Tg Caption – Clean your room fiction



It was summer and as always he still hadn’t clean his room. His mother was angry at him and yelled every single day for a whole month till he finally promised to clean it up. But he didn’t. Yet, his Mum had believed in him and invited her own friends to dinner. She felt so humiliated by her own son that she decided to take harsh mesures : she send her son to a trip.

He accepted directly thinking he was going on a music camp. That’s what his mother said. It wasn’t that kind of camp. It was a training camp for maids.


When he arrived, he was even more happy to see a whole bunch of sexy girls dressed as maids in the camp. He only understood the truth after the director’s speech.

When his mother came to pick him up at the end of the training, he had become a complete maid. While his mother didn’t know anymore what to do with him, she never had to fear that her house wouldn’t been clean.