Wednesday Wanderings

twisted standpoint
my angle of the sector around me is heavily stimulated with the aid of being a transwoman. some days ago, one of the e-mail style newsletters i receive (the cut) featured a piece of writing titled, "i’ve started dressing like my mom." you can bet what got here to mind once I study that name, while a civilian would probable interpret that title very in another way (and efficiently). so retro while i was touching up my makeup inside the women" room at uconn on friday, a young girl remarked, "i love your jewelry!" after I thanked her, i laughed to myself due to the fact i used to be wearing a big vintage pair of clip-ons, which i am told are so vintage college while as compared to the pierced variety. correct reception my buddy diana is lively in diverse lgbt businesses and as a result, she receives to attend happy"s annual "justice for all" reception in hartford. the reception attracts some of the makers and shakers of connecticut"s lgbt network in addition to governor dan malloy and other nation politicians. diana invited me to wait the reception. of route, i generic her invitation and am very enthusiastic about the prospect of rubbing elbows with the governor, who has been a big supporter of trans and gay people. so what does a lady put on to a sunday afternoon reception that the governor may be attending?

Tuesday Tips

In the past, I recommended baby wipes for removing makeup. After all, if it's safe enough to use on a baby's bottom, then it should be safe to use on your face. Friday evening, when I was ready to take off my makeup, I discovered I was out of baby wipes. I remembered that in the recent past, I had acquired a package of Avon makeup wipes that had been bundled with some other cosmetic products I had purchased. I found the package and used three wipes to remove all my makeup including my eye makeup and the foundation and powder on my neck. The wipes did a better job than baby wipes. With baby wipes, I always had to use Avon eye makeup remover on my eyes, but the makeup wipes handled my eye makeup without any added help. That sold me on makeup wipes. By the way, after removing makeup, I always moisturize and you should, too. 👱 👱 👱 When I did my "Makeup Basics for Trans Females" presentation on Friday, there was one tip that surprised a lot of the girls in attendance, so I thought I would pass it on to the girls who read Femulate, too. It is no big revelation. It is something I learned long ago – probably during my first makeover. I assumed it was common knowledge, but my assumption was in error, so here it is. When you apply foundation, make sure you also apply it to anything contiguous with your face that will show. That includes your ears, neck, and whatever portion of your breasts and shoulders that will be visible. Otherwise, there will be an odd-looking mismatch between your face and yours ears, neck, etc. 👱 👱 👱 During my presentation, the girls were curious about what brands of cosmetics I use. Since I am an Avon representative, I use a lot of Avon products, but I do stray away from Avon for some of the makeup I use. Here is a list of what I use currently (in the order I use them). Moisturiser – Olay Eye Shadow Primer – Urban Decay Foundation – Make Up For Ever Contour – Marc Jacobs Blush – Avon Translucent Powder – Laura Mercier Eyebrow Pencil – Avon Eyeshadow – Avon Eyeliner – Avon ( I use black eyeshadow with an eyeliner brush) Mascara – Lancome Undereye Concealer – Avon Lipliner – Avon Lipstick – Avon 👱 👱 👱