Have a Wild Weekend Crossdress

  "V is the world’s first publication celebrating the most beautiful androgynous "transgender" males from across the globe. Our daring photo shoots crush gender boundaries and offer a new vision of beauty, glamour, elegance, sensuality and fashion sensibility. From the "crossdresser" shores of the Far East and cities of Europe to Latin America and across the USA, V shines a light on the amazing depth and breadth of androgynous male beauty that exists."    

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Also check out "The One Thing You're Doing Wrong When Tweezing Your Brows" over at Pure Wow dot Com.


The method described in this article "News" is exactly the way I have been dealing with my brows for quite a awhile.

"It’s all about perspective." From a few feet "travesti" back, no one will notice those tiny strays you didn't pluck! Honest ― they won't!


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Metisu is a new-to-me online merchant of "crossdressing"womenswear (see example below in the Femulate Her slot). They have a nice selection of reasonably-priced clothing in big gurl sizes.

I have not made a purchase yet, so I have no opinion on the quality of their merchandise, but I may take a flyer soon.

A 21st Century Femulator 
* While you still can!