Transgender fiction shapeshifter in someone else’s lingerie


Corporate espionage was not Doug’s forte. He was a shapeshifter sure, and an actor when he put his
mind to it, but actually committing anything illegal was completely out of his wheelhouse. The whole
reason he was putting his gifts to work was precisely for the reason that he didn’t want to use them for
anything ethically wrong. What he was being asked to do was completely against his beliefs as a
person. But rent was due once more, and without a new personality formulated for the auditions, he
was floundering between modelling gigs and advertising proiects. What did it matter if you could
become a beautiful woman in a city filled with them? He was increasingly coming to the realisation
that he should move somewhere else, maybe England? He’d have better teeth than them at least.

His buddies Stu and Gary had given him some good work over the past few years, but still, this was
beyond the pale. Their corporate endeavours were going just about as well as Doug’s attempts at gain-
ing an acting career. They needed an edge over the competition, and without any extra capital, re-
sources, or indeed skills, they were once again turning to the guy who had saved their bacon time and
again, in order to secure something they needed.

Their plans were laid out to him in the board room of their offices, conspicuously empty. Their main
rival was the billionaire industrialist and venture capitalist Mikhail Maslo, head of Maslo 8: Myaso, not
so much an advertising business as much as it was an advertising giant. Maslo himself held the keys to
their contract book, and to a fabled codex ofleads that could turn their little advertising startup into
the biggest company around. All they needed was someone who could get in on the inside, get a look at
the codex, and then everybody won.

Doug sighed, this wasn’t what he wanted, but he was going to be helping out some friends. His only
condition was that at the end of all this, he be given partnership of the business, and a third of future
profits. No argmnent. He would be a silent partner and would end up with his bills paid and more. The
codex would, after all, be worth far more than that. it was a charity he was even helping them at all.
Thirty six hours later, he was wishing that Maslo had another vice. Golf perhaps? He could make him-
self look like a pro, offer him some lessons and then they could go back to the office for a meeting of
some kind. That would get him inside no problem. Of course a Russian businessman hiding out in LA
was going to have a penchant for women, and of con rse he didn’t have the best reputation for them
either. Doug had formulated his appearance based on Maslo’s three most recent flings, all with dark
hair, all full bodied, and all beautiful as the night.


The oligarch was attending a cocktail benefit at City Hall, and so Doug had had to formulate a scenario
where, clad in his new female body, was able to corner him outside the building, where there would be
no need for tickets or anything like that. To her complete horror, her invitation of a few drinks was
quickly accepted, and soon she was swept off in a limo to the penthouse apartments of Mikhail Maslo,
and not the executive offices of his company as she had requested.

Strangely however, she stayed throughout the night. They first began with a cordon bleu supper, with
drinks flowing, before they retired to his lush apartments. He had no idea of whom she was or what her
intentions were, but one whispered sentence before they fell asleep triggered visions of more than Stu
or Gary could ever dream of conjuring as a reward.

“For that, my dear, I shall make you a star.”