5 Top Female Fantasies (Male to Female Transgender / Crossdressing Tips)

Whether you’ve been together for ten weeks, ten months or ten years, passion is an important factor in your relationship. But did you know how our female fantasies are key to having a healthy, happy relationship? Having the courage to communicate your desires and fantasies to your partner will keep things new and add imagination to your sex life both in and out of the bedroom. Around 95% of people confirm that they have sexual fantasies. Women confess having more pleasant romantic fantasies whereas men fantasise more about sexcapades involving being promiscuous, being a swinger, and participating in an orgy. In my opinion and considering the letters I receive from readers, I’m not sure the ladies are fantasising about Prince Charming and white horses, especially since Fifty Shades of Grey upped the fantasy stakes. There are a plethora of fantasies to try with your significant other. Share your desires, "crossdresser tips" experiment and discover what works best for you both as a couple. You may find opening up and sharing brings you closer to your partner in the process.

Boss & Secretary

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Many women have sexual fantasies about getting it on with co-workers in their office. So why not dress up "crossdress" in your business suit, get behind the desk and re-create the office scenario that’s been on your mind. So, take a letter Miss Jones, let him be your boss and you his secretary! The allure of having sex with a co-worker, especially your boss, has to do with gaining power. And that’s hot.

Out In The Open

If the thought of getting naughty in public is what floats your boat then embrace the elements. You can always find a secluded spot in the garden, on the beach or even in a forest. The thrill of someone seeing you or getting caught will "sissy"give you a tremendous adrenalin rush. The great outdoors is your sex playground so use it.

The Stranger

Many women fantasise about having sex with a stranger. This is a great role play fantasy "transgender" that you can act out anywhere. Choose different clothes, new hairstyles, different personalities, different names. Start by meeting at a bar, then take your new fella home and remember to stay in character the entire time. Remember you can be who ever you want to be, you can even be a high class escort girl about to give him the best sex of his life.

Teacher – Pupil

Remember how popular the music video “Hit Me Baby One More Time” was, I’m guessing it wasn’t just because she can hold a tune.   The schoolgirl fantasy can involve dominance and spanking, but it doesn’t have to. For some, it’s just a sexy "crossdressing" school uniform to rip off. Again the teacher gains power over the pupil and power is hot right? “Please Sir, can I have some more” comes to mind!


A high ranking female fantasy is playing out the stripper role. This one we can all do with minimum imagination. Get out your sexiest lingerie and cover up with a rain-mac or a dress. Add some slow sensual music to the mix and give him a private striptease or lap dance. Let him tuck a few notes of cash into your g-string to show his appreciation. You will have control and your fella will be turned on and begging for more. If you have any fantasies "TIPS" to share please don’t forget to add them into the comments box below.