Corsets for Men A Crossdresser’s Guide to Cinching (Male to Female Transgender Crossdressing Tips).

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Waist cinching first began in the Victorian era when a tiny waist was the epitome of fashion for high-born ladies, but today’s crossdresser can make use of this practice to enhance femininity and look more attractive than ever. Like the noble ladies of our past, modern men who practice crossdressing have come to embrace the indispensible art of cinching for the way it makes them look and the way it makes them feel. Corsets for men, foundation undergarments and other cinching apparel effectively turn a male waistline into a shapely, feminine-looking form. Some people use corsets or cinching only when they want to look womanly for a night on the town, but many others use these techniques to reshape and maintain girlish waistlines for a lifetime.

Corsets and Cinching



Even beginners to crossdressing recognize the value of waist shaping, but many don’t know where to start when it comes to cinching. The first step is learning exactly how and why corsets and cinching benefit the transgender or crossdresser. Cinchers work most effectively when the wearer laces the garment tight to pull in the waist and redistribute the surrounding flesh to the breast and hip areas. Using corsets for men in this manner results in a sexy, voluptuous and ultra-feminine appearance that will turn many heads. Until they become used to the sensation of cinching, newcomers should avoid over-lacing as the practice may cause discomfort when moving and breathing.

Choosing a Cincher

The world of corsets and cinchers is a vast place filled with a plethora of tantalizing garments. Just like other challenges a crossdresser or transgender must face, trial and error will be your best friend. Having said that, it’s important to note that most ladies corsets found in department stores probably won’t meet your needs, but have no fear, there are many options available including selections like these:

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  • Ultimate Satin Waist Cinching Corset | Heavy steel boning keeps the waist tiny while enhancing the curves in the hip and breast area.
  • Edwardian Lace-Back Corset | Fully boned for precise control, this stunning corset features an easy front closure and makes a sexy undergarment.
  • Butt Booster Body Shaper | This shaper features foam padding for the butt and firm control for the mid-section.

Bottom Line


Regardless of why you’re considering corsets for men, you owe it to yourself to make an informed decision. With research and a little bit of time, you’ll find a cincher that meets all of your requirements, including comfort, allure, and beauty.

My Favorite Things Come in Pairs

The first item of women"s clothing I ever wore were a pair of my mother"s nylon stockings. I recall looking in the floor-length mirror mounted on the inside of her closet door and admiring my pre-puberty hairless legs believing that they looked just like women"s legs! With my mother"s closet door wide open, I noticed the stack of shoe boxes on the closet floor and I suddenly felt motivated to try on a pair of her high heel pumps. I opened a random box and found a pair in a floral fabric with a 3-inch heel. I slipped on the heels and they fit perfectly. I looked in the mirror and the combination of nylons and high heels was exhilarating! Not only did my legs look like women"s legs, but now they looked shapely and sexy, too! I have been a big fan of high heels ever since. When en femme, I seldom wear anything else on my feet. Unless the occasion absolutely screams for flats, I wear heels. Once upon a time, I thought that at 6-feet-2, wearing heels would make it more difficult to pass. But I came to the realization that if I can pass at 6-foot-2 wearing flats, then I can pass at 6-foot-6 wearing 4-inch heels. I love wearing heels. They make my legs look more shapely and more importantly, I feel more feminine, more lady-like wearing heels. I know it’s my late-1950s/early-1960s socialization that makes me feel this way, but that"s me and I"m not changing shoe styles at this late date. Genetic females often compliment me about my proficiency in walking in heels and ask if it was difficult learning how. Truth is that I took to heels like Daisy Duck took to heels. As a child, my mother often mentioned that I walked on my tiptoes. I assumed that walking on my tiptoes was not the way a male was supposed to walk, but nobody ever taught me the "correct" way to walk. So I took the path of least resistance and continued to walk on my tiptoes. I believe that my penchant for walking on my tiptoes made walking in high heels a natural thing to do. True or not, from day one, I never had a problem walking in heels. Heels hurt. I have high heels that begin hurting as soon as I slip them on and I have heels that I can wear all day with little or no pain. I discovered that the height of the heel is not critical as far as pain is concerned. Some of my most comfortable shoes have 4-inch stiletto heels. Go figure! Wearing heels makes my femulation complete. Despite the pain, I will never give up wearing heels; you will have to remove my high heels from my cold, dead feet.
Wearing Victoria"s Secret.
Male femulates at a lavender graduation.

Blogging Maturely

Hi Stana, I like your new theme on your blog: the older you. The future you, clad in black, platform sandals, beads and a cute hairstyle, is sexy and attractive. In this older woman vein, I have found inspiration at the website Style at a Certain Age... you may very well know of it. Your devoted follower, Beth
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Hello Stana, There"s no shortage of older women style blogs... For example try Not Dead Yet Style (I love that title) and also see her list of her favorite blogs. Best regards, Susan
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And then there is Ginger Burr"s Total Image Consultants Blog that contains useful articles and tips on how to present a more fabulous mature you.
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Michal Grobelny femulates Jennifer Rush on Polish television"s Twoja Twarz Brzm Znajom.