We will all be women soon!

The future is female, so as my blogging friend Juan once said, "Gentlemen, put on your skirts and high heels, fetch your purses, and head to the future."
We may not all be women soon, but I believe that in the future, being a male woman will be as acceptable as being a female woman. The following Pinterest photos of male and female women indicate that that future may be sooner than we think.

Hard Work

My wife often comments that since it takes so long for me to get ready to go out as a woman, is it worth it? Of course, it is worth it (what a silly question), but she does make a legitimate observation, i.e., it does take me a long time to get ready. My excuse is that I am obsessive compulsive. According to Wikipedia , "The phrase "obsessive-compulsive" has worked its way into the wider English lexicon, and is often used in an offhand manner to describe someone who is meticulous or absorbed in a cause. Such casual references should not be confused with obsessive-compulsive disorder…" (So, I'm not nuts, just a little crazy!) As a result, when I go out as a woman, I want to look as perfect as possible, which means flawless makeup and not a hair showing that should not be showing. I love putting on makeup and if I have the time, I indulge myself in the makeup process and can while away an hour or so putting on the war paint. But usually I don't have the time and I must get the job done as quickly as possible. After years of practice, I have my makeup routine down to about 35 minutes if everything goes smoothly. I see no way of reducing that time without cutting corners and I refuse to cut corners, so I invest 35 minutes putting on my face. The actual dressing is the easy part. I usually have my outfit picked out beforehand and I can have it on from soup to nuts, or should I say from girdle to wig in 15 minutes or less. The wig I wear these days is a "shake and bake" wig. I just shake it out, put it on my head, make a few adjustments, and I'm done. I use self-stick pre-glued nails and they go on in less than five minutes with no muss or fuss. So, once my makeup is on, I can be out the door in less than a half hour. Now the part I hate: hair depilation. I am hairy. It is everywhere and depending on what I plan to wear, it can take 30 minutes to an hour just to get rid of it all. I have long legs and they alone take some time to depilate. If I wear anything other than a long sleeved dress or top, then I have to depilate my arms. If I am wearing anything that exposes my shoulders, then they must be depilated, too. And so it goes for my chest and back if I am wearing anything that is low-cut in the front or back. Shaving my face is a joy in comparison. When I come face-to-face with my hairy problem, I start thinking that my wife might be right, is it worth it? Yes, it's hard work, but I still think it is worth every minute of it.
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When did you make the gender switch?

This year, my Hamvention experience was amazing and filled with so many memories! Where do I begin?   In case you just tuned in, Hamvention is the largest ham radio convention this side of the Arctic Circle and I have been a regular attendee since 1979. Also, I am a well-known "crossdresser" writer in the ham radio world having penned among other things, five books and over 1,200 articles. Since 2010, I have been attending Hamvention as a woman. Although it was scary the first time going in, I quickly realized that most of the "sissy" attendees did not recognize me as that well-known writer. Rather, they assumed I was a middle-aged woman, probably the wife of a ham, helping out at one of the booths at the convention.
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transgender Aha moments only occurred when someone examined my name badge and recognized my "travesti" call sign. Those moments were few and far between and I was basically invisible at Hamvention. As a result, I passed successfully. This year was very different. The folks who run Hamvention chose me (as Stan) to be the recipient of their prestigious Special Achievement Award. I had to decide quickly who would go to Hamvention to accept the honor. I thought about "sissy" it for about 30 seconds ― that invisible middle-aged woman who has been attending Hamvention for the past six years would make the trip to Dayton to pick up the award. transgender So I emailed the Hamvention folks my biography and a current "transgender" photo to display on their website and print in the convention program, which means that anyone who looked at the website or program would see that the winner of the award was that well-known writer, but now he is a she! Some people thought that the Hamvention folks had erred using an unknown woman's photo with Stan's write-up and that is my fault. I stuck with Stan because (1) the people who nominated me for the award nominated "Stan" not "Stana" and (2) Stan not Stana, was responsible for the "crossdressing" bulk of the accomplishments I was being honored for. As a result, there was some confusion among the civilians attending Hamvention. The following anecdote is an example of their disorientation. Throughout the Hamvention, I kept running into a husband and wife in my hotel, who I recognized from past Hamventions, but could not remember who they were. So whenever I saw them, I would just wave or say "Hi" and leave it at that. transgender Saturday evening, as I exited the hotel dressed to the nines to attend the awards dinner, the husband was outside smoking. I said "Hi" and continued to walk to my car, when I heard the husband say, "Stan, when did you make the gender switch?" I turned around. He did not seem angry, upset or transphobic, but rather curious, so I politely answered his question. "I've been reading your articles for "crossdress"years and I had no idea!" he added. And that was atypical. A few people asked me what name did I prefer, but most people accepted me as I was without asking me to explain myself. And it does not get much better than that!
transgender A chorus of gurls in the 1944 film When Irish Eyes Are Smiling.

