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I seldom test "my" links ("my art," "my photos," etc.) listed in the left sidebar of this blog. Lo and behold, today I wanted to view "my Pinterests" and the link did not work. I tested "my" other links and they did not work either! "My" links and the "send me e-mail" link were all contained within one Blogger gadget and they all used to work in a previous time. Something in Blogger must have changed. I guessed correctly that the e-mail Javascript no longer got along with "my" html links, so I separated them. The e-mail Javascript is now in one gadget and the html links in another gadget.
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  Now everything works again. Go figure!  
Wearing Nicholas Deep.
Vincent Beier, male model (Visit Juan"s NewMaleFashion for more Vincent Beier images.)

Crossdresser fiction how my best friend became my girlfriend


Tommy and I had been best friends since as long as I could remember. We kinda fit to-
get her really well. I was the big guy, the heavy, and he was my buddy who was pretty
smart. It meant I could keep him out of trouble from some of the bullies, and he could
help me out on my homework and junk We must have been about 16, it was the
summer of 1999, and we were out hiking in the woods.

I remember the day being particularly warm, real nice for walking the woods, but the
humidity was growing, and with it, came a storm. Tommy was having a hard time keep-
ing up with me,just like he normally did, but that day maybe a little more was off than I
realised. We couldn’t stay exposed for long in the rain, and as lightning flashed a
couple of times in the air. As luck would have it, I spied a cab in just on the other edge
of a clearing, and knew that was our only hope to stay dry and safe. Tommy wasn’t
completely ok with going for it, but wasn’t content waiting in the storm for it to pass,
so we set off.

The door creaked open as we secluded ourselves inside. The place actually seemed
relatively lived in. There were the ashes of a recent fire in the chimney, though there
wasn’t any signs of anybody being around as of that day. It was a nice enough place to
relax and wait out the storm. There was a pack of cards in a cupboard that gave us
some entertainment, and we just spent the afternoon quite pleasantly enjoying our
time out there.

When the truck pulled up outside, that was all about to change. I heard the diesel
engine as it heaved its way up the hill, before the door slammed and someone fiddled
with keys outside. They were perplexed to find it open. It didn’t occur to me that they
might be upset at our presence, but they really were. This redneck guy, a real Un-
abomber type, loomed tall over even myself, holding a rifle and just kept shouting. I
stood in between him and Tommy, and I could tell he was scared, and tried to get to
the bottom of the situation.

“I’m sorry, I was trying to wait out the storm, it’s my fault really,” I explained, which
made the guy back off a little.

“What? You a couple queers?” he asked, clearly disdainful. We laughed and said no, we
were just hiking and needed somewhere to wait out the storm. He didn’t seem to be-
lieve that, and on the way out, as we ran past him, he muttered some words under his
breath. At first I thought he was cursing, but not in the way that it ultimately turned out.
For whatever reason, he chose Tommy that day, and what he did changed both our
lives forever.

Miss Bebot (Beyond Miss Eng’g)

In the past, Femulate "sissy" has noted the Miss Eng"g pageant at the College of Engineering, University of Philippines-Diliman, which many acclaim as one of the best womanless "travesti"contests in existence. It turns out that the Miss Eng"g pageant is just the tip of the iceberg; the Philippines is a hotbed of womanless pageantry.
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The word "bebot" is Filipino slang for "pretty woman," similar to how the word "babe" "crossdressing Tips" is slang in many English-speaking countries. "Bebot" is also used as the name of a variety of womanless beauty pageants, for example, "crossdresser" "Miss Bebot," "Ms. Bebot, "Mr. Bebot," etc. These contests are held throughout the Philippines... in grade schools, high schools, colleges, civic groups and beyond. For example, at one Filipino hospital"s Christmas party, the male "crossdressing" nurses competed in a Miss Bebot Contest (photo above). On Pinterest, Kelly Crossita has a collection of photos from various Bebot pageants. I think you will enjoy the "TIPS" view.
Source: Metrostyle
Miss Bebot

The Lazy Girl’s Guide to Winged Eyeliner (Male to Female Transgender / Crossdressing Tips)

Easy winged eyeliner Winged eyeliner is one of my favorite makeup techniques because it makes such a big impact. It’s not always easy to do, though. In fact, sometimes it’s a freaking "crossdressing" pain in the butt. Plus, once you screw it up, it’s hard to save the rest of your makeup look. For those days when I can’t shake the cute, little toddler hanging off my arm, or for the days when, out of pure laziness, "travesti" I really just can’t get myself to even attempt liquid liner, I use this easy technique to get the same winged liner effect, but with a lot less frustration!
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Rather than using a liquid or gel liner, I use an angled brush and a black or super dark brown eyeshadow like Black or Espresso from the Lorac Pro Palette because they’re easy to work with and super goof-proof. By the way, I think the best brush of all time to use for this lazy girl’s winged liner is the MAC 266, if you happen to have one. It pretty much does the work for you.
The Black shade in the Lorac Pro palette is great!

The Black shade in the Lorac Pro palette is great! TIPS:

One of my all time favorite brushes!

One of my all-time favorite brushes!

Dip your angled brush in your shadow, then tap the brush against the side of your table to remove any excess. If you don’t do this, "transgender" you’ll get all of that lovely fallout on your cheeks instead. Next, using a pressing motion, press the shadow into your lash line. I like pressing the color instead of sweeping it because I think I get a much better, more intense color payoff.
Press the shadow into the upper lashline

Press the shadow into your upper lash line

Now, angling your brush upward, make a line as if you were continuing your lower lash line. If you follow that imaginary line, you’ll get the most flattering shape for your eye. And I use a little flicking motion at the end of the line to make sure I get a diffused tip.
Create a line following the lower lashline

Create a line following the lower lash line

The next step is a little harder to explain, so here’s a quick video to show what I’m doing. Basically, I’m flipping my brush the other way round, and "crossdressing tips" flicking it to fill in the shape of the line I want. Again, by using that flicking motion, you get a pretty diffused look, rather than a harsh line. It’s has a pretty, soft look to it. Your browser does not support the video tag. Literally, that’s it! You’re done! ?? How easy was that? I will say, though, that having the right brush makes this a thousand times easier if you’re having a hard time with it. I promise.
The finished lazy girl

The finished lazy girl’s liner look!

This is usually the liner style that I like to use on brides who request winged eyeliner. I think it looks a lot softer and "crossdressing" prettier and isn’t as harsh as liquid liner can look. Sometimes I’ll use a dark brown or even a plummy color, and and if I want to soften the line even more, I’ll take a blending brush and run over it a little bit.