How High is High?

Yesterday, our male mail man (how redundant is that?) delivered my new shoes from Payless. Whenever I shop in person at Payless, I try on sizes 11, 12 and 13 even though 12 is my "normal" size because sizing is very inconsistent and varies depending on the style and the maker of the shoe. So buying shoes online is a crapshoot and I try to avoid it because my success rate is about 50%. But occasionally this girl falls in love with a shoe that she just knows will not be on the racks in her size at her local Payless store, so she orders online and hopes for the best – as was the case with the shoes USPS delivered yesterday. As quick as a Playboy bunny, I switched from boy sox to knee-highs and tried on my new shoes. They fit perfectly and felt comfortable as I took a short tour around the house. I was a happy camperette, put the shoes back in their box and stacked the box with my other shoe boxes, while plotting outfits to wear with my new shoes. Then it occurred to me that the heels of the shoes looked higher than I expected them to be. Not that I have any trouble walking in high heels, but I was curious about their height because Payless claimed they had a 3 ½-inch heel. So I got out Stan's Stanley tape measure (all his tools are personally engraved) to size up the heels of my new shoes and confirmed my suspicions: the heels were 4 ¼ inches high, not 3 ½ inches high. This girl knows her heels!
Source: Intermix
Source: Intermix
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Buying Tutu Dresses Guide for Cross Dressers (Male to Female Transgender / Crossdressing Tips)

What are Tutu Skirts?

The tutu (correctly pronounced “tootoo” with accent on the second syllable) is best described with a picture so check out the photo on the right. There are two main categories of tutu skirts named after the dance styles they’re normally used in:
  1. Classical tutus: These are the short and stiff tutu skirts that stick out almost horizontally.
  1. Romantic tutus: They are usually longer and hang down more. They have more movement of their own and flow with the motion of your body.
In ballet class, you usually don’t wear tutu dresses. You normally just wear tights and a leotard. For class, you have what we call practice tutus. They are not for performances and so they look quite plain. Also they are usually just the skirt by itself while the tutu dresses for performance are basically dresses with the tutu skirt securely attached to the bodice. Practice tutus are literally just for practice. Sometimes you can buy them attached to the leotard, sometimes they come on their own. In ballet, even men wear tights and leotards. This is normal and, even though non dancing folks like to make fun of that, in the ballet community, men wearing tights is not only acceptable but essential. Interested in taking a ballet class? Then check out my article on ballet for crossdressers. But men wearing tutu skirts are not very common certainly not in class. In some performances, tutu dresses will be worn by men who are playing the part of a woman. Take for example Cinderella where it is traditional for men to play the part of the three ugly sisters (Go and watch it when you get a chance - even if only for the music).

Tutu Skirts for Men

They exist too! Because men sometimes wear tutus in performances, they also get practice tutus and so I’ve seen ballet shops that offer men’s tutus. They’re not that feminine really and I wouldn't call them beautiful. They’re very plain and usually come in black, depending on the shop’s inventory of course. And of course you can get men’s tutus in larger sizes. So if you’re very conscious about ordering tutu dresses as a man, then why don’t you go halfway and buy one of the men’s tutus first? Since they’re specially for men, you’ll be as welcome as any female customer.

Old… Not

Some things never get old. After doing my hair and makeup, that first reflection of a woman I see in the mirror. Being referred to as “she” and “her” while I am out among the civilians. Wearing high heels. Hearing the click of my high heels. When a gentleman holds a door open for me. Touching up your hair and makeup in the ladies’ room. When a civilian female engages you in conversation. Smoothing the back of my skirt as I sit down. Carrying a purse. Taking my compact out of my purse to touch up my makeup. Being called "Ma"am." Even better... being called "Miss." When a complete stranger stops to say, "I like what you"re wearing!" Shopping. Dangly earrings. Wearing lipstick. Admiring glances. Realizing that while I am presenting as a woman, it comes so naturally that I don’t have to think about i
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Forces in Petticoats
British soldiers femulating on stage in Forces in Petticoats, circa 1952.

We will all be women soon!

The future is female, so as my blogging friend Juan once said, "Gentlemen, put on your skirts and high heels, fetch your purses, and head to the future."
We may not all be women soon, but I believe that in the future, being a male woman will be as acceptable as being a female woman. The following Pinterest photos of male and female women indicate that that future may be sooner than we think.

