7 Tips To Help Teachers With Transgender Students (Male to Female Transgender / Crossdressing Tips)

  travesti appleshotWith transitioning occurring at younger ages than it ever has before, teachers are often finding themselves in the middle of a student’s transition. Teachers have a huge role and they can be a very positive force that helps foster the transition along as seamlessly as possible. However, a teacher not sure how to handle a transgender student can unwittingly make life harder for their  student by simple inaction. Great teachers can recognize that a transitioning student is an opportunity to sow the seeds of acceptance, tolerance, and pro transgender spirit in your students. You have the power to truly make a huge difference and here are some tips to help you do just that.
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Apple7Be vigilant with pronoun use. Be very clear with which pronouns the student prefers. If you are uncertain, ask them. Once you have the preferred pronouns, be sure you use them diligently and correct any student you hear misusing your transgender student’s preferred pronouns. Apple6Honor the transgender student’s chosen name. Be sure to always use their chosen name and also make sure attendance lists and any materials a substitute teacher would use has his or her chosen name. A substitute teacher calling out the wrong name is very akin to a public shaming.   Don’t ever let this happen. Apple5   travesti Bullying and transphobia happens and you need to remain on top of it. A transgender student will be a huge target for bullies and as a teacher you need to be extra careful to catch and nip any bullying immediately. Transphobia is also a real problem and will be something that must be vigorously dealt with. Sometimes students crossdresser use transphobic terms in jokes or to rib each other.  It is best to explain how the use of such terms and phrases can be hurtful and then you need to accept a zero tolerance policy against any further transphobia Apple4You need to be sure that the transgender student has a safe place to use the bathroom. If there are rules in place banning them from using the bathroom of their expressed gender identity then there needs to be a safe alternative. Sending a trans girl into the boy’s bathroom is asking for trouble. If these awful rules exist, you should also consider speaking up against them.


Apple3Include transgender related material in lesson plans.  travesti The best way to deal with transphobia is by educating your students. As a teacher, this should be one of your strategies of choice. There are countless ways you can work positive transgender issues into your classes.  One example is use the treatment of transgender people as modern day analogy to the mistreating of other minority groups in history. Apple2Regularly check with the transgender student to find out how they and you are doing. You will miss stuff and you will make mistakes and this is a chance for the student to help you help them. You can also access how they are transitioning and any further help you can provide. There may be things they don’t have anyone to help them with and this may be something you can do for them  from make-up advice to dealing with other kids. travesti Apple1Treat them with dignity and respect but do not give a transgender student a free ride. Despite the transgender student’s situation and the extra sensitivity it demands, you should never lower your teaching standards. They should be measured to the same standards as all of the other students and challenged when they need it too. If they earn an F, do not hesitate to give it to them. travesti  

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How to make a Ladyboy fall in love with you (Male to Female Transgender / Crossdressing Tips)

  transgender tips There are a lot of tips about dating and relationships provided for you in the net although with Ladyboys, there seems to be a few and most of them don’t sound right. How do you really make a ladyboy fall in love with you? You will find a list of short but very helpful information in sky-rocketing your success towards the love of the Ladyboy of your life. What exactly are the TRICKS in avoiding her TICKS? The RULES for her Romance? And finally the STEPS to make her SMILE? I am a Ladyboy and I have a lot of Ladyboy friends, I don’t know if these will 100 percent work but based on the survey that I conducted with my LB friends, here are the things they are looking for in a man. I divided them into 5 categories and all of them starts with the letter H just for you to remember easily. Prepare your notepads or pen and papers guys! transgender tipstransgender tips This sounds very superficial but yes… Most of my Ladyboy friends like handsome men. They have different views on what handsome is. It’s really hard to figure out what handsome is because some of them like tanned skin, some want guys with fair skin, some like it hairy and some like it smooth… I know that I’ve been typing so many “somes” but I really don’t have a general list of what they really like. It ranges from Asian, Arabic, White, African-American, Latino and the list just goes on and on! Hunter transgender tipstransgender tips   Most of my Ladyboy friends said that they like hunters… Well actually they all said they liked hunters but for me, I can’t really say personally because sometimes I like shy guys. They think that men who are confident and aren’t shy about what they feel is what they like. They want to feel very feminine by a man who is showy about his feelings towards them. It’s time to prepare your weapons and hunting boots guys!
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Hygiene transgender tips   I guess not only Ladyboys can be able to relate to this. Hygiene is very important, smelling good from breath, skin and everywhere else is very important. You don’t have to smell like Hermes or Chanel but as long as your smell is freshly showered and isn’t too pungent is fine by us. Helper   transgender tips From my older blog posts, I have made it very clear about Ladyboys wanting to feel like a damsel in distress. Every Ladyboy is looking for a man in a white shining armor ready to fight for her! This is cliched but come on, wouldn’t you be the happiest man on earth if you happen to be in a war against zombies and Lara Croft is defending you from them with her kick-ass moves and undying sexiness! Heart transgender tips   You may have everything above but if you don’t have a genuine heart to love you aren’t going to fulfill your dreams in having a Ladyboy Lover. Keep your head up but never your heart down! transgender tips  

