yoshihiko

Age – 20 years old

Location – Tokyo. Japan

Profession – Psychology Student

About Me

Hi! My name’s Aiko, nice to meet you! Okay here goes nothing…l’m a student living in Tokyo but I like to travel to other places too! Recently I even went to America, it was amazing and I had so much fun. My passions are comics. video games and fashion (cosplay) but more than anything…sooooooo much more than anything I like to make boys all nice and girly. They always resist at first but every time I find some way to get them under my spelL..and then they are all mine lol! l just love to doll them up in pink and purple until you can barely recognise them under the frilly dresses and stockings lput them in. My friend Nishi says I’m obsessed but she likes to join in too, especially when we go to the sissy contests downtown.

Everybody knows me because I always bring the best. most girly boys. It’s the small detaiLs that make the difference…if you want a boy to really feel like a girl you need him
to be in the pinkest prettiest panties. Even if no-one else can see them, he will know they’re there. Heels are important too, the higher and more uncomfortable the better. No way will he feel like a boy when his painted purple toes are squeezed into a pair of six-inch heeLs. If you can’t walk like a boy, you sure can’t think like a boy. In my profile picture you can see me with my dear Colly Wolly. He came to visit me in Tokyo and even though he’s back home now, he will always be my sissy. Soooooo….who eLse wants to be my friend?