Sissy inverted tg caption fiction


It wasn’t long before Aaron and Chloe found mensselves arriving at the studio again, ready for Grace’s last outing as a model. Aaron had agreed to do thls last shoot only because lt pald cash. lle could bare belng a gothlc doll for a day lf lt meant that he ended up with a thicker wallet afterwards.
The two of them were greeted at reoeptlon by the photographer from the Angel’s Grace shoot whose name was Darren. He handed Aaron. fully dressed as Grace. a sheet of paper and explained it was [mt legal jargon that she needed to sign.

Aaron made up an liledble giriy scribble to function as Grace’s signature and signed at the bottom. Taking the sheet from
Grace. Darren led his model to the back room to get dressed.
Chloe couldn’t wait to see how Aaron would emerge this time. Whilst Aaron got dressed, Darren explained to Chloe. who was allowed to wait ln the stwio this time, that they were doing an outside slnot today. Chioe wasn’t sure how Aaron felt about this, but he’d been out as Grace before. She was sure he wouldn’t mim.
The two of tlnm were interrupted by the click-clack of heels on the concrete floor. Chloe was surprised the last time sin saw
Grace emerge for her shoot. but this time she was speechless. Aaron had been squeezed into a latex outfit. complete with skyscraper inels and some bizarre chain accessories. Aaron’s hair had been lengthened again but hadn’t been dyed, some blonde extensions adding a bit of colour this time. l-ils makeup was flawless again and Chloe hid a snigger as she saw the ridiculom spiked collar her brother was wearing. “Come on,
Darren said as he moved towards the door, “Jump in the car and we’ll get going.

Chloe had to hold Aaron steady as he teetered towards the car outside, surprised that he was keeping upright in tin enornnus ineis. ills face was fixed into a scowl and he refmed to speak to Chloe during their short car journey. lt’s not my fault that you’re a fetish model, she thought. Again. she felt slightly envious oanron’s figure in the tight clothes. As if lnr borther was a prettier girl than she was!
They pulled over on a country road and Darren explained he wanted a few shots of Grace in front of a creepy looking tree.
They stepped out into the freezing autumn weather and Aaron positioned himself on the empty road. Chloe could see him shivering the latex doing little to keep him warm in the cold.
Darren muttered about Grace’s shivering but seemed satisfied with the handful of photos he had taken. Luckily for Aaron, they were done within the hour.
On the way back to the studio, Darren handed Aaron an evelope, thanking Grace for the shoot and apolodsing for the cold. The envelope felt lnavy in Aaron’s hand and his mood brightened a little. Darren explained that the fetish shoots always paid well and If either of the two girls were desperate for some extra cash, to let him know and he’d set somean up.
Chloe didn’t think she’d ever be desperate enomh to dress up in skimpy audits, but stranger thing had happened.
Stranger thing would continue to happen to Chloe and Aaron

Sissy zoe ‘s new sex toy fiction


The fittle brown bird fluttered, leaping from branch to branch. stopping only to glance up at the window momentarily as it continued on its merry way. Freely, it sang softly. taunting him. Felix was no ornothologist but he guessed it could be a mockingbird. It would have been appropriate anyway. he mused as he watched it soar away. leaving him alone in his cage. Sighing with frustration.

he moved inside away from the balcony and gazed down at his own plummage. A black teddy hugged his newly bimbo perma-tanned body, a high-cut hem resting gently over his pantihose covered legs. One short look in the wall mirror was enough to confirm that his appearance had gone far beyond anything he had ever been as Felicia. His hair was exquisitely styled and crafted into a tight bun on top of his head and his makeup was now thicker and more obvious than it had ever been before. Everything about the way he looked was reflected in the outrageously decorated room that housed him. a sickeningly feminine bedroom that joined in harmony with his image to scream one solitary word loud and clear…BlMBO!


