10 Super Simple All Natural Beauty Tips for crossdressers

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The world would have us believe that there are no simple and inexpensive natural beauty tips and source) And according to a UK survey, women will spend well over a year of their life applying that makeup. (source) Ouch. That, of course, says nothing of the toxic chemicals so commonly found (with almost zero regulation) in beauty products. Yep. Seems like the world is telling us that we need to spend lots of time, lots of money, and risk our health to be beautiful. Don’t believe it. For starters, let’s get real about the idea of beauty. To me it’s about unmasking the real person, not covering it up. And there are lots of simple ways to thank your body, feel more beautiful, and not have to pay an arm and a leg for it. Here are just 10. They are easy. They are all natural. And yet, still luxurious. Enjoy.
tricks. What makes me say that?  Well, did you know that the beauty industry is a nearly $300 BILLION dollar empire? And that the average woman spends about $15,00 on just makeup in her lifetime! (

10 Simple All Natural Beauty Tips

1. Banana and Egg Hair Treatment

Looking for a little more shine in your hair? Simply mix one egg and a mashed up banana. Apply it as a thick paste to your hair and leave it on for 10 – 30 minutes. Wash it our doing your usual hair washing ritual (if you usually use a store-bought conditioner you’ll probably only need to condition the ends). And voila!

2. Moisturizing Nail Treatment

Soak your nails in olive oil for five minutes. And then sit back and admire your pretty hands.

3. Simple Honey Face Mask

Raw honey is naturally anti-bacterial and a super quick way to get soft, beautiful skin. Once a week use a tablespoon or so of raw honey (not the processed stuff parading as honey) and gently warm it by rubbing your fingertips together. Spread on your face. Leave on for 5 – 10 minutes and then use warm water to gently rinse it off and pat dry. Then bask in the glow of your honey-awesomeness. This raw honey is awesome, by the way.

4. Apple Cider Vinegar Clarifying Shampoo

For those who are using commercial shampoos: To help eliminate any build up in your hair, mix ¼ cup organic apple cider vinegar (like this) with 1 cup water. Follow with your usual conditioner.

5. Elbow and Knee Exfoliate and Skin Brightener

Cut an orange in half and rub it on your elbows and knees. Helps soften those rough patches. And it smells good. (Rinse off the sticky mess when you are done.)

6. Gentle Body Scrub

Mix a 2 to 1 ratio of olive oil and sea salt to make a quick and effective body scrub. This helps get rid of dead skin cells creating softer, more glowing skin. And this natural beauty tip is much cheaper that expensive store bought  body scrubs.

7. Easy Deep Conditioning Hair Treatment

Want super soft, hydrated hair? Use melted coconut oil as a deep conditioning hair and scalp treatment. Massage coconut oil into your scalp and then work it through your hair. Leave it on for a couple of hours and then wash it out using shampoo (no need to condition unless you have really long hair and then maybe just the ends.) Note: For you no ‘poo-ers keep in mind that coconut oil will saturate your hair with awesome goodness… that can be really hard to get out with just baking soda and *some* natural shampoos. You may want to try just a little coconut oil on a little section of hair and see if you can get it out before you do this. Otherwise you might have really greasy (but soft!) hair for a few washes. NOT that I’m speaking from personal experience of anything (*cough*).

8. Simple Toxic-Free Shaving Cream

Use coconut oil on your legs as a natural replacement for your shaving cream. Talk about a simple, natural beauty tip.

9. All Natural Black Head Removal

Place 4 or 5 drops of raw honey on an open lemon wedge. Then rub the lemon on your face for a minute, emphasizing any trouble areas. Leave the mixture on for 5 minutes and rinse with cold water. (Keep in mind that citrus can make your skin photosensitive so it’s best to do this before bed rather than before going outside).

10. Dry Brushing for Better Skin

Dry brushing is a simple detoxification process for your body. It stimulates a number of organs through a gently massage. It also helps the lymphatic system, eliminates dead skin coatings, strengthens the immune system, can eliminate cellulite, stimulates the hormones, and can help tighten skin through better circulation. Best of all, it’s cheap and easy. Learn more about dry brushing and how to do it here. Here’s a great skin brush to get you started!

