How Much does Bodyshaping Cost (Male to Female Transgender / Crossdressing Tips)

sissy For many crossdressers, the thrill of dressing in girl clothes is truly enhanced with the clever use of body shaping products to achieve a more natural feminine shape. Manufacturing a more classic female hourglass "sissy" shape can be done with different padding and shaping options and it does not have to break the bank.
sissy At we always try to give price options of budget, medium and luxury price solutions in our major product categories so there is something for every crossdresser. The three main body areas we are concerned with when attempting a body-shaping male to female transformation are:
  1. 1. Chest/Bust
  2. 2. Waist and
  3. 3. Hips
Given that most male physiques have broad shoulders and taper down to the hips we are almost the "transgender" opposite of the common ‘pear shape’ of many genetic females today with narrower shoulders, defined waist and much fuller hips area. dragqueen To try to achieve as close to an hourglass figure as possible, what are the options and the costs involved? For some who only require breast forms and a padded panty you can transform your body shape for under $70. But for a seamless and realistic "crossdressing" transformation what are the different options and costs? travesti LOW COST: For our low cost option we will be including one of our own sets of budget silicone breast forms, our entry level padded panty  and a steel boned cincher  to nip that waist in 3+ inches. With our Wider Full Teardrop silicone breast forms starting from under $ a pair for the smallest size, be sure to choose the right size. Remember, a B is small, a C average and a D is large so think about the look you are trying to portray. For added hips you can add in a set of our loose hip pads for only $ a pair to really create a curvy figure. So for between $100 and $ (depending on size of breast forms) you can transform your body shape from male to female. COST: $ sissy MEDIUM COST: Our medium cost option includes the 3 basic shaping products again for achieving a female shape but of a better quality to give a more refined look to your curves. Our Super-Soft GL4000n Breast Forms  give a realistic looking bust with realistic ‘droop’ and movement from the super-soft silicone. Our best quality padded panty, the Padded Rear and Hip Shaping Girdle adds 4 inches to your hip measurement and is carefully contoured for a realistic curvy shape with no lumps or bumps. With an Underbust Corset for Waist Training worn on the top of the padded panty for a real hourglass figure you will have one of the curvier and realistic female silhouettes around and all for under $. COST: $$ travesti HIGH COST: For those girls wanting the best bodyshaping solutions to achieve that hourglass figure then we need to look at the most realistic crossdresser breast forms, padding and corsets there are. For the ultimate realistic bust we would be looking at the Real Breast Forms or the Aphrodite breast forms . I like the Aphrodites only because they are easier to get on and off so where they lack a little in appearance compared to the Real Breast they are more convenient and easy to use, plus cheaper! There are no better hip shaping solutions on the market currently than the Perfect Silicone Hip Pads which taper seamlessly to the hip and thigh and so give the most realistic gradual curves. Add to this combination the Extreme Feminine Shape Corset with its 26 steel bones for a waist reduction of 3 to 6 inches and you have now achieved your dream hourglass shape silhouette. Your high cost option will set you back from but it really is the best of the best on offer. COST: $$$ sissy Body shaping does not need to cost a lot. With solutions starting from $100 to achieve an hourglass figure you not only will look and feel more feminine but your clothes will be filled out in all the right places so you look authentically female. For those who are good with a craft knife then you can reduce the cost even more with do-it-yourself options; see our different blog articles that show you how to make breast forms and even hip pads. If you are starting out make sure to read the articles related to sizing so if you do shop for crossdresser breast forms and corsets, you achieve a realistic shape first time.