Crossdresser fiction mousy looking woman



Oliver’s French tipped fingers ached. worn and bruised just like the real
things…just like the rest of his body…well. this body he had woken up in. But. in
spite of his initial instinct to run, he had picked up that broom and now the
previously disgusting workshop glowed around him. He pulled up a stocking that
had begun to droop a little and snapped it back into place and carefully placed the
broom back in the corner to admire his work. His satisfaction was short-lived and
he was brought crashing back down to Earth as he remembered the predicament
he was in. The sound of a key turning caught his ear and he watched with baited
breath as a small, mousy looking woman let herself in…

Oh my… ‘ The Mannequeen’s eyves went wide as she saw the spectacular state of
her workshop. ‘I don ‘t believe it… ‘ she shuffled farther into the room and Oliver
could see that she wearing an ill-fitting cardigan and rather unflattering brown
slacks, ‘…you did it… ‘ She paused as if realising the repercussions of what had
happened for the first time and rubbed the inside of her jam-jar style eye-glasses.
In contrat to Oliver’s voluptuous painted ones, her lips were naked and chapped
and she was chewing them furiously, apparently caught in a conflict of conscience.
But…l can ‘t let you go… ‘ she stammered, ‘…those girls…that website…you have to
pay! ‘ Oliver moved towards her but stopped in his tracks when she pulled a key
fob from the pocket of her cardigan.

lady… ‘ he cried out. pausing with shock as he heard his voice modulated by the
suit for the first time, ‘…I don’t know what you think you know…but l ‘m telling
you. I don’t know anything about no website. I haven ‘t done anything except clean
that school every daymand now your stinking workshop.

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Don’t lie to me?! ‘ she screeched, ‘I did my research…l don ‘t make mistakes. I
tracked your website to an ISP at your address. lt’s yours…and so is this lovely
new body‘!.’ ‘ The Mannequeen scowled cruelly and slammed her thumb down on
the key fob. immediately causing Oliver to spasm pathetically in his prissy
uniform. He could feel a searing heat enveloping his body and he knew that it was
the bodysuit bonding to his skin forever. Finally. when the burning subsided he
just stood there open-mouthed contemplating a life as a busty young woman.
Now get out of here… ‘ she screamed. ‘…before I give you some gas that makes
you feelas sluttyasyoulookt.”

Oliver stepped out into the blinding sunshine, the evening sun warming what was
now essentially his own skin. His heart still pounded wildly but his mind had begun
to focus. Revenge…revenge on the Mannequeen. but that could wait… He fished
workshop from his apron. First he would get revenge on the real owner of that