Take Care

Remember, the best beauty secrets are not quick fixes. They require good sleep, stress management, proper nutrition, and physical exercise. While all these little “gems” above can provide some oomph to your beauty routine, remember that real beauty is a result of taking care (or “thanking”) your body on a daily basis. And by being you. Because you are beautiful. Tell me, what are your “go to” beauty tips?

I’m a sissy maid fiction


“Relax man, All you gotta do is steal our trtgh’y back”
“But what happens if they catch me
“How are they going to catch you?”
“They might Ind out that I’m a guy”
“And thats why we transformed gov into a ”girl. You don’t
even resemble your mer self.

“I’ve changed my mind. I don’t want to do this anymore”
“You should have said that before. The onl way to turn you back is with the other side of the gem lyhe gem that was mistakenly encrusted into the “why that we were supposed to win if they di n’t cheat.”

90 l’vejust got to earn their trust and steal the trophy?”
“Take your time though. It is a charity based cafe owned by the rival team. They’d be on the look out”

“And thats wh I’m a maid? and not a chef or cashier?”
The chef is stuck in the kitchen, the cashier is stuck at the register. The waitress has to go everywhere.”
Defeated, Micheal got his job at the cafe. Funnily‘enough the trophy was on full display behind the register. ichea was there for weeks waiting for his chance to be alone so he could
get enough time to pick the case, steal the trophy, and vanish. Unluckily for him, the trophy had been encrusted with other magical gems and the gathering of them was no mistake. A secret gift from the higher ups to support a very important charity commission. Michael’s memory was wiped

‘and replaced im new, artificial memories of him serving the I cafe and e other team since he was a young girl.

Crossdressing valentine an aiko story fiction


Two weeks had passed and Aiko was still waiting for a Valentine ‘s date. It wasn’t
that the boys in her class didn’t find her attractive, it wasn’t even that they didn’t
want to date her, in fact. they would do anything for Aiko. And there lay the
problem… Aiko had announced to the boys in the class that to be her Valentine
you didn’t need to give her flowers…or a card…or even write poetry…all you had
to do was take one of the heart shaped candies that lay in a bowl on the edge of
her desk. Everyone knew strange things happened to boys who ate Aiko’s candy,
rumours of it’s addictiveness and how after a single bite. boys would do anything
for another circulated. These went hand 0. hand with stories of what exactly Aiko
would make you do before giving you that precious second helping and so a
stand-off ensued…

Everything changed the day Rob joined the class. Transferred from another school
for being a bully. he was a brutish metal head with long greasy brown hair and
thick powerful limbs who loved nothing more than to torture his classmates. He
immediately set out to mark his territory and proceded to push around and mock
there staf theboysintheclass. Snatdling an iphone and shoving it into the
pocket of his dirty baggy jeans. something caugh this eye and he madeab-line
for Aiko’s desk where Aiko herself was sitting and smiling sweetly. ‘Thanks for
the free candy!’he mocked as he took a whole handful of there dream in his
finger less-gloved paw and shaved them ‘mto his mom. ‘Got any more…bitch?’
Not right now. ‘ she giggled softly, ‘but if you meet me after school I’ll give you
everything you‘ve ever wanted! ‘ Rob just granted as Aiko smiled on cutely. A
clam my sweat see me dto for mon his face and his pupilsdilatedwildly. he
suddenly stormed afi. knocking the empty bowl to the floor.



Not right now. ‘ she giggled softly, ‘but if you meet me after school I’ll give you
everything you’ve ever wonted!‘ Rob just grunted as Aiko smiled on cutely. A
clammy sweat seemed to form on his face and his pupils dilated wildly, he
suddenly stormed ofi. knocking the empty bowl to the floor.

The next morning when the bellrang to signal the start of a new day. there was
no mad rush to class. Instead, students crowded en masse around the play area
deflated [or the elementary kids. Some recorded on cell phones and others just
stood open-mouthed watching Rob. accompanied by Aiko. riding a carousel
horse. His greasy dork hair was now clean and bleadved blonde framing a
heavily madeup face and pouting red glossy lips. Gone were his metal band shirts
and baggy jeans and in their place was a short colorful and extremely feminine
dress that barely covered his tattoos combined with skin toned panty hose and
high-heeled MaryJanes. As the carousel turned. he gobbled voraciously on a red
heart-shaped condy lollipop. Between slurps. he looked out helplessly at the
crowd of students. the abject humiliation displayed clearly on his face for all to
see before his insotiable desire for another suck once again took over. Finally.
Aiko had got her Valentine!

