The transgender prototype fiction


Ash strolled back into the lounge and sighed loudly. She was still there… It wasn ‘t supposed to
be like this at all…it was supposed to be great, she was going to make him meals and tidy up
after him and stuff, not this… His mother was still sitting in the armchair with her legs curled up
to her chest, a sketchpad on her knees while she drew frantically. Since losing her job at the toy
company, it was all she did, worlu’ng on some ‘big new idea ‘ that would be her key back into
business. For Ash it was just a key to getting in the way. He couldn ‘t watch what wanted on TV,
couldn ‘t invite who he wanted around, couldn ‘t listen to the music he wanted or at the volume
he wanted…he couldn ‘t even walk around the house naked. His mother wouldn ‘t approve
basically, she still saw him as her sweet uncorrupted angel… To make things worse she kept
staring at him… Every now and again, she would look up from her work and just study him. like
he was a painting in a gallery or something…

You ‘re my inspiration, you lmow that?’ she looked up from her work as she always did, her
words falling on deaf ears as he continued to ignore her. ‘You are my guiding light and l lmow
this new project is going to sell because it’s from my heart… from my love for you!! ‘ Ash rolled his
eyes, it better sell, he couldn ‘t put up with much more of her at home. ‘Will you promise me
something?‘ He shrugged, barely listening. ‘When this is ready I’m going to need your help
pitching the prototype. Will you promise to do that for me?‘

Of course mom…anything… ‘ he shook his head almost adding that he ‘d do anything to get her
out of the house…anything to get his space back…

There was an indoor plant at the very back of the conference room. Ash tried to focus on it, to
concentrate on its shape in attempt to block out the stares of the fifteen or so men and women
sitting around the long table seperating him from it. He was aware that he was clenching his
teeth and tilting his head to the side slightly with the effort it was talu’ng to block out the reality
of the humiliating situation he found himself in. Futile…it was all futile. with his mother
standing beside him pitching her idea to the occupants of the room. explaining in detail exactly
what materials the black and pink dress was made from. explaining why she had chosen this
particular shade of makeup for the doll, why the wig he was wearing was different to the other
products on the market, it was impossible to ignore any one of the pairs of eyes burning into
him. The box felt heavy in his hands given the awkward position he was being made to stand in,
his outfit itched and he couldn ‘t wait til this was over and he had fulfilled his promise.

l must say… ‘ the company director stood up and approached his mom. ‘… your design really is
quite exquisite, it would be foolish of us not to consider adding it to our range of products. There
is one condition though, we really must use this model in our marketing campaign…her likeness
to the doll is simply fascinating…she ‘5 perfect!‘ Ash wasn ‘t sure if he was trembling with anger
or horror as she watched him shake hands firmly with his mother.

Server upgrade an aikocrossdresser fiction request


Aiko pursed her lips together with temptation as she sat impatiently on the stuffed-toy covered bed in her college dorm-room. She fidgeted with her sissy skirt as she watched the young computer techie sitting at her desk, tapping away furiously at the keys of her laptop, attempting to get it working again. Young as he was for a staff member, he was still a few years older than Aiko ‘s usual targets, but that didn ‘t stop Aiko from getting that familiar itch. She gazed at his slender figure hunched over while his fingers danced across her keyboard, every now and again he would stop to scratch his short brown hair and Aiko would find her determination to have her way grow ever stronger.

Yes, staff member or not, Martin would be hers… She had seen the way he looked at her, the wayhis eyes lingered as they passed in the corridor, the way he smiled and greeted her with that accent…mmmm…her first German collectible. lt wasn ‘t until the first time he came to fix her laptop, that Aiko realised his potential. There was just something adorable about his ask ward politeness as he explained how he had taken the tech job at Toyko University out of a love of Japanese cultIu-e and being a self-confessed transgender computer nerd E wanting to be close to Tokyo ‘s thriving technology center. Aiko smiled to herself privately at the fond memory. Cute, but she would make him so much cuter. Martin was beginning to get a little frustrated, unable to find a solution. He chewed anxiously on a ballpoint pen and clenched and uncle  nched his fists before, finally, he bit down hard and the plastic shell of the pen shattered to the desk. Aiko giggled, he must really I want to help her out. l have just the thing for you, ‘ Aiko claimed warmly, here, this will soothe you and it tastes much better than any biro.’ ‘ Martin nodded politely as he accepted the colorful lollipop fiom the girl who hadn ‘t been far

If rom his mind from them open the arrived att he college. Putting the candy between his lips, he turned .I back to the screen to continue his work just as Aiko felt a wave of triumph passing over her…

Needless to say, Martin came around much more often from then on, everyday in fact. Aiko watched with satisfaction as her new maid would clean her room, pausing every now and then for a suck on the lollipop
that he was given as payment. Ah…the candy…no one ever resisted that glorious treat, even those so determined to resist and to keep their boyish ways balked at the threat ofit being taken way once that first taste had taken place. Just like the others, Martin had pouted and crossdress sulked when Aiko showed him his K uniform, had blushed and squimred while she pulled up the panties and ruflled the pettie coats and had wished for the ground to swallow him whole as she meticulously applied makeup and a wig…but just like the others he had submitted to Aiko ‘s sweetness. Oh Martzee, ‘ she simpered one day while he was on his hands and dusting beneath her desk, the back of his uniform lifting to reveal smooth alabaster thighs above the frilly edging of the backs of his stockings. lt’s so nice to have you around, it was so silly of me to think I had to download computer viruses if I wanted to see you. Maybe we can go fora walk for a change,
I’ll bring some candy…