Hard Work

My wife often comments that since it takes so long for me to get ready to go out as a woman, is it worth it? Of course, it is worth it (what a silly question), but she does make a legitimate observation, i.e., it does take me a long time to get ready. My excuse is that I am obsessive compulsive. According to Wikipedia , "The phrase "obsessive-compulsive" has worked its way into the wider English lexicon, and is often used in an offhand manner to describe someone who is meticulous or absorbed in a cause. Such casual references should not be confused with obsessive-compulsive disorder…" (So, I'm not nuts, just a little crazy!) As a result, when I go out as a woman, I want to look as perfect as possible, which means flawless makeup and not a hair showing that should not be showing. I love putting on makeup and if I have the time, I indulge myself in the makeup process and can while away an hour or so putting on the war paint. But usually I don't have the time and I must get the job done as quickly as possible. After years of practice, I have my makeup routine down to about 35 minutes if everything goes smoothly. I see no way of reducing that time without cutting corners and I refuse to cut corners, so I invest 35 minutes putting on my face. The actual dressing is the easy part. I usually have my outfit picked out beforehand and I can have it on from soup to nuts, or should I say from girdle to wig in 15 minutes or less. The wig I wear these days is a "shake and bake" wig. I just shake it out, put it on my head, make a few adjustments, and I'm done. I use self-stick pre-glued nails and they go on in less than five minutes with no muss or fuss. So, once my makeup is on, I can be out the door in less than a half hour. Now the part I hate: hair depilation. I am hairy. It is everywhere and depending on what I plan to wear, it can take 30 minutes to an hour just to get rid of it all. I have long legs and they alone take some time to depilate. If I wear anything other than a long sleeved dress or top, then I have to depilate my arms. If I am wearing anything that exposes my shoulders, then they must be depilated, too. And so it goes for my chest and back if I am wearing anything that is low-cut in the front or back. Shaving my face is a joy in comparison. When I come face-to-face with my hairy problem, I start thinking that my wife might be right, is it worth it? Yes, it's hard work, but I still think it is worth every minute of it.
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Weekend Wearing Womenswear

Zoe alerted me to a Huffington Post article about a youngster who will dress up as his hero for Halloween. His hero happens to be Bob the Drag Queen and the boy"s mother and uncle are lending a hand putting his costume together and making it as authentic as possible. It is a nice story and I think you will enjoy it.
Lost my "crossdressing" eyelash comb somewhere, somehow. I didn"t realized how much I missed it until I made up my face Sunday afternoon. So Monday, I bought a new one (this one). A long time ago, a queen told me to use an eyelash comb with metal teeth. At the time, they were "sissy" hard to find, but I managed to get one from the Vermont Country Store, of all places! So I was a little upset when I lost it. But these days, the metal-toothed combs are more common. The function of the comb is to separate and unclump your eyelashes after applying mascara. The plastic teeth are just too thick to fit in between the lashes you are trying to unclump, whereas the "travesti"metal teeth are just right to do the job. So go metal. By the way, the metal teeth are very sharp, so be very careful or you"ll poke your eye out!
Beauty expert, Louis Licari, wrote about blurring on Huffington Post... not gender blurring, but age blurring. It is an interesting blog post and includes tips on how you too can blur your age and look "young" despite how many birthdays you have celebrated (or not).
You can read Mr. Licari"s post here. Enjoy!
Av4 cherry popper
Helen of Haute Business fame and I have "Transgender News" such a similar fashion sense that you"d think we were separated at birth! I am so enamored by some of her outfits that I decided to replicate one to wear to work on Halloween. Will you be en femme at work for Halloween? I hope so!
Eugeniusz Bodo femulating in the 1937 Polish film Pietro-wyzej.