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Sissy fiction the flower tg caption


It was a beautful. sunny day. I went out for a walk. noone else was there. just me and the
huge field filled with flowers. I just had to pick one up and smell it.

It was strange though. Not like any flower I had before. I don’t know what it was about it. it
was just… different. I began to smell it.

Suddenly. I felt extremely light headed. I felt my hair being pulled out of my skull until I
saw it going past my shoulders. My body hair ripped itself from my skin. falling to the floor
as my face cracked and changed to a much softer. more feminine shape.

I watched my hands shrink down and become more delicate whilst my nails grew longer.
My hips shot outwards along with my ass swelling up giving me feminine curves. Pain
surged through my chest area as my shoulders were forced inwards. My nipples became
very sensitive as my chest started to swell. Two mounds grew and grew until I was left with
B-cup breasts.

All I could feel was the enormous pain striking my groin. reaching down I felt something…

I dropped the flower as soon as the transformation was over. As it fell. pollen covered my
clothing and it began to transform. My t-shirt shrank and the neck dipped to reveal some
of my new cleavage. My pants fused and shrank upwards until I was left with a short skirt
to go with my blue and white tank top. I saw my trainers morph into a lovely pair of pumps
but I could only feel the underwear changing material and shrinking to create a pair of silk
panties for me

I picked up the flower once more.

God I love that smell. ” I said as I skipped off . grabbing as many flowers as I could to share
with all of my friends

Crossdressing today


As the drugs finally began to pass out of her system, Alex awoke with a start to unfamiliar sur-

roundings. Where she had been expecting to wake up, as she did traditionally, in her own bed, she

found that this was not the case. Instead she was in a dark room, with a splitting headache, and an

enormous unease throughout her whole body.

Reaching up with an arm, she felt the smoothest she had ever felt. Her skin was so soft she almost

thought that it was someone else’s arm she was touching. Sitting up even further, she began to

realise the headache was in fact a neck ache, and the two reasons for that began to pull down on

her. She hurriedly reached up, as her hands collided with two enormous breasts jutting out from

where there had been once hard muscle. It was here she stifled a scream, not knowing whether it

was safe to reveal her consciousness. The past few hours were completely hazy, but she still knew

who she was, who she was supposed to be, and how wrong this whole situation was.

“Strange isn’t it?” came a voice from the darkness. It filled her with such an exquisite fear she

shuddered. “Finding that life isn’t what you’d imagined it would be. I don’t think you woke up this

morning thinking you’d be mine… but look at where we’ve ended up.”

While the words were shocking and terrible, the voice itself was that of someone she knew, some-

one she trusted. Someone she had trusted. It was Tony, her best childhood friend. A bookish nerd

who had obviously deviated from the path they had shared once. Alex grabbed the sheets on the

bed and covered herself, unsure of how much the figure in the darkness could make out.

“Tony?” she tried, realising how breathy and female her voice had become. “Is that you?”

“It was me…” came the reply. “But the Tony you know is dead, replaced by someone significantly

more in control of his situation.”

She felt the weight of the mattress shift as her host sat down close to her. She could hear his


“W’e were best friends, we were going to hang out forever… We were going to be successful and

the world would be our oyster. That is… Until I realised that was something you’d never share

with me.”

Alex had no idea what that meant.

“Tony? 1 don’t understand…”

“YOU ABANDONED ME!” Tony shouted, before composing himself. “We were two sides of the

same coin Alex, you were strong and charming and handsome, and I was everything else. Thank

god I was smart, but I’m everything you’re not. Now I’ve only completed the chain. I’m a man, and

you’re a woman. My woman to be specific.”

