Sexy Leg 2016 (Male to Female Transgender / Crossdressing Tips)

crossdressing I know some of you might be preparing your legs for the winter season but, before you do- get in on a chance to win some prizes. It’s been almost a year since our last Sexy Leg Contest "transgender" and it’s time to wow us again with your new sexy leg photos. It loves this contest because their are so many great ways to take a sexy picture of your legs. They’re an awesome part of any male’s body that any CD can easily feminize. Since, we want you all to do your "crossdressing" absolute best this year; we’re going to give you some tips on submit an awesome shot of your legs. Tips/Sexy Leg Photo Checklist
  • Smooth, beautiful legs (shaved, or in tights)
  • Great photo quality
  • Tucked properly
  • Legs are the main focus of the picture
  • Great shoes
  • Details (Nail polish, clean feet, etc)
  • Moisturized
  • Sexy

Drag queen

What we do not allow. Tips
  • No more than 3 photo entrants
  • Photo must be recent (within 1-2 years)
  • No X-rated photos
  • Photo must be of yourself
  • No group shots
  • No negative comments
  Sexy Legs The Top Sexiest Leg Photos from 2015 Don’t forget ladies, you can always look back on our "sissy" blog and see the winners from last year to get a great idea of what we’re looking for in a winning photo. (Moisturized (check). Great legs (check). Great shoes (check). Great quality photo (Check). Etc.) Lana Daniels wowed us with this picture last year when she met every single thing on our checklist flawlessly. Just something "travesti"to keep in mind for this year. We want you all to do great and be the best looking woman you can be. Here are the rest of the top "crossdresser" photos that you all can look to for inspiration. crossdressing Tips crossdressing Tips