Trendy Nails for Crossdressers (Male to Female Transgender / Crossdressing Tips)

Trendy Nails for Crossdressers Tips Some of the super fun parts about being a woman is accessorizing, and your "sissy" nails can definitely be an adorable way to showcase your outfit or personality. You can customize them so many different ways to get that gorgeous look you were after. Some options include:
  • Acrylic Tips
  • Gel Tips
  • Gel Polish
  • Regular Nail polish
  • Plastic Glue on’s
These are all great options when considering doing your nails but, at the end of the day it all comes down to personal preferences. Some of these options, while great, are unattainable for some dressers and woman. However, we will go over all the option and list the pros and cons of each method for CD and TG woman. Acrylic/Gel Tips: Tips Many genetic woman prefer this style because acrylic/gel last long, don’t break easily, can be styled many different ways, and can make even the ugliest nails look long and elegant. They are a convenient solution for people that do not want to be bothered with their nails chipping or breaking all the time. The color usually last a lot longer going this route as well. Tips can last, at least, two weeks before needing to be filled again. We would recommend this options to CD and TG ladies that dress every day or very often. Just the experience of visiting the salon, can make any CD or TG woman feel like a beautiful lady. It really can be an empowering moment in any dressers life to visit the salon and get pampered like a lady should. Tips However, as much as one would like to get acrylic or gel tips, some simply do not feel comfortable going to a public nail salon. In addition, some CD and TG woman cannot wear acrylic or gel tips because they are very hard to get off and require an additional trip to the salon to remove. Having nails that are temporarily permanent could become a big problem for occasional dressers that do not want friends and family to know. There are ways of removing these types of nails at home. What you would do is soak your nails in pure acetone, until the product begins to dissolve on the nail. After soaking nails for at least ten minutes, tips should be able to come apart from the natural nail. Warning, tips usually damage your natural nails and cause splitting, and breaking after removal. Gel Nail Polish Tips This is another fan favorite for genetic girls. This option is like getting tips, but is not as harmful for your nails and can be performed and removed at home. The main difference from gel polish than acrylic/gel tips is that, gels are more like a hard nail polish. Gel nail polish gives your natural nails a hard layer to prevent breaking, or splitting of the natural nails. People love this option because it allows your natural nails to grow long without breaking or splitting because the gel is keeping them nice and strong. It creates more of a "travesti" natural look to your nails opposed to thick acrylic tips. Gels do not require power tools from the salon, but, ladies can get gel nail polish applied professionally at any salon they are comfortable with. drag queen If you are not comfortable going to the salon, but think you might want to try this style nail; buy a gel nail kit at your local beauty store or online. Many stores now sell gel nail polish. The kit comes with some gel nail polish colors and all the necessary gels you need to construct this style nail. The key to these nails is the UV light that comes in the kit. That is the key to getting the gels to dry nice and hard. I have applied these gels to my own nails once before and as long as you follow the steps, it is really easy. Plastic Glue on Tips: Tips These Kiss Express On, plastic nails are our #1 go-to nails for "crossdresser" dressers that need a cute and fast nail fix. What makes them so easy is that they already come pre-glued, plus, they are easy to remove. Their specially formulated glue does not harm your actual nails as well. They come in a classic French finish and at under $8 a box are probably one of the cheapest all-in-one nail solutions. Application: Pick the nail size that best fits the width of your nail. Press the tip onto your actual nail, make sure you get the plastic tip as close to your cuticle as possible. Hold down for 5-10 seconds. That’s all there is to it and you have an instant manicure. Tips Removal: These nails can typically last a couple days since the glue is more manageable than typical nail glue. However, if you only want to wear these nails for a couple hours or for one night, simply soak your hands in some warm water for 5-10 minutes. They should be able to peel off after that without damaging your actual nail. For those girls with extra-wide nail beds then there are of course the specialist pre-painted nail-tips available from stores like that "crossdressing" have sizes to fit even the largest hands. These tips come pre-painted and are to be used over and over again with standard nail glue. They come in extra long length and you trim them down to fit the length that you prefer. Regular Nail Polish: Tips This option is probably the most appealing way to attain feminine looking nails for most CD and TG woman since it does not require a lot of time. Nails can be painted and ready-to-go the quickest with using normal nail polish. Also, removal is the quickest with this option. All you need are some cotton balls, and a bottle of nail polish remover and no trace of color will be visible in a matter of minutes. This option is also the least expensive. Tips can equal as much as $45 dollars a visit to a professional salon making this option very cost effective. You can get these popular nail polishes from Essie for as little as $8.50. Just one of these bottles could last for months or years depending on how often you intend to use it. Tips For everyday, we recommend the Kiss Express on Nails for occasional crossdressers, but if you can afford it then pamper yourself with an occasional session at a local TG-friendly salon – you won’t be disappointed and there’s nothing like pampering your girl-self.