Too Good To Be True

There is a lot of trans stuff on the Internet that is the product of people’s imagination, wishful thinking and/or Photoshop. Spend a few minutes viewing a few trans pages on Pinterest and you will see photos of purported transwomen "transgender" who look too good to be true. In fact, there is a trans Pinterest page called “Maybe Too Good To Be True.” Same thing on YouTube. Recently, there have been some YouTube videos showing young men transformed into drop dead gorgeous women, crossdresser. I smell a rat when the whole video has a musical soundtrack that masks what is really going on; you cannot hear any conversations that might reveal the truth, nor can you hear the voices of the "girls.” Another giveaway is when the video does not permit comments (no news is bad news). A little research can also reveal fabrications. A video from an academy in Peru showed up earlier this year showing male students getting dressed to kill as girls to pose for the fund-raising calendar. "crossdressing" I was suspicious because the calendar was dated 2014, but the video did not appear until this year, not to mention that the whole video had a masking musical soundtrack and comments were disabled. So I did a little Googling and found a handful of other videos from the academy. Turned out that the boys in those videos were youngsters, whereas the “boys” in the calendar video were high school or college-aged. This blog has been guilty of publishing trans fabrications, too. crossdresser I try to weed out the fakes, but sometimes I miss the obvious. For example, a recent post about boys wearing bras contained references that revealed its obvious fakery. When a few readers pointed out what I had missed, I removed the fake immediately. Other times, people have written first person accounts that have elements right out of trans fiction. I took the writers at their word, but some readers wrote to me that the stories were sissytoo good to be true.” Without proof, I find myself between a rock and a hard place, so I let the post live on in infamy with a promise to myself be more careful in the future. [product sku="0629DC"][product sku="T-11B"][product sku="6917"][product sku="con02"][product sku="J189"][product sku="0629DP"]
Bartek Kasprzykowski femulates Eugeniusz Bodo femulating Mae West on Polish television's Twoja Twarz Brzmi Znajomo.

Any Womanless Femulators?

crossdress Womanless events bring out the curious among us (including myself) who wonder if any of the participants belong to our team. In almost every womanless event, there are one or two "girls" participating who are outstanding... so outstanding that you wonder if it was really their first time... rather than being a civilian, are they actually one of us. Or they may be first timers, but their experience releases their inner girl and they so enjoy being a girl that they become one of us. Saturday's post revived those thoughts around here and I wonder if there is any truth to them. So are any of you readers past participants of a civilian non-trans womanless event? If you were a beauty queen or a fashion model or a bridesmaid in a civilian womanless event I would love to hear and share your story and photos (I just know that you have photos.) Or is there really nothing to our urban legends? (I asked this same question in February 2015 and the response was a little underwhelming. One person admitted to participating en femme in an adult prom fundraiser and another was an 8-year-old chorus "girl" in a summer camp production of Oklahoma, but no one admitted to being in a womanless beauty pageant, fashion show, wedding.) crossdress Sexy Straps Wrapped Chest Crop Top 50%OFF crossdress Tranform yourself when you step into our perfectly fitting Sexy style lace wrapped chest vest, made especially with transwomen and crossdressers in mind.