9 Fashion Rules Curvy and Plus Size Transgender Women Should Break


I don’t particularly like the phrase plus size. I believe crossdressing people have all shapes and sizes. Why do you have to be referred to as plus size if you wear a size 12 or larger. (12 is plus size? Really? Seriously?)

If you are curvy, or Rueben-esgue, or even shall we say fluffy, doesn’t mean you have to be condemned to a lifetime of oversized clothes and a wardrobe of black.

Rule # 1: Don’t Wear Fitted Clothing.


WRONG! Fitted clothing actually makes you look smaller. Loose clothing makes you look larger. The important thing is to look for the right sissy fit and certain details that will make the best of your shape.

Rule #2: Don’t Wear Maxi Dresses.


Bullocks! You can! Look for V-neck halter top styles which look very flattering on well-endowed ladies. An empire waist, one that is right under the bust line, hits at the smallest part on every transgender woman. The length of the dress also helps to elongate your body making you appear taller and slimmer. Look for fabrics that float away from your body.

Rule #3: Curvy Gals Can’t Wear Pencil Skirts


You can go for a crossdressing classic black pencil skirt, or a slimming pinstripe. You can also wear a brightly colored pencil skirt as well. Pick your favorite color and strut your stuff. Pair it with a button down blouse, fitted v-neck or scoop neck t-shirt or a cardigan. If you have a small waist, put a nice wide belt around it to show it off. If you have no waist, same thing, put a nice wide belt around it to create a waist.

Try a little color blocking in your outfit and be right on trend for spring and summer. Don’t be afraid of color. This brings me to Rule #4: Wear black.

Rule #4: Wear Black.


Yeah, yeah, black is slimming. I have tons of black in my closet. I love black, but let’s face it all black everyday is just depressing.

Look for dresses in blocks of color or do your own color blocking. Try a turquoise shift dress with a red cardigan over it and an orange belt. Too much for you? Ok. How about a sunny yellow top, navy blue pencil sissy skirt and wide red belt? Put on a pair of peep-toe pumps in any of those colors, and bright bag and you are ready to go!

Rule #5: For That Matter No White Either!


White is wonderful and no woman no matter what size she is should be denied the freedom to wear white. I would suggest either a white dress or white pencil skirt. White pants are hard to pull off for many transgender women and there is no need to torture yourself when finding the the perfect little white dress for your figure is so much more figure flattering and fun.

Rule #6: No Stripes!


Pish-Posh! You can wear stripes! Go ahead put on a striped tee, dark wash jeans and a fitted blazer or short sleeve jacket. When buying jeans, trouser crossdress styles are the most flattering. Look for wide legs to create a nice long line. Wear a bright or patterned pair of wedge heel espadrilles. Adding some accessories like a nice long necklace and a few brightly colored bangle bracelets complete the look.

Rule # 7: Definitely No Skinny Jeans!


Ok. Personally, I think skinny jeans look bad on everyone with the possible exception of stick figures, but if you want to rock this style like everything else, it’s all about proportion. Look for a dark wash and make sure you get a GOOD fit. Pair them with a flowing shirt and loose long casual vest. Wear a long necklace to draw the eye down. Put on a pair of funky booties or high heel sandals and you will look sissy smashing.

Rule #8: Stay Away From Prints


Where’s the fun in that? You are probably getting tired of reading, “pay attention to proportion” but it really is the key to cross dressing well and looking your best. Pick the correct size print for your frame. Don’t get a print so tiny and dainty that it takes what looks like a million of them to cover you. On the other hand if you are short, a print that is two large or busy is going to make you look worse. Try to find a middle ground. This may mean you have to try a lot on, but it’s better than being stuck with something you aren’t going to be comfortable wearing.

Rule #9: Listen to Fashion Experts.

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No.You don’t even have to listen to me. You know what looks best on you? Confidence. If you love something and it makes you feel pretty and happy when you wear it, then by all means wear it! Be honest with yourself. Be yourself. Nothing is sexier than a confident woman.