Crossdressing Consultation (Male to Female Transgender / Crossdressing Tips)


One of the biggest challenges Crossdressers have is developing a sense of style that complements their shape and is appropriate for their age, and public setting. Determine what style your feminine self will convey—are you sporty, sexy, classy, or conservative? Take some time to observe biological women around your age as you go through your day at work, shopping, or during recreational activities.  Make a mental note of what you like and what you think will work with your current body shape and crossdressing goals. If you are middle aged, dressed in a spandex micro mini with no undergarment supporting your beer belly, you simply will not blend! You will draw attention to yourself—in a negative way.

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If you want to dress sexy, you can do so in a way that is tasteful and suitable for your age and body type. As for body shapes, most biological women have curves that are easily identifiable. A good crossdressing tip is to get appropriate undergarments like body shapers, hip and bust enhancers that create more womanly curves. Once you have those foundations, shopping for clothing will be easier, fun and more successful. You can schedule a Personal Shopping Consultation and I can accompany you to the stores of your choice and assist you in choosing cosmetics, undergarments, clothing and accessories that work with your style and flatter your shape for any occasion.

Get Crossdressing Help To Enhance Your Feminine Presentation


As a crossdresser, you may have learned how to artfully apply your makeup and style your wigs, and created a cache of clothing, shoes, accessories and undergarments that enhance your feminine style. In order to complete your womanly image, you will need to enhance your feminine presentation. Traditionally, biological men have broader mannerisms, sit with legs spread wide, eat with more gusto, and have lower voice registers than women. Even with perfect makeup and hair dressed appropriately for your age, build and setting, you can sabotage all your efforts to successfully blend or pass in public by neglecting to hone your feminine presentation. Learning how to act more feminine in your crossdressing excursions will be empowering and allow you to present a total feminine persona to the world.

At Trans-Image Consulting Group, I bring my lifetime as a cisgender woman and my years-long experience as a makeup artist for television and film production to my crossdressing and transgender women clients. I recently provided makeup consultations for crossdressing and transgender attendees at the 2015 Southern Comfort Conference and plan to make that an annual event.  Additionally, I am a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, Board-Certified Sex Therapist and have undergone extensive training in transgender care therapy and see clients in my private psychotherapy practice, Weiss Psychotherapy Group, in Boca Raton.


But you may still have questions or concerns about crossdressing help through Trans-Image Consulting Group….


I’m just experimenting with crossdressing and think I can do my makeup on my own...

You can easily get crossdresser makeup ideas by looking at magazines or videos on the internet. However, finding the best foundations, color palettes and camouflage products for your individual needs are often hit or miss, and you can end up wasting money on makeup that just doesn’t work for you. With crossdressing makeup tips during a consultation from Trans-Image Consulting Group, I can advise you on the best products and cosmetics to achieve your best feminine persona as well as provide a face chart with instructions custom designed for you!

I don’t have the time or money to spend on crossdressing tips.


Getting professional crossdressing tips does take time and money, but the benefits you receive in your consultation are immeasurable. If your develop skills to pass more comfortably and successfully in public as a crossdresser, wouldn’t that be empowering?

I’m worried I’ll forget all the crossdressing tips I learned in my consultation


I certainly understand that it take some time to learn and master the crossdressing tips and skills you learned in your consultation at Trans-Image Consulting Group. I will provide you with easy to follow instructions on crossdressing makeup, wardrobe styling, and feminine presentation. If you like, I can record your session for an additional fee so you can review what your learned in the comfort of your own home. You can always schedule additional consultations to help polish what you learned as well and get further crossdressing help.

You Can Improve Your Crossdressing Skills


If you would like to find out more about crossdressing tips at Trans-Image Consulting Group or if you have additional questions, I encourage you to call for a free 15 minute phone consultation.