Sissy fiction playboy resort bunny tg


Will (Left), Alex (Center), and Zak (Right), were super excited. They had gotten invitations to Playboy Island, a luxurious resort where Playboy Bunnies tended to your every whim! They excitedly boarded the plane, waiting for the good times ahead of them…

Once they had taken off, a mysterious pink gas emerged from the luggage compartments. Before they knew what was happening, their bodies changed from young teenage boys to bodacious young women. Growing massive boobs and plump asses, their clothes transformed into Bunny uniforms, headbands, fishnets, and all. By the time they arrived on the island, they had completely become women, and sexy ones at that. They didn’t freak out, however, since their memories had been altered by the gas. Now their only desires were to serve their masters on the island in any way they could. Tasha (Will), Lindsay (Alex), and Inza (Zak) were happy and horny as they left the plane and entered their new lives…

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