How to Look Hot in Swimwear (5 Tips for Crossdressers and Transgender Women)

we nevertheless have a full month of summer left within the northern hemisphere, so that you recognise what meaning…

nonetheless time to rock a bikini or suit!

even in case you aren’t geared up to hit the beach en femme, i assume every crossdresser and transgender women must own a bathing healthy. put on one for sunbathing, lounging through the pool, or posing in a seashore babe photoshoot.

but how will you look your exceptional when so little is left to the creativeness?

here are my pinnacle five hints for searching hot in swimming gear:

1. enhance your hips and bust

to maximize your curves, try those tips:

  • go for ruffles and ruching. those style information are top notch for including quantity where you lack curves.
  • put on a padded bikini pinnacle. thankfully, many bikinis and swimsuits include built-in padding for delivered oomph.
  • strive a skirted bikini bottom. a skirt that flares out at the hips is an easy manner to feature inches. it’s additionally terrific for covering regions you may not feel cozy displaying.
  • enhance1 enhance2 enhance3
    ruffles and ruching padded bikini tip skirted bikini backside

    2. downplay your shoulders

    the name of the game to sexy body is balanced proportions. downplaying your shoulders will create a more female balance between your upper and lower body.

    right here are some tricks for making vast shoulders appear like extra sensitive:

    • keep away from string bikinis except you"re simply tiny. rather, pick a bikini top with huge straps to balance the proportion of your shoulders.
    • attempt a halter pinnacle. halter tops draw the eye in, creating a slimming impact. they’re additionally extremely good for showing off cleavage.
    • keep away from bandeau tops. bandeau tops create a sturdy horizontal line throughout the chest, making your higher frame look even wider.
    shoulders1-dont shoulders2-do shoulders3-dont
    don’t: string bikini do: halter pinnacle don’t: bandeau top

    3. slender your center

    right here’s a way to create a attractive hourglass shape:

    • wear a shaping suit. there are quite a few swimsuits with constructed-in control panels to keep in and slenderize your torso. take a look at out the miraclesuit and spanx swimming wear.
    • search for fits with facet panels in a contrasting color. a colour blocked suit is a amazing trick for slimming your torso. the attention is drawn toward the middle of your frame and the edges are minimized, creating the appearance of a slimmer torso.
    • put on a monokini. a monokini is a attractive swimming gear style that has cutout facets. it’s much less revealing than a bikini and the cutout aspect panels create the visible phantasm of an hourglass figure.
    waist1 waist2 waist3
    shaping swimsuit contrasting aspect panels monokini

    four. easy your silhouette


    it’s now not just about form and size, but developing a sleek and clean silhouette. here are critical pointers:

    • ensure your go well with fits. a fit that is too small will dig in and create unattractive bulges and stomach rolls. a healthy this is too massive will stoop.
    • grasp the artwork of the “tuck.” bikini bottoms depart not anything to the creativeness, so you’ll need to ensure a easy appearance. there are masses of forums and websites that may provide recommendations on how to do this easily. (or take my first tip and wear a skirted bikini backside.)

    5. pose pretty


    posture is always essential, but it’s specially critical whilst your entire body is on complete show.

    you have to constantly be aware about the manner you preserve your body whilst you’re in a bikini. think about your posture whether you’re sitting around a pool chatting with pals or posing for the digicam.

    keep your tummy in and keep away from slouching at all times. the more lengthy and lifted your posture, the slimmer you may appear.

    geared up to your personal beach babe second?

    comply with these recommendations and i promise you’ll look scorching at the seashore or poolside.

    for idea, i’ve compiled a gallery of eight lovely transgender bikini models underneath.

    who"s your favorite? vote below and – if you’re feeling courageous – share your personal bikini babe image in the remarks!


    8 stunning transgender bikini fashions
    model1-lea-t model2-jenna-talackova
    lea t jenna talackova
    model3-isis-king model4-caroline-cossey
    isis king caroline cossey
    model5-ines-loan-rau model6-geena-rocero
    ines-mortgage rau geena rocero
    model7-carmen-carrera model8-miss-sahhara
    carmen carrera pass over sahhara

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Tuesday Tips

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