Sissy crossdressing stolen transformation


You never decided on what you wanted, did you?

Well, unlike you, I did. In fact I had to decide what I wanted. After
all, I could not live a life that was a shadow of what it could be.
Correction… I could not live a life that was a shadow of of what it
should be.

So while you were deciding what you should do, I took your device.
I admit that it was a work of genius. A giant metal box. Something
the size of a closet. You set the settings for what you desire to look
like, and its machinery changes you into them all the way down to a
genetic level so that you match what you permanently become what
you desire.

Oh, I know you were going to use it to give yourself super powers.
And I know that it was a one time use thing. And I know it was
expensive. But you were sounding not only like you couldn’t
decide, and possibly never would.

Thus I set it up. I set it to change the person who entered it into a
female human. Not too tall, nor too short. One with long brown hair
and brown eyes. One who was slender, but still shapely.


But to play it safe, I left for a bit. I went shopping for clothing to
wear with my new form, and found a beautiful black lacy dress to
wear for after my change. Of course when I left, you had a chance
to make up your mind, change the settings and use the box

But you didn’t.

Thus I used the box. And it changed me. I became the girl I always
wished I could be.

I’m sorry I stole your chance to gain super powers. But in return,
you are still a superhero to me. After all, you gave me the chance to
be me, and to be free.

And for that, I will always be thankful.

A Subtle, Less Scary Way to Wear the Ombre Lip Trend (Male to Female Transgender / Crossdressing Tips)


Loving the red ombre lip!

I can’t even tell you how often I’ll be scrolling through Pinterest or Instagram and see all these really cool chicks wearing the coolest makeup trends, then get super bummed because I don’t think I can actually pull them off! But even for makeup trends that are super scary, there’s usually a more wearable way to wear them, although we should all just be brave enough to wear whatever we want, whenevever we want. Of course, that’s easier said than done. One of those trends I always “pin” but never wear is an ombre lip. I decided to grow a pair and just try it, and it turns out, I love it! And it turned out to be pretty wearable too! I could walk around wearing this and not feel like a crazy person, even though that’s sometimes a liberating feeling. ?? I love how customizable sissy ombre lips are; you can literally do whatever colors you want, and make them as dramatic as you want. For my lips here I decided to go with red and coral and fairly subtle.

1. Blank out the color of your lips

The first step is to use the leftover product of whatever you used for your foundation to blank out the color of your lips. This will make the lip colors you use more vibrant and longer lasting.

Using my leftover foundation on my beautyblender to pat over my lips

[product sku="0629DC"] [product sku="T-11B"]

2. Line your lips, and bring in the color slightly at the inner corners

Next, use a lip liner in the darkest shade that you want to use for your ombre (gradient) effect. I used an ancient Sephora Collection Lip Liner in a deepish raspberry that I didn’t realize wasn’t available anymore (sorry about that!). Line your lips, and bring in the color slightly at the inner corners.

Line your lips using the darkest shade transgender


Sephora Collection Berry lip liner (discontinued)

3. Blend a coordinating lipstick into the liner

Now choose a lighter but coordinating lipstick color, and put that in the center of your lips. Then, blend it into the liner. Go back and forth between the lip liner and the lipstick a couple of times to make sure the two sort of melt into each other. If you want a more dramatic lip look, choose crossdressing colors with a lot of contrast between each other! I chose a more orange-toned lighter red from the Chris Chang x MAC collection called MAC Vermillion Vee (this one is limited edition, but it’s still available, so snatch it up if you want it now!)

Add a lighter shade in the center of the lips


MAC x Chris Chang collection Lipstick in Vermillion Vee

4. For even more ombre, add another color

At this point you’ve got a bit of an ombre lip going, but I wanted a little more. Going a few steps lighter, I used Revlon Color Burst Matte Balm in Unapologetic for a bright pop of coral in the center. Again, go back and forth between this and the previous color to really crossdress blend them together well.

Add a bright coral pop to the center of the lips


Revlon Matte Balm in Unapologetic

5. For fuller lips, add a pop!

To make my lips look a little fuller, I’m using an old trick and popping a bit of Becca Shimmering Skin Perfector in Champagne Pop in the very center of the lips. Champagne Pop was perfect for this look because it’s almost gold, which goes perfectly with these colors!

Add a dab of powder highlighter to the very center of the lips…

6. Clean up your lines

To clean up your lines, use a really thin lip brush and some concealer to make things look really sharp.

Clean up!

Phew! That’s a lot of work for lipstick, but I guess it’s like spending time on eyeshadow or contouring or anything else. It’s a really cool look, and I think I just may take the time to treat my lips to something a little extra special every now and then. ?? Next up, purple and lavender!

The finished look!

I hope I made the ombre lip trend a little less scary for you. Do you think you’ll ever give it a try? Maybe even go a little more dramatic than I did?