I have been reading about women who, as part of their daily life, feel harassed by men while in public (called "street harassment"). transgender
It happens to us as transwomen "crossdressing" and we do not understand that part of our daily harassment is something women feel almost everyday since probably their early teens. As a male teen in the 1960"s and 1970"s, it was considered part of showing off your manhood by verbally "harassing" women. Of course, we did not look at it that way. But I remember being with friends in public and saying suggestive things to women in public. Or yelling out of a car window while passing women.   Now that the heels are on the other foot, I understand the unwanted attention and why some women dress down when out in public. transgender I now want to be part of the solution. So now when I see a woman who has taken the time (I know about that) to look nice. I will give them a "womanly" "crossdresser" compliment. I am not trying to "hit on them," but I want to say something that will hopefully make their day. I will say something positive about their hair color or style, clothes, shoes, nails or overall appearance. It"s usually quick and no response is required. However, most women smile and say thank you.
I hope my compliment will offset some jerk who may harass them during the day. Thanks to the success of the LGBT movement, 99.99% of people say nothing to you during the day when in girl mode. But that one person who gives you that look or says something negative can mess up your whole day or at least throw your confidence off. transgender Then it occurred to me that when I see a transgender person, I should go out of my way to give her a compliment whether I read them or not. I may be wrong that they are trans, so I compliment them just like any other women. I was at a restaurant in guy mode and my waiter was a thin young man, who was broadcasting female signals through his mannerism and overall style. I first complimented him on his eyes. Later, I told him I was a transwoman crossdressing as a guy :-}. (I was on my way to my electrologist.) That was the first time I just came out and told someone in a matter-of-fact way.
He asked if we could talk for a few minutes. We did and I gave him my history and what it was like in the 60"s, 70"s and 80"s for transgender people. As we talked, I realized that it is important that we need to come out (even in guy mode) so that we can help each other, especially the younger ones. I did not preach, but I told him the importance of higher education and how it helped me. I told him about my cousin, who was my age, quit high school and later prostituted, only to die of AIDS in 1984. I really felt good after our talk. We exchanged phone numbers and I told him he can call me anytime even though I doubt he will. I hope I had a positive impact on his life.
So now I compliment women all the time, especially seeking out transgender women. It helps me feel closer to womanhood and hopefully make someones day.

Crossdressing Events The Femme Gala Ball Sat

Wow has it been a year already ? It is time once again for The Femme Gala Ball one of the largest gatherings of Crossdressers and Transgender Women, Significant Others, Admirers  & Friends on the east coast . Here you can meet like minded people, make new friends, wear your most elegant gown all under one roof in the safety and comfort of the Femme Group. Picture an "Oscar Style "party, with a DJ,Dancefloor, All you can eat dinner selections, cash bar, a professional photographer, photo booth, and some of the BEST people to spend a fabulous evening with.   Last years event was huge and had an extremely large turnout and this year expect an even BIGGER crowd. Girls come from all over the United States and make a weekend of it with events and outings scheduled for Friday night too...All the information and some pictures on everything you need to know is below.
What is Femme ?  Femme is the leading transgender organization and transformation service in the United States . It is a professional and personalized service for the transgendered community. They have been proudly serving those within this community for over 15 years and continue to be dedicated to helping you "unleash" your femme side. 

With utmost discretion, let we help you discover and celebrate your beautiful femme self, as well as provide you with the resources for friendship and guidance through your journey. 

Offering a variety of services, a fully stocked boutique for all of your femme needs and fun events like The "Gala Ball" we guarantee to be your best all around choice for a friendly, affordable and safe crossing dressing and transitional journey. 
crossdresser WHERE IS THE EVENT HELD  The Ball Is Held at the LGBT friendly Clarion Hotel & Conference Center - Macarthur Islip Airport, Ronkonkoma, New York. Located off the LIE or Northern State Parkway, close to Macarthur Airport and within 50 minutes of New York City. 

FREE Shuttle service from and to Macarthur Airport (East Islip Airport) and there is also a nearby Train Station. 

The Block Number is "FEMMEFEVER GALA BALL 2016". The block number must be used in order to reserve rooms at this special rate. To reserve, you must call the actual hotel the ball is taking place at, (631) 585-9500 to receive the special $99 rate (not the general Clarion number for all Clarion hotels). 
crossdresser How Can I Attend This Event ? Tickets must be purchased in advance. Gala Ball Tickets are $85.00 per person. Cash, Check, Credit Card, Money Order and PayPal are all acceptable forms of payment. 

Checks and Money Orders must be made payable to KL Enterprise Inc. and can be mailed to PO Box 203, Levittown, NY 11756. Please be sure to include a note that states your name, where the tickets should be mailed or if you are opting for the tickets to be held at the door (if so under what name). 
Your tickets for this incredible event can be held at the door, mailed to you or picked up (at Karen"s in Levittown/ Wantagh) prior to the event. 

Get your tickets TODAY! Last years event turn out nearly filled to space capacity!! 
Can I Get A Makeover There ?
Yes !! You can !! Why not look your very best right ? Professional Pre-Ball Makeovers are available in our Large & Lovely courtesy room at the very same location our event takes place, Clarion Hotel & Conference Center.  Prior to the Ball, in a fabulous, private room, Transformation Specialist, Karen and several other Professional Makeup Artists will be working on makeup application by appointment. We work closely with each gal to ensure you look just as beautiful as you imagined! 

Professional Makeup Application, plus wig brush out.