“You don’t have to do this Tony, I can help you…”

“Oh, it’s too late for that. Too late to change back too, I gave you so much of that serum it’s a

wonder you’re even still in there. You should have forgotten everything by now, consumed by the

pleasure… the female pleasure…”

Alex felt the prickle of electricity across her skin. Her thigh was being stroked by an unfamiliar

hand. She shifted her weight away, but not before she let out a brief breath. A stifled moan.

“It won’t be long now… It won’t be long before you forget yourself… It won’t be long before you’re


How to Use High Lift Hair Color (Male to Female Transgender / Crossdressing Tips)

In recent years, the hairdressing industry has seen a marked increase in the number of clients who want to go blonde but don’t want to use bleach. For a long time, there was simply no way to cater to these clients and you couldn’t dye dark hair blonde without the use of bleach. That changed with the advent of high lift hair color, and now it’s possible to dye your hair blonde without the bleach powder. Or at least, in certain circumstances.transgender tips

What is high lift dye?

Many people are afraid of bleach because of the horror stories they’ve heard about melting hair or scalp burns. This is a problem perpetuated through the use of bleach by people who don’t know what they’re doing and haven’t taken the time to learn about the product before they go ahead and bleach their hair. Combine a lack of direction, making the bleach too strong, and using bleach on hair that is already highly damaged and you end up with a widespread fear of bleach.

crossdressing tips

Bleach is not the enemy and is actually a highly useful and necessary product in all salons, but more and more people are being lead to believe it is too harmful to use. As such, hair dye manufacturers discovered a new market to penetrate and high lift dye was born to cater to those who refuse to bleach their hair.
High lift color is permanent hair dye, but it works slightly differently to other hair dyes because of its unique composition. High lift colors contain more ammonia, more dye pigment, and are mixed with a double ratio of 40 vol developer. This leads to a hair dye that lightens your hair more effectively than other blonde dyes yet still tones it during the lightening process.



High lift hair color vs. bleach

High lift dye was invented to replace the use of bleach for those who didn’t want to bleach their hair, but it is not interchangeable with bleach. The uses of high lift hair color are fairly constrained and it can only reliably be used on virgin hair that is already a dark blonde color, or at most a light brown shade.

A regular blonde hair dye mixed with 30 vol developer can lift around 2 – 3 levels, or in other words, lighten hair from dark blonde to a medium to light blonde color. It does this whilst toning the hair, whereas the use of bleach requires you to tone your hair separately as an additional step. High lift hair color offers a boost to lightening, equivalent to about 1 extra level on top of what a regular blonde dye would achieve.

Although you can lighten your hair up to 4 levels using a high lift dye, you’re also restricted to using it on virgin hair because like other hair dyes, it will not lighten dyed hair. Dye doesn’t lift dye and if you’ve dyed your hair, you will need to use hair dye remover and bleach to lighten it. This means that you need to already be a natural blonde to use a high lift blonde dye. If you apply one of these dyes to brown hair you will end up with a regrettable shade of orange.

Lightener comparison

Lift potential
Generic bleach powder (20 vol)
3 levels
Generic bleach powder (30 vol)
4 levels
Igora Vario bleach
3 – 8 levels
Wella Multi Blonde bleach
3 – 7 levels
Indola Rapid Blonde bleach
3 – 7 levels
Indola high lift dye
4 levels
Wella high lift dye
3 – 4 levels
Igora high lift dye
4 levels
Matrix high lift dye
3 – 4 levels


How to Bleach Hair
Would you like to know more about bleach? Find out how to prepare and use it to lighten your hair


High lift or bleach?


Hair condition
High lift or bleach?
Dark hair
Bleach and tone
Dyed hair
Hair dye remover and bleach
Natural blonde hair
High lift dye
Natural light brown hair
High lift dye
Natural red hair
Bleach and tone

Is high lift dye less damaging? crossdressing

The most popular misconception surrounding high lift hair color is that it is dramatically less damaging than bleach. This is not completely true though. The damage of a high lift dye or bleach are roughly equivalent, and this shouldn’t be the primary factor used to determine which product you use.

When you lighten hair with dye or bleach, it is the oxidation from the developer that is causing your hair to lighten. It does this through a chemical reaction with the melanin pigment that is inside each hair. This melanin is what gives your hair its natural color, and by discoloring it with oxidation, your hair becomes lighter.

Damage to your hair isn’t a result of the use of bleach or dye itself though. The damage that occurs is a side effect of the oxidation process that is occurring inside the hair shaft. Whilst oxidation is necessary to lighten melanin and activate the dye molecules so that they become permanent, this oxidation also affects the structure of your hair. When the keratin protein comprising your hair structure is oxidized, it weakens, leading to damaged hair.

