Crossdressing sissy fiction make a woman of me


I-or the next few weeks after the transformation, Dominic was Instrumental In getting me set up. He was my benefactor and friend, but he also took on the per-sona of my boss as well. In this capacity he took me to be a mountain of clay, ready to be moulded. He showed me the ways of ensuring a productive office, and in gaining my own skill and learning from the job too. I had so much respect for him, he sorted me an apartment in a tech related sector of the city, and I started to make some friends and make some plans too. He encouraged me so much.

Though one night, when we’d been out for a good time on the town, he stopped me when l was walking to the door. He had something to say, but he was afraid that I would take it the wrong way. In truth I’d been kind of harbouring similar emotions with relation to him. Not wanting to presume, l’d kept them bottled up, and was hoping that they were just a side effect of the transformation. Appar- ently, this was not so. I’d fallen for him, head over heels, and I wasn’t sure how much longer I could take it before I told him.

“Jessi, there’s something i’ve been meaning to say to you…” he stuttered, the most vulnerable I’d seen him. I didn’t care what he had to say, the intent was all
in his action. He was a man who could have anything he wanted, anything he
wanted potentially, aside from me. Therein lay his indecision and fear, he was
worried I was going to say no. To be fair, I didn’t say yes. ljust leapt up to his
face and kissed him as hard as I could. Though he was surprised initially, it didn’t
take him long to reciprocate. We went inside, and he made a woman of me. I
wouldn’t sleep alone a single night afterward, he would always remain by my

The wedding was a small one, attended only by close family and friends, those
who would understand why I’d needed to move away and change myself so
much, they were supportive, and I loved them for it. The day flew by, with me
dressed in the most beautiful wedding dress I’d ever seen. A white gown that
stretched a few feet behind me as I walked. I lost count of how many people
praised it that day.

The honeymoon was ecstasy, and we decided to take a week. Ever since our
first night together, we’d been unable to separate ourselves for very long at all,
always eventually falling into each other’s arms, and landing on a soft place
somewhere for a long, hard, time. I’d finally met the person I could truly love, and
it had been the last person I could have possibly have expected. Such a strange
situation, but one that endeared me to the world so strongly. What followed was
the greatest adventure.

The doctors were amazed to find that l was pregnant. I’d been feeling sick in the
morning, and had been just feeling down generally, so I went back to the clinic to
make sure there were no side effects to my transformation. There was one, but
it wasn’t a bad one. Over the next nine months I swelled, enduring every beauti-
ful high and desperate low of a full term pregnancy, before I gave birth to my
son, Shaun, on a bright morning in December. He looked like his father, I was so
proud. I was never a happy man, but I’d become a delighted and fulfilled woman.

Don’t sweat the small stuff!

Jared Leto femulates in the 2013 film Dallas Buyers Club.
The transgender community is up in arms again because a cisgender male actor is playing a transgender woman in some new film. “Why wasn’t a transgender actress selected to play the role?” they demand ask.
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They don’t call it “acting” "sissy" for nothing. I say choose the best person for the job. Can you imagine if the trans "Travesti" community’s argument was used across the board? - Hire a royal to portray King George VI in the The King"s Speech. - Hire a general to portray General Patton in Patton. - Hire a psychopath to portray "News"sHannibal Lecter in The Silence of the Lambs. Ridiculous! Did gays get where they are today "crossdresser" by complaining when straights portrayed gays in films? It is trivial stuff like this that makes us look childish and just gives the “normals” another excuse to keep us down.
Wearing A.L.C.
Kim August and Rod Steiger
Kim August and Rod Steiger femulate in the 1968 film No Way to Treat a Lady.