It had only been a few days but already a definite routine had formed. Alone in his dolls room deep in Zoe ‘s residence. Felix waited dressed to the nines to be summoned by his captor. The now dreadfully familiar tune from the Divinyls would trickle into the room and the next thing Felix would know he would be waking up on the four poster bed in a new and freshly humiliating outfit. There was, however. more to it than that. Unlike with his blackouts as Feficia. he found that he would come to exhausted. often with an aching back and weary hips. More than once he awoke with a funky taste in his mouth. there was something haunting about it that reminded him of the day he met Zoe at the theater. By the time he found the smeared lipstick underneath his clothes, he
had all but confirmed the truthmhe had become Zoe ‘s new sex toy.

The longing to escape never left him, but as the days passed it was joined by something else. A nagging curiosity ate away at him as he wondered what Zoe was doing with his body while he was in bimbo mode. Curiosity soon turned to lust. Zoe was after all a stunningly beautiful woman and as it stood he was getting all the battle scars and none of the glory. He started to wonder if Zoe was doing the same with his sister and it was the jealously of Tori that eventually pushed him to take action. If he were to escape. he wanted to know just once what delights Zoe was sharing with his bimbofied form. Using some balled up padding Wis waited. Hours passed but finally the song must have Played because the door swung open to reveal Zoe. She stood there. simply radiating sex…beckoning for him to come join her…

Presents truth sissy fiction


errrr….her name is Madeline… ‘ tars began gingerly, glancing at his already frowning girlfriend. ‘…back when l was a
student I had a job at McDonalds for a while… we worked the drive-thru together. ‘ Kylie was beckoning for him to continue
and the audience were listening in silence. ‘It was really boring sometimes and we were young you know…sometimes when
it was really quiet we would fool around and do it right there in the booth. ‘ A cameraman shifted position to get a better
close-up of his girlfriend, who was now seething with jealousy. ‘Eventually. we got up the courage to pleasure each other
while we were leaning through the window taking orders, it was so tough…when she was blowing me I could barely hear
what the customers were saying…

The producers were once again studying the crowd as tars finished up his story. If they were fisappointed he wasn’t being
bimbofied. they certainly didn’t show it as they whooped and cheered the end of his tale and then again when his
girlfriend gave him a forgiving hug. They looked on through the monitors as Greg completed his first round with similar
ease and they started to wonder if maybe they had over done it with the prize money. Kylie was revving the crowd up once
again in preparation for Lars’s next picture and when it came there were gasps from the studio’s bleachers. A outrageously
busty young woman was displayed on the big screen, a shiny catsuit unzipped to the waist as only her slender fingers
stopped her giant tits from being totally exposed in what looked like the inside of a garage. lars was looking noticably


errrrmrnm wait…there’s gotta be some kind of mistake… ‘ he stammered hard, ‘…I don’t know that woman…l’ve never
seen her before, you ‘ve got to believe me.” Abi was standing with her hands on her hips. clearly unimpressed.

Now Lars… ‘ Kylie smiled despite some obvious confusion, ‘…I ‘m sure I don’t have to remind you what happens if you
refuse to tell Abi here the truth. Think how ridiculous you’ll feel with those huge breasts implanted into your chest, how
you’ll look with synthetic hair giving you that cute bob forever and your face completely reshaped with collagen. Think
how humiliating it will be when we stuff you in that latex catsuit for your big reveal…

Please…‘ lars was whimpering now. ‘…I don’t know her. Abi…Abi…l promise…

In the production room all hell was breaking loose. What was that idiot doing! .’ Just tell the damn story?! They watched
open-mouthed as he kept protesting his innocence. Executives were pacing around, cursing anyone and everyone. It was the
live return of the Network and they knew full well with so many people watching they couldn’t go back on the game’s
rules. It would be ratings suicide. The lead producer took one last look at the monitor where lars was on his knees

Okay that’s enough… ‘ he snarled into the intercom. ‘…send in security. have him transformed…