How To Line Your Lips (Male to Female Transgender / Crossdressing Tips)

Feminization Tip Want to make your lips look bigger ? When you line your lips, use a slightly darker shade of lip liner and create some depth .
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STEP 1. Fill in your lips crossdress STEP 2 . Blot Your Lipstick sissy STEP 3. Give your lips a light coat of a setting powder. crossdress Step 4.  Re-Apply Lipstick crossdress crossdress

Fiction crossdressing woman with me


The doctors at Curves lnc never messed around. I was given a five star service from
entering until I left the building. I conference called with Dominic in order to choose a
face and body that both fit my personality, and worked with one another. He was a
busy man, and thus couldn’t attend, but was helpful enough to pencil me in during
work time to help me out. Without having anyone else to speak with, he kind of under-
stood that l’d be going alone if he didn’t pitch in.

One I decided on all the optional perks and the overall appearance, I was sedated,
and three operations performed on me one after another. The first was the gene
splicing, wherein my genetic code was rewritten from base, the second was the
actual sex change operation, and then the third was a cosmetic operation in order to
make me look as much like my target body as possible. They did a find job, and when
I awoke to a ringing head and soreness everywhere, I looked just like I’d imagined I
would. Dominic was there too, for support as my bandages were removed. He had to
leave swiftly afterward as l was having two outpatient examinations that would re-
quire privacy. ! had breasts! I had a vagina! I looked so beautiful I just wanted to cry!
When I left the centre, I found another fine car awaiting me outside. The hospital had
provided some basic clothing, but I was going to need to buy some for myself. On en-
countering Dominic in the back of the limo, I suspected something was up. I didn’t
expect it to be so positive though! We spent the day walking between all the clothing
stores that Los Angeles had to offer, and when a billionaire’s with you, it would be
rude of him to expect me to pay.

We caught lunch at at a sushi restaurant, where I saw two members of the Avengers
quite inebriated, and Superman sat alone, with a sad look on his face. On the way out,
two paparazzi shot us leaving, which gave me a bright red face, and a broad grin on
Dominic’s. I hadn’t expected that! We drove around for a while longer, until we
stopped at quite a bright and sunny, picturesque location, where Dominic turned to
me. I was quite breathless by this point, and was beginning to find myself in an odd
mood. There was something about him I’d not noticed earlier, something I wasn’t sure
how I felt about.

He asked me what I did for a living, back in the world. I told him I was an office man-
ager, nothing special. I did some lT work on the side, but I couldn’t call myself particu-
larly skilled. He told me why he was asking, and then it call revealed itself from there.
He didn’t want to see me go back to my home town, continue in my dumb old job and
live a dumb old life. He’d invested in me, and he wanted to make sure the investment
paid off. That meant, if I wanted it, there was a job for me at his company in the direc-
tion and improvement department. He wanted my input.

I just had to say yes. The chance of a lifetime on top of the chance of a lifetime?
What had made me such a lucky guy? Girl I mean… From that day l was a girl.

Sissy maid fiction still not crazy


How long has it been sincel last saw that damned infernal ‘device? Six months? Eight months? A
I don’t know. I lost track of how long. Especially after my stay at the hospital for my ‘psychological

But that should have been expected. After all. a strange girl appearing in a house where the owner is
hissing, and claiming to be the missing owner. A girl who legally does not exist, and claims they were
transformed into a girl by a device that could not possibly exist and no one can find. Who can blame
people for wanting me in a ‘psych ward’ having my head examined.

I won‘t say what I went through there though. To be honest, I don’t even want to think about what I
went through. Even if it’s understandable and people m eant well, it was its own form of hell.
Instead, I like to think about what happened afterwards. About when I managed to finally convince a
family member that l was who I said I was. About how I knew things that no one else could of known…
Or at least things that few people should have known.like to think about how that set things in motion for me to get set free. To try and start a new life to go with my new form. And l won’t lie, my new female form has set me free in many ways.


