New Shoes: The Rest of the Story

The remainder of my shoe order from Payless arrived and they are all keepers, that is, they fit and don’t hurt.
Layla Front-Zip Heel "Elevate your style with the Layla from Fioni! It features a glitter mesh upper, zipper up the vamp, peep toe, pearlized lining, padded footbed, 4-inch heel with a 1/2-inch platform, and a sturdy outsole."crossdresser" When this pair arrived, I eyeballed the heel and thought it looked higher than 4 inches. So I  measured it and it is almost 5 inches high. The glitter is so subtle that I would not hesitate to wear these shoes out anywhere... except on the cobblestone streets of Provincetown. I paid $27.99 for these beauties on sale versus the regular price of $39.99.  
Sinclair High Wedge "Easily dressed up or dressed down, the Sinclair espadrille from American Eagle features a faux suede upper, ankle sling with adjustable strap, faux leather lining and padded footbed, woven 4-inch wedge with 1-inch platform, and a durable outsole." This is a shoe I probably won"t wear much until next spring, but at $12 a pair, I bought a pair now (in red) before they disappeared in my size. "crossdressing"
Mink Medallion Wedge "The Mink Wedge from Fioni can take you from work to weekend in no time flat! It features a pretty round toe with shiny medallion, 3-inch wrapped wedge, jersey lining, "sissy" padded insole, and rubber outsole." I chased this shoe for months, but it was always sold out in my size online and in the store. Then surprise, it was suddenly available this week in my size online and at an incredible clearance price of only $10. I bought a pair in black patent. One problem that occurred when my new shoes arrived is where to store them. My closet space is overflowing, so I guess it"s time to go through my shoe collection and eliminate the seldom worn footwear.
Wearing Boston Proper (I love the necklace!)
Gene Wilder femulates in the 1982 film Hanky Panky.

My sexy transform roommates comics 57

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At CelebSuit HQ, buisness was booming. Since their service had started, hundreds of celebrities had sent in orders for bodysuits.

One of the more recent ones was Amanda Seyfried. She had been rumored to be dating her bodyguard, and because of this many of her ex-boyfriends were after him. She wanted to get him the suit for his own protection……
Jim woke up in a completely dark room. He put his hand on his forehead to refocus, feeling his long blonde hair… wait what? He looked down and was shocked to see two massive breasts and a small slit where his member” used to be. His body was practically hairless, save for the long blonde locks on his head, and he was tucked into a sexy black dress. He then heard his beloved
Amanda’s voice through an intercom…

Jim, I’m doing this for your own good. Lots of people are coming after you, but not me. If you can pass as an exact duplicate of me, they’ll leave you alone. That’s why I have the suit’s key in my possesion. If they caught you outside of it, it would be over for us. But don’t worry, we can still be together. I’ve always wondered what it would be like to sleep with a woman…”

Fashion for Old Ladies (Like Me)

sissy I am an old lady (65 years old and counting). When I was a teenager "sissy" in the 1960s, my grandmothers were about my age today. They dressed like peers their age. As I recall, here were the key items of their wardrobe: - Ankle-length, flowing dresses that left everything to the imagination, usually in a dark color or a floral pattern. - Black sensible laced shoes with short, thick heels. - Black sensible bags. - Hats festooned with flowers. - Little or no makeup or jewelry. - No pants. I never saw my grandmothers wear pants. I doubt if they owned a pair. Fifty years later and I am old enough to be a grandmother, but I dress nothing like my grandmothers (does anyone?). If anything, I dress like my mother when she was in her 40s and 50s. But sometimes I wonder if I should dress more like the old lady I am rather than a middle-aged woman. "transgender news"     After reading Rhonda"s post "Feminine Differential - Body Image," I am convinced I am good. Rhonda"s post is a good read and I urge you to see it for yourself. In it, she refers to a recent post about body image from a blog called Haute Business Fashion and Finance written by that blog"s author, Helen. After perusing Helen"s post, I added her blog to my Blog List for future reference. Helen is about 10 years younger than I, but we have some things in common... wouldn"t you say? "transgender" crossdressingHelen and I  
crossdressing The beautiful Terence Stamp femulating for the 1994 Australian film The Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert.