5 Femme Photo Posing Mistakes to Avoid (Male to Female Transgender / Crossdressing Tips)

  crossdress Photos are a great way to express your femme self. Whether you take selfies or go to a studio, beautiful images can be a real confidence booster. Fortunately, you don’t need supermodel genes to look great in photos. It’s all about skill – and avoiding some common mistakes. Read on to learn about 5 common photo posing mistakes… and how to fix them! Tips"

1. Shooting shoulders straight on

crossdress If you have broad shoulders (like most crossdressers and transgender women), you should angle your shoulders away from the camera to create a slimmer look. This downplays their width, creating more feminine-looking body proportions.

2. Holding your body too straight

crossdresser There’s nothing worse than "crossdresser" looking stiff and awkward in your photos. The secret to flattering, feminine photos is to create softness and curves with your body. Experiment with bending your arms and legs slightly, tilting your head, pushing a hip out, and relaxing your fingers.

3. Shooting in unflattering light

Tips Lighting makes all the difference in the world in photos. The #1 rule is to avoid strong overhead or side lighting since this creates ugly shadows on the "travesti" face. Here are some tips to keep in mind: dragqueen
  • If you’re indoors, move away from overhead lights and try placing a couple lamps with soft lighting around you.
  • If you’re outdoors, avoid shooting in strong midday sunlight. The best time of day is to shoot at dusk or dawn when the sun has a soft, diffused glow.
  • If you take selfies, try a selfie light ring that attaches to your phone. This allows you to take flattering photos in low light settings.

4. Placing the camera below eye level

Tips Nobody wants to rock a double chin in their photos, so never pose with the camera below eye level. The lens should be at or above eye level to diminish a double chin and "crossdressing" downplay a large jawline. As an extra bonus, this angle also makes your eyes look bigger.

5. Not engaging your mind

Tips I love watching America’s Next Top Model because it shows that modeling is as much about mindset as it is about natural-born beauty. If you’re not feeling fabulous, it WILL show up in your photos. So how can you increase your confidence when taking photos? An easy trick is to imagine that you’re portraying a character (either real or imagined). For example: Gisele Bundchen, Cleopatra, or Sophia Loren. “Modeling” somebody else is a great way to channel their "crossdressing tips" energy in photos.