Crossdressing of lovers day tg caption fiction


l’aul had it on his bucket list to ride in a limo. When Valentine’s Day came and there were local limo rides for free, he
felt blessed. Unfortunately, he faced the harsh reality when he found out that they were only for couples.

He formulated an idea in his brain and called his best friend Marcus. He asked him if he wanted to ride in the limo
with him and pretend that they were gay, just to get in the limo, then not anymore. After a little persuasion, Marcus

When they got to the limos, the man there asked, “Are you two gay lovers?” Paul nodded. “Alright, you can enter this
one, then,” he said, leading them to a different limousine than the original.

‘This is so awesome!” Paul said as the driver began. “Not only is this free, but there isn’t even anyone else in here!”

‘I guess they give homosexuals some kind of special treatment,” Marcus said, pouring himself and his friend a drink.
They clinked their glasses. “To limos.”

‘To limos!” Paul repeated as they simultaneously downed the pink liquid. “Sheesh, that packs a punch. What even is
that drink?”

‘Doesn’t say,” Marcus said, holding up the bottle. There was no label of any kind, not even on the top or bottom.
Suddenly, the two of them began to feel woozy. They blacked out in seconds, and woke up feeling… different

Paul woke up feeling really cold and groggy. He looked at the seats along the other side of the limo, expecting to see
Marcus. Instead, he saw a stunning brunette, clad only in heels and panties. Her magnificent breasts were exposed,
and they moved a little with every movement of the limo.

Paul also felt like his own chest was a little heavier than usual. He looked down and lost all sleepiness as he saw that
he was identical to her from the neck down: Exposed beautiful breasts, panties on a rounded ass, and sexy heels. He
looked at his own hair, seeing it was a golden blonde. “Marcus!” he shouted at the brunette, assuming the worst. She
woke with a start and looked down at her body. She let out a yelp and covered her breasts with a heart-shaped pillow.
‘P-Paul?” she squeaked. Yep, this was Marcus.

What happened?” Paul asked him, not expecting an answer.

Before he could answer, the man from before opened the limo and came in. Paul also covered his chest with a heart
pillow. “I have a feeling that you two will soon become gay lovers,” he said, “but honestlythis time. Enjoy the ride.” He

The two babes just looked at each other in shock as the limo continued driving. After a moment, “Pauline” lowered
her pillow and sat herself next to “Marci.” Much to Marci’s surprise, Pauline began sliding her hand into her panties.
Well, we might as well become lovers now,” she said sensually.