From this you can understand that damage to your hair is directly related to the amount of lightening that takes place, through the amount of oxidation. If you were to lighten your hair 3 levels with a high lift dye, or 3 levels with bleach, the amount of damage would be exactly the same because although both products are formulated differently, both work through oxidation. The oxidation lightens your hair, and damages it as a side effect.
The main benefit of high lift dye over bleach in this sense is in being less drying and cutting out the additional toning step that bleaching requires. Dryness compounds damage during hair lightening, so anything you do to keep your hair nourished and conditioned during the process will minimize damage. Bleach is a lot more drying than most high lift dyes.

When should you use high lift

High lift dye has a specific use and it will generally work very well if you use it properly. This means that you should not be applying it to black or brown hair and expect to end up with blonde hair. You also shouldn’t be using high lift hair color on hair that has been dyed in the past. Unless your last color has completely grown out of your hair, you can’t lighten your hair with high lift dye.

High lift dyes are best used under the following conditions:

  • You have virgin hair
  • You only require 3 – 4 levels of lift
  • Your hair is in good condition
  • Your hair is already dark blonde or a very light brown

Although high lift dyes are generally used to dye hair a light blonde without bleach, they can still be used to lighten darker hair. Please note that you won’t reach a blonde shade if you do this, and you still must have virgin hair in order for the dye to work. The darker your hair is, the less lightening that will occur, and you need to tone it afterwards because the blonde dye in the high lift isn’t concentrated enough to tone dark hair. In this case, bleach is far superior.


How to prepare high lift hair dye

High lift hair color is prepared in mostly the same way as other permanent hair dyes. You will need a tinting bowl and brush to mix it in, as well as the appropriate developer to mix with the dye.

In this case, the developer used has to be 40 vol developer. The boxed high lift dyes you can find in supermarkets that use 30 vol developer or less are not high lift dyes at all. Manufacturers can call these products ‘high lift’ or ‘hi color’ because there is no set standard for naming a high lift dye. These products that mimic actual high lift dyes are merely regular dye marketed in a way that makes it seem like they lift more than other dye brands because of their name.

The reason you need to use 40 vol developer is two-fold. Firstly, high lift dyes are formulated to work optimally with this concentration of peroxide and the lift and deposit balance is changed when you don’t use this. Secondly, if you don’t use 40 vol, the dye loses much of its lightening power and you may as well be using a regular blonde dye as the high lift will be a waste of time. Always mix high lift hair color with 40 vol developer.

You also need to be aware of what shade you’re using and choose an ash shade rather than the shade you want. Even though high lift dyes are formulated to tone hair as your hair lightens, they don’t live up to expectations here. An ash shade is necessary to counteract the warmth crossdress that will be revealed during the lightening process. If anything, even the ash shade won’t be enough to counteract the warmth and you will still need to tone your hair anyway.

Once you’re ready to prepare the dye, measure it by volume and to each part of high lift hair color, add two parts of 40 vol developer. It’s easiest to mix developer into dye by adding a small amount first, then gradually incorporating the rest. Otherwise the dye has a much thicker consistency than the pool of developer surrounding it and you have to go to extra effort to incorporate it all together without making a mess.


  • How to dye your hair
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Lift booster

Hair dye brands will sometimes produce a lift booster product that is designed to be added to their high lift color. Lift booster is essentially an ammonia supplement that boosts the ammonia content in the high lift.

Ammonia acts as a catalyst, driving the decomposition of the peroxide in the developer into active oxygen that oxidizes and lightens the melanin in your hair. More ammonia means that more oxidation can take place, and lift booster can provide up to 1 more level of lift when mixed into your high lift color.

Should you wish to use lift booster, you should only be using it if your hair is in good condition. High lift colors are just as damaging as bleach in most cases, and adding lift booster will increase the lightening, but this means more damage as well. You also shouldn’t use it if you have a sensitive scalp. crossdressing

After you dye your hair with a high lift color, it may be necessary to tone your hair. Like all hair color, this dye will fade with time too, and a regular maintenance routine is the best way to keep your hair looking great and prevent it from becoming brassy.

You will also need to condition your hair thoroughly after using a high lift, just like when you bleach your hair. For this purpose, a conditioning treatment or a deep conditioner is all you will need. Add a protein treatment like Redken CAT Reconstructor and your hair will look and feel great long into the future.