Most gals that attend this elegant event book an appointment for professional makeup application so be sure to book your appointment as soon as possible as available appointment times do fill up quickly. 

Wigs, Hose, Nails, Jewelry, etc. can be picked up as well in the private room area where makeovers will be taking place.

What if I am afraid to go out in public dressed ?
Femme"Crossdresser or Transgender"  is one of the most welcoming and comfortable groups out there today. If you feel uncomfortable they will also provide one of the Femme gals to walk you to the Ballroom should you not want to walk alone.  
What else is going on that weekend ? 
Prior to the ball on Friday there will be a Meet & Greet dinner and an outing to the nearby Lizard Lounge.
A Saturday Pre -Ball Lunch will be held at a local restaurant across the street. 
Late Saturday night will be an AFTER PARTY with DJ, Drinks & More Dancing inside the hotel bar area. 

12 things you need to know about BDSM (Male to Female Transgender / Crossdressing Tips)

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1.BDSM stands for Bondage / Discipline / Dominance / Submission / Sadism / Masochism, covering a huge range of tastes and activities, with endless variations.

2. It"s not all 50 Shades of Grey. Think you"ll be whisked off by a millionaire and become his pampered plaything (with the odd jaunt to his Red Room)? Think again. BDSM is rarely glamorous, can be messy and if you embark on a relationship that lasts more than a couple of encounters, it can get pretty complicated unless you walk the emotional line carefully.

3. Submitting doesn"t mean being weak. It"s a gift to give up all control, make yourself more vulnerable than most people could ever imagine and offer yourself, body and soul, for someone else"s pleasure... And of course, doing so is also a submissiveness"s ultimate pleasure.

4. Not everyone can be a good dominant, although plenty of people give themselves that title. A good dom is completely in control and never lets things get out of hand. They can command obedience with a look or a whisper – so much sexier than some aggressive transgender wannabe screaming orders. The right dom will also get to know their sub. He or she will know when and how to push, and how far.

5. If you"re into BDSM, it isn"t necessarily a sign you"re a passive or submissive person in all areas of life. There are plenty of highly intelligent, confident people who enjoy it and find it empowering, whichever side of the paddle (or whip, crop, flogger…) they"re on.

6. BDSM doesn"t have to involve sex - it can be a purely mental activity. Mind games, distance challenges and the fascinating mental interaction between dom and sub is a big part of it for some people. It"s also not all about whips, handcuffs and pain. Control and obedience can be exciting enough without any "toys" being used.

7. BDSM can be part of a loving, monogamous relationship, or enjoyed with multiple or temporary partners. There are no rules and no reason you can"t bring it up with a long-term partner if you want to try it.


8. It"s possible to enjoy both sides of the spectrum. Some people are into being both dominant and submissive - they"re called "switches". A switch might be a dom with one partner and a sub with another, or a couple might take turns to play each role.

9. Safe words do exist. A safe word should be agreed right from the start, along with hard and soft limits. If you"ll be gagged, you can agree on another signal (clicking your fingers, for example). "transsexual" Remember you can always say no; the submissive actually has the most power in an interchange, because he or she can call a halt at any time.

10. BDSM can be dangerous, with real risks involved. Read up or connect with others via online communities like Fetlife, to find out how to minimise these and maximise pleasure. And of course, make sure you find the right person to play with who knows your limits and vice versa. Safety is key.


11. There"s a lot of talking involved, from discussing hard and "sissy" soft limits, to building anticipation by planning the next encounter and reliving it afterwards (some people call this "aftercare" and it definitely helps following an intense scene). "transsexual"

12. It"s totally different to what you"d expect. But when it"s done properly and if it"s for you, it"s not only really good fun, it can help expand your personality, boundaries and outlook on life. "transgender"

New Shoes: The Rest of the Story

The remainder of my shoe order from Payless arrived and they are all keepers, that is, they fit and don’t hurt.
Layla Front-Zip Heel "Elevate your style with the Layla from Fioni! It features a glitter mesh upper, zipper up the vamp, peep toe, pearlized lining, padded footbed, 4-inch heel with a 1/2-inch platform, and a sturdy outsole."crossdresser" When this pair arrived, I eyeballed the heel and thought it looked higher than 4 inches. So I  measured it and it is almost 5 inches high. The glitter is so subtle that I would not hesitate to wear these shoes out anywhere... except on the cobblestone streets of Provincetown. I paid $27.99 for these beauties on sale versus the regular price of $39.99.  
Sinclair High Wedge "Easily dressed up or dressed down, the Sinclair espadrille from American Eagle features a faux suede upper, ankle sling with adjustable strap, faux leather lining and padded footbed, woven 4-inch wedge with 1-inch platform, and a durable outsole." This is a shoe I probably won"t wear much until next spring, but at $12 a pair, I bought a pair now (in red) before they disappeared in my size. "crossdressing"
Mink Medallion Wedge "The Mink Wedge from Fioni can take you from work to weekend in no time flat! It features a pretty round toe with shiny medallion, 3-inch wrapped wedge, jersey lining, "sissy" padded insole, and rubber outsole." I chased this shoe for months, but it was always sold out in my size online and in the store. Then surprise, it was suddenly available this week in my size online and at an incredible clearance price of only $10. I bought a pair in black patent. One problem that occurred when my new shoes arrived is where to store them. My closet space is overflowing, so I guess it"s time to go through my shoe collection and eliminate the seldom worn footwear.
Wearing Boston Proper (I love the necklace!)
Gene Wilder femulates in the 1982 film Hanky Panky.

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