Most Epic Coming Out’s (Male to Female Transgender / Crossdressing Tips)

sissy Epic Coming Out Since, ‘Coming Out Day’ just passed on October 11th, I thought I would make an article of the most "travesti" epic ways people have come out. As part of the LGBT community, coming out is a possibility for some at one point or another. So, this article is dedicated to spilling the beans and is packed with some VERY bold reveals from real people in the community. Whilst we understand that for many of our clients coming out will never be an option, we thought passing on some actual experiences may help those girls "transgender"  who at some point contemplate such a move. One note of caution: once you let it out, there is no going back so take time with such a decision; rely on close friends and even professionals for advice before you proceed, especially with family. Read along! sissy This seems to be a very popular one. I have personally seen this done a lot on Facebook. Some more subtle than others. dragqueen In my opinion, blasting this sort of news on Facebook is super bold and takes a lot of guts. I applaud anyone who believes they are ready for this huge announcement. Just be sure "crossdresser" that this is what you want because once it’s done- it’s done! Remember- if you’re going to do it, say it in style and with confidence like Kai above. You go Kai! sissy Talking it Over with Some Cake Tips: This person thought they would soften the surprise with some sweet comfort food! Hope they added extra sugar, spice and everything nice! Just imagine your CD coming out cake now: “Surprise! I borrowed your shoes!” 🙂 SnapChating your Coming and Goings: sissy This has millennials written all over it. Older "crossdresser tips" folks probably don’t even have Snapchat. But, I guess this is a way to get your announcement out their fast and easily to your friends without having to tell them in person. Plus, the evidence gets deleted forever. tips Blurt it out in a Public Speech: If you go on youtube, you can find so many speeches of people outing themselves. I think I watched about 100 videos of different people already. All of them are great and so liberating but, I could NEVER do this. I hate public speaking and would probably wet my pants. However, more than enough people have this type of passion in them. If you are someone that feels like you need to share your story in a setting like this- I give you props. Plus, it is a great way to get others to believe in themselves as well. However, I would make sure you think it through with teachers and parents before you make a step like this. Making sure you are doing the right thing for yourself, is really what matters. Choose to show friends and family the article or not. Coming out to the community first could give you the support that you might be needing It could be a great "crossdressing" next step in your life of femme. You can expand your circle of support and learn so much from other girls. It can be a stepping stone to eventually telling friends and family- or not. Plus, their is nothing to lose with coming out to the community- all you have to look forward to is the love and support from all the lovely femme ladies.