I feel happier as a girl. I don’t know why.
I also feel more complete as a girl. I don’t know why I feel that way either.
But in the end, I’m enjoying my new life. Something I’d of never thought possible back when l was a
guy. Which at times kind of makes it hard to say that I’m ‘still not crazy’.

Top 6 Makeup Tips for Transgender Women (Male to Female Transgender / Crossdressing Tips)

crossdress Your face is the first thing people notice about you. That means your makeup can make or break a feminine first impression. Does your makeup application look more drag queen than beauty queen? Or have you mastered the art of subtle, beautiful makeup? No matter what your skill level, there are a few key strategies that apply to everybody. Read on for my top 6 makeup tips for crossdressers and transgender women.

1. Invest in good makeup brushes

crossdress Quite simply, it’s impossible to apply masterful makeup without the right tools. Forget about the tiny, cheap applicators that come packaged with most makeup. Upgrading to high quality brushes will give you much more control, immediately upgrading the look of your makeup. Here are the basic brushes you should own:
  1. Foundation brush
  2. Concealer brush
  3. Powder brush
  4. Blush brush
  5. Flat eyeshadow brush
  6. Eyeshadow blending brush
  7. Lip brush

2. Use color correctors

crossdress If you have skin issues like a beard shadow, blemishes, or dark circles under your eyes, the solution is NOT to bury them under thick concealer. Your makeup will look much more natural if you start with a color corrector. The idea behind color correctors is to use a complimentary tone to neutralize imperfections. This allows you to achieve beautiful skin with less makeup.
[product sku="T-11B"] [product sku="0629DP"]
For example, you should use a pink or red corrector to neutralize a dark beard shadow – or a green corrector to neutralize redness.

3. Don’t ignore your eyebrows

crossdress A mistake I see many crossdressers and transgender women make is leaving the house with ungroomed eyebrows. Since eyebrows create the frame for your face, they are literally one of the first things people notice about you. Why allow misshaped brows ruin an otherwise good makeup look? If you can, get your eyebrows professionally shaped. A good esthetician can groom your eyebrows so they look good in both girl and guy mode (if need be). Also, be sure to check out my previous article on eyebrow feminization .

4. Practice, practice, practice

crossdress Makeup is like any other skill – the more you practice, the better you get. And the better you get at doing your makeup, the prettier and more convincing you will look as a woman. A fun way to practice is to find makeup tutorials on YouTube that you can follow along with. Here are some good ones:
  • Easy Beginners Makeup Tutorial
  • 10 Minute Evening Look Makeup Tutorial
  • Day Makeup Tutorial For Mature Skin

5. Book a lesson with a professional makeup artist

crossdress If you struggle with your makeup skills, one of the best investments you can make is a lesson with a professional makeup artist. A good makeup artist will teach you proper makeup application techniques, help you find your best colors, and ensure that you are applying your makeup correctly. This is important because all the practice in the world won’t help if you are only reinforcing bad technique.

6. Take good care of your skin

crossdress Your skin is literally the canvas for your makeup. Proper skin care can go a long way towards improving your skin’s texture and appearance. Not only will this make you look better, it’ll help your makeup go on smoother and last longer. Here are 3 simple skin care tips to keep in mind:
  • Avoid using harsh soaps on your face. Use gentle facial cleansers only.
  • Apply facial moisturizer daily.
  • Use a face mask at least every other week. (This is a great ritual for pampering your inner woman!)

Sexy sissy fiction tg caption spellbook


After finding a book on his hotel room Andrew started reading the book. What Andrew did
not know that this book contained a gender bender spell while reading it Andrew softly
pronounced the gender bender spell. After the spell was pronounced Andrew feit a tickling all
over his body, his skin became soft, his breasts began to swell, his manhood disappeared and
his hair began to grow.

After a few minutes the change was complete and Amy was overwhelmed by feminine feelings. Now having feminine looks and curves Amy wondered how it would feel to have a dress fitting around her feminine curves and how it would feel to have soft fabric of the clothing on her smooth skin.

After this change Amy had to sit down and to get used to the new situation and body she was in. Now being a woman she had a whole lot of new possibilities to discover. The first thing Amy wants to do is to discover her new
body and her feminine side. So she will go out and looking